Best Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a Budget (Master & Guest Bathroom)

Bathroom Remodel Ideas – Having their house dream is everyone’s want. Each house will have some parts or room which its different function such as living room, dining room, bedroom, also bathroom.

Bathroom is being one of the most important part you should to take more attention about it. The design and the cleanliness of your bathroom will represent your personality.

Small Bathroom Remodelling


A small and narrow bathroom might make you feel not comfortable and stuck when you take a bath or brush your teeth there. Especially if the design is flat and not giving a cozy look.

The color combination become one of the most important thing to make a room be the perfect place to do the activities even in bathroom.

Besides, the detail and position of each component such as the toilet, washstand, lighting, bathub, curtains, door, window, and the floor.

The curve shape of washstand might need to be changed into wider space and in different shape. It gives you roomier space and wider even though it is in narrow space and of course to avoid stuck in a timewarp.


Having a comfy bathroom will make you feel happy and enjoy taking a bath. The placement of each component is important to give cozier look.

Besides, you need to choose the light colors and give some touch on the wall design and decoration. For example, you can give blue and white color combination on the wall and engraving image to make it more fresh.

Put the vas and flower will make your bathroom more attractive. It is very recommended especially for small bathroom so at least it will give a feel of beauty, clean, and elegant. Besides, don’t forget to back to standard with changing the shape of wash stand in square and wider capacity is best choice.

Guest Bathroom Remodel Ideas


The toilet is one of the important room at your house which need to take care more about. If your toilet clean and interesting, then it can represent your whole house.

The choice of color design for wall and floor is very important to give an interesting look. It might look flat and uninteresting when you give off-white color on bathroom’s wall and floor.

Too much bare space is not good also for the whole look of your bathroom. It might make you feel flat and not enjoy when you have the activities in this uninteresting, off white, and also bare bathroom.


The good combination of colors, design, and materials will make your bathroom look more interesting. You can choose the best combination of colors such as white with dark brown, light brown, or grey. With this touch, it will make your bathroom more alive.

You need to consider about the space of your bathroom also and don’t make it too wide or bare otherwise it will look not attractive.

Just arrange and design your bathroom based on your house’s capacity and needed. It will be the best choice and bring an attractive look when you combine a modern mix of materials such as ceramics, marble, or natural wood for the floor and wall.

Bathroom Vanity Remodel


The corner part of bathroom can be put with the vanity. It will solve a small and narrow space of your bathroom to put some stuffs so that it not looks full and messy. It can consists of drawer, small cupboard, wash stand, and complete it with the mirror also.

For sure it can be a corner with a lot of function to mirrored, wash your hand, put your stuffs such as toothpaste, towel, soap, and many others.

There will be available range of styles and design but make sure it should not be a bulky vanity which you put otherwise it will takes up a lot of space in your bathroom.


To make your bathroom being more functional, it is a good choice if you can change the corner part with medical spa sanctuary. You don’t need to go outside if you would have spa treatment as you can do it at your home.

You just need to put some mirrors and wash stand at your corner bath. Don’t forget to give a bit touch of ornamen in any colors you want. But, the good combination of dark brown, light brown, and white will be good. Here, you can do simple treatment such as mask your face, scrubbing, creambath, and massage.

Master Bathroom Remodel


A basic and standard bathroom is always consists of toilet, wash stand, mirror, bathub, shower, also some small cupboards and drawer. The color is also coming in usual colors which is commonly applied in a bathroom.

Most of the people want to make their bathroom as comfortable as possible. It is ok and good as long as the bathroom has their function well to do activities such as take a bath, brush your theeth, or put some medical spa treatment for your face and body. Mostly, on the corner part is always come with contractor basic to save some stuffs inside.

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You have big chance and choice to make your bathroom become one of the most interesting place at your home besides your bedroom or family room.

You need to make it beautiful, comfort, and complete it with some stuffs or components which make your bathroom more functionable.

The inside bathroom which are including stuffs, components, furniture, and design or decoration is not come in one design or some designs which are commonly used only. It can be filled with personality to represent you whatever your want.

You can choose soft brown color combine with white color on the wall and floor. Put a rack under the wash stand at the corner part, give a touch on the lighting and lamp part, also put some flowers to give more refresh look.

Modern Bathroom Remodel Ideas


We might be illfeel with the bathroom which has condition such once an useless nightmare. Sometimes we feel it would be never be used again in such condition.

Unproper tap water which might be can’t be used again, bad condition of wall which full of the broken wall point and ceramics also having some scratches which is not artistic at all.

Believe, may be you will say big no once you see the bathroom with this condition. Even, the floor and lighting is not well, there is no mirror, looks dirty and unclean.

This condition need to be fully redesigned and filled with the good stuffs, equipments, and decoration so that the bathroom can be used again.


Do a fully redesign of your bathroom might takes more times, energy, and money. But, then you will be satisfy with the result when you see your bathroom now ready for kicking back.

You need to put basic and standard equipment such as bathub, wash stand, proper tap water, drawer and small cupboard, and mirror. To give more modern and elegant look, you can add curtains after bathub, shower, or some flowers so that it looks more fresh and beautiful.

Believe, you will feel comfort with your bathroom now as it looks more clean. Don’t forget to put some important stuffs such as soap, towel, bathroom brush, and many others.

Choose the best color choice as you want and combination between brown and white might be a good choice for your new bathroom.

Inexpensive Bathroom Remodel Ideas


This ship has actually cruised when you realize that your bathroom looks standard and not giving an elegant look. Overall, it gives a perception that it is an inexpensive bathroom.

Expensive looks doesn’t mean expensive money. You can redesign and give some touchs which make your bathroom looks more elegant and beautiful.

First thing is you need to consider about the color and decoration on the wall. Choose the elegant color in soft pastel or even light color but it has to be good in combination.

Don’t applicate too much color and picture on it as it will make the bathroom looks ugly. Besides, put each equipment and furniture properly.


By choosing the good color such as soft blue, white, or blue tosca combination will give a feeling like a tranquil ocean breeze in your bathroom.

The color selection is one of the most important thing you need to consider when you redesign your bathroom. Bring a natural touch with the brick wall and paint it with white color.

Then, don’t mix and match too much color as two or three colors in one room is enough. You can put blue tosca color on the side part wall and on some furnitures inside.

Small mirror with in high placement might be a good choice. A tall capboard will help also to make your inside bathroom looks not bare and to put some stuffs which you need.

Inexpensive Bathroom Remodel Ideas


Enjoy your free time by taking a bath on your bathub will make you feel more refresh and happy. Sometimes, some people need to take lot of time even in some hours to do this activity.

But, what will happen if your bathroom has a confined bathub which can relieve your bathing time?

When you do bathing in your bathub, it will be better if the bathroom has large space and long bathub which is enough to your body. It might be a bit disturbing also if you close it with the curtains as it will make the area of bathing become smaller.


Each person has their own different favourites of the way they take a bath. There are some people which like to do bathing in a bathub, take a bath by scooping the water from the water tub, or take a shower.

For some people, take a bath by using a shower will give more sensation as they can feel like the water massage the head. Also not all people can has a shower on their bathroom. That is why equip the bathroom with lavish shower is a good things to give an expensive look of your bathroom.

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Tiny Bathroom Remodel


tiny bathroom remodel before

A lot of equipment which are including bathub, shower, toilet, corner vanity, wash stand, and also small cupboard will make your bathroom looks full. Especially if your bathroom only has small space inside.

Then, you need to do tiny bathroom remodel inside there. It is really not recommended if you choose dark colors on the wall as it will give a feeling that your bathroom looks more tiny.

Even, you have to take care more about the mirror also as if you put a small mirror at the high placement it will not give good position to use it functionally. You need to change the wall and floor with light colors so it looks wider.


tiny bathroom remodel after

As we are aware that everybody wants to have their bathroom as a comfort place to do the activities. Sometimes, some people will spend much more time to enjoy their taking bath time. Especially if they have spa treatment equipment at inside.

But, the problem is that the bathroom always has a small space compare to other room in a house. It requires you to do tiny bathroom remodel and make it as comfort as possible with full equipment inside.

What you need is just choose the match color such as combination white on the floor and wall. Also give a brown touch on the bathub side. It will give a perception that your bathroom looks wide when people see it.

Bathroom Tile Remodel


bathroom tile remodel before

The range styles of the wall, tile, even the equipment for bathroom is getting upgrade from  year to year. Each year has their unique and specific style which represent their generation.

For example, the old seventies style of bathroom will show classic door which is made from natural wood. Besides, the lamp tend with off-white color which make dim light.

The decoration of wall usually full of ornamen and picture like flower and the ceramics tend with white colors. Overall, the outlook give a classic look.


bathroom tile remodel after

Bright and white colors in the room is always bring new energy. Most of the people like this bright color and it is very suitable to be applied in your bathroom.

The combination color which is recommended for you is white and soft blue pastel colors. It gives your bathroom become more live and fresh. You can apply it either on the wall side or floor.

The bright color usually give the light and spacious impression even it is a small bathroom. You can choose ceramics and marble to be combined together to give more modern look.

Simple Bathroom Remodel


affordable bathroom remodel before

It still rarely when the green get combination with natural wood in brown color for a bathroom. It might not be a good combination, but sometimes the green gone awry.

Natural wood brown color is suitable if get combination with light colors such as white or soft pastel colors. Green might not be a good recommendation at all.

These two color combinations look too contrast and not match if you put it on the wall and floor for your bathroom.


affordable bathroom remodel after

Most of the people expect to have the comfort area on each house room include the bathroom. A simple and serene design is good choice to give comfort and cozy feel in your bathroom.

You can put a dim light which is covered by a scrap paper or other materials for more classic and elegant look. This light is very suitable for white and brown color combination.

Then, you just need to give touch on the wall decoration and flower to make it more beautiful at inside.

Bathroom Remodel on A Budget


simple bathroom remodel before

Sometimes, you need to give a bit touch to make your bathroom become more colorful. Usually, if you don’t choose the suit color combination even the mix and match of the material of your bathroom it will looks bland & boring.

Then, you will not feel comfort when you have activities inside there. Full white color on the wall, equipment, and floor will make it more flat and uninteresting. The lighting color also important to cared for. Just ensure that you don’t use less lighting for your bathroom.


simple bathroom remodel after

Makeover and do fully redesign for your bathroom doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money to make it looks expensive. To do affordable makeover, you just need to give some touchs on the decoration, lighting, and paint colors.

The combination material such as ceramics, marble, and natural wood will be good also. But, make sure that it is based on your budget.

Put the painting and flower will make your bathroom more alive and fresh look. Besides, you can choose color combination such as white, blue tosca, and brown color.

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