Eleven Unorthodox Suggestions for Bedroom Décor

Décor improves lifestyle by enhancing the overall ambiance of the house. People think they need expensive stuff for proper decoration.

While you will need some good decoration pieces, it’s more about how you sort and manage things in the house – specifically in the bedroom.

A bedroom is supposed to be comfortable. If you clutter it with unnecessary décor pieces, the comfort level will be compromised. You have to be careful, smart, and creative to bring out the best of your house. This article has some suggestions that can help you do just that.


Choose Adjustable Bed

If you don’t compromise on comfort, then don’t think twice when investing in a good bed. Find the right adjustable beds and choose one that fits well with your place in terms of size and ambiance. We specifically mentioned an ‘adjustable’ bed because of its several health benefits. For example, it can help you get rid of back pain and headache and improve your body posture.


Do Not Bring Oversized Stuff

Oversized stuff is one of the main reasons why most people fail to achieve décor goals. Try to not treat the bedroom like a storeroom where you can keep anything. It doesn’t matter if it is small or large, you should only bring the most important stuff in this room.

King size bed may look attractive but prefer a queen-size or double bed if you have a small bedroom. Likewise, long-back chairs occupy unnecessary space and aren’t very comfortable.


Avoid Creating a Mess

Try to eliminate everything that makes your bedroom look cluttered. Keep things at their designated places. There should be separate long drawers for shoes and heels. You’ll feel a sense of relaxation after removing the mess. Every house should also have a separate room to keep the space clear.


Make a Cozy Corner

What do you think of having a cozy corner in the bedroom? It should be classy enough that you would enjoy reading a book there with a mug of coffee. This type of corner usually looks good on the window side so you can enjoy the outdoor weather. A single chair with a minimalistic foldable coffee table should do the trick.

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Design a Wonder Wall

Choose a single wall and design anything that comes from your imagination. However, you can get some ideas from Google too. It will add value to your place and visitors will surely complement this bedroom décor idea. It can be anything that you like but try to do it creatively. You will need paint in different colors.

Wall-Hanging Bedside Lamps

Bedside tables usually occupy unnecessary space, which is why many people no longer prefer to use them. You can use wall-hanging lamps for a different look and better space usage. If you don’t have an issue with using second-hand items, you can get more and better for comparably less price. Lamps can improve the ambiance of any place; however, floor lamps can break easily if they fall and occupy more space.


Follow the Rule of Odd

Rule of Odd means designing walls by hanging frames in odd numbers. You follow the rule of odd not only for walls but for any space with more than one décor piece. For instance, if you need to keep flower petals in the vase, the order of three, five, or seven should be preferred.


Go For Best Lighting Options

A perfectly lit room adds a sense of liveliness. Try to install at least six stylish globes in each bedroom. You can choose ceiling or wall bulbs as long as they look good enough to complement the overall ambiance. The above-mentioned suggestions are for all types of rooms whether classic or traditional.


Try Petite Furniture

Small furniture looks best in the bedroom and it doesn’t take a lot of room. Whether you are placing a couch or a small coffee table, choose something that is petite and stylish.

Things like a foldable chair and sleek desk should be a priority when you go shopping for small space furniture.

No meetings will be held in that room, so you don’t really need something spacious and comfy. If you can sit on it for a few minutes and it’s making the place look good, the goal is achieved.


Paint Two Different Color

No rule says that you can only paint one color in your room. There are at least four walls and you should make the best of them. You can paint two different shades of the same color or go for contrast.

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As long as you know what you are doing, any two or more colors would do the job. You can either see some bedroom color ideas on the internet or use your own creativity if you are not afraid to fail.

If you go creative, remember that not everyone might be able to understand your design, but that’s no problem since the bedroom is supposed to be private. If you like it, that’s all that matters.


Bench in Place of the Bed Chest

Place a bench at the foot side of the bed instead of the chest that comes with it. Not only will it make a place to sit but also look unique. You might have to arrange another place for the stuff you stored in the chest.

Depending on the space, you can also set a small matching table in front of the bench. Consider getting a sleek wooden bench if it goes with the theme of the room.

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