Tasik Syahdu – A. Samad Said

Ilustrasi untuk kulit buku Tasik Syahdu terbitan PTS, sebuah koleksi cerpen Sasterawan Negara A. Samad Said. Kini sudah berada di pasaran. Lagi info tentang buku ini di laman web PTS: klik

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Zombie High

Did this almost a year ago as a training piece at Volta. I sure got a lot of useful feedback for this illustration, and learned a lot. (Click image to enlarge)

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Dead Island

I hardly posts any of the stuff I did at Volta (most of which I could not show anyway). The Dead Island character art was one of my first project there (almost two years ago now). In no way I’m … Continue reading

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Cover Illustration: Liga Pendekar (2008)

Progression of Liga Pendekar cover art, from sketch to final artwork. Looking back, I think the final artwork lacks the energy of the original sketch. It would be better if I leave some linework instead of going “fully painted” like … Continue reading

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