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Best Small and Large Bathroom Tile Ideas with Photo Gallery | Wall and Floor Tiles Design for Shower and Bathtub

Bathroom Tile Ideas – Beautiful and well design of tile will bring your room become more beautiful, pretty, elegant, and comfortable.

You can design it based on your favourite or even your personality. There are so many kinds of tiles which you can choose and apply it to your bathroom.

Unique 3D Bathroom Tiles

Every component and equipment which we use for our bathroom is very important to be noticed and designed as what we want including the tiles. We can apply the tiles either on the floor or wall. These part is very important to be arranged well so that it can create comfortable feeling when we have activities at inside bathroom.

Unique 3D bathroom tiles can be a great option as it will give elegant and interesting look. White color also can be a good combination when you put white wash stand near to the white 3d bathroom tiles. Sure, it will make your bathroom become more impressive.

Bathroom Tile Design

To give best outlook in your bathroom, it needs to design it well in each equipment and component. Bathroom tile design become one of the most important thing which you need to bring it into detail so that your bathroom looks as what you want.

You can mix and match between one color to another color or mix and match the size of tile. Black and white can be applied on your bathroom’s wall or on the floor. It gives neutral look and simple but looks clean and bright.

For example, you can mix and match color black and white in rectangle shape. Then, give a circle shape touch on the floor. It will be good combination for sure.

Subway Tile Bathroom 

subway tile bathroom

You can choose a unique subway tile bathroom for your bathroom’s design option. The subway tile design has characteristic a brick-like, rectangular shape, and it will remind you about the subway stations as more or less it looks similar.

You can apply this design in many colors as you want as it can fit to all kinds of styles. Grey, white, and black is the best combination you can try to apply at your bathroom.

With this subway design, your bathroom will look greater and fashionable. This will be the best choice for your as this design is always look trendy from year to year.

Wood Bathroom Tile

wood bathroom tile

Natural wood look is always bring us to feel cozy and comfort. Wood bathroom tile is identic with its brown color and wood fiber which give more elegant look on it. This design is very suitable for you who love rustic and vintage design. It can represent a simple and kind personality also. You can apply this natural wood tile either on the wall or floor of your bathroom. Even though it is so easy to find wood effect on other material such as ceramic or marmer, the original and natural still be the winner as it gives more natural look which make your bathroom become more elegant and beautiful.

Grey Bathroom Tiles 

grey bathroom tiles

Grey color might still rarely to be used and applied on the wall or other equipments for the bathroom. Color grey is always identic as neutral color which has been mixed between white and black color. Believe, grey bathroom tiles will give you more elegant looks if you apply it properly.

It will be a good combination between light grey, dark grey, and white colors. It looks simple, calm, and serene. Then, put some decoration and stuffs in silver color for perfect combination. Give a bit touch with natural wood cabinet and paint it with light grey will make your bathroom become more beautiful.

Marble Tile 

marble tile bathroom

Marble tile material will give a classic and more elegant outlook for the bathroom. It is always a good choice to be applied in your bathroom. It can adds more value to your bathroom as it is really looks pretty and beautiful. But, you have to take more attention on the maintenance as it has to be sealed every year.

To avoid scatches, moisture damage, and stains, you need to clean it regularly otherwise your floor or wall in your bathroom will look dirty and not maintained well. It will be great if you can mix and match this marble tile in good color combination or material.

Blue Tiles for Bathroom

blue bathroom tiles

What will be in your mind when you see the blue tiles for bathroom? Believe, you will feel like in an ocean when you have activities such as take a bath in your bathub.

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You should try a mossaic design which has combination of dark blue, light blue, and white colors. It has characteristic with small square shape which mix together in all those colors. Glance, it looks like graphic image which has small pixel. This blue mossaic tile is very good to be applied on the bathroom’s wall.

Black Tile Bathroom

black tile bathroom

Black is not always bad and give a perception that it is horrible if your room has fully design in black color. Precisely, black tile bathroom is suitable to be applied as it will relieve dirty impression. If any stains, dirt, or trash, it is not easily visible.

Unfortunately, black color can sometimes make the small and narrow space of bathroom become shrink and feel a little claustrophobic. But, still the black color is an excellent option to give more classic look. It is a good combination with the stone floor effect so that it gives a natural look for your bathroom. Please always remeber that black color never goes out of fashion.

Green Mosaic Bathroom Tile

green mosaic bathroom tile

Olive green color will give more refresh look to your bathroom as this color give a cool mind. It will be a great outlook if you can apply green mosaic bathroom tile. This will give more interesting and expensive look with its perfect combination of colors and materials.

Give the mosaic touch on your bathroom is easy and give more advantages such as long-lasting and cost-effective. Then, the mosaic tiles will be the perfect solution for your bathroom’s design.

You can arrange the design with the color combination of olive green gradation and white. Sure, it will make your bathroom become prettier and beautiful. Bottom of Form

Hexagon Tile

bathroom tile hexagon

Floor of your bathroom is being one of the most focus you need to take more attention about what color and design which you want to apply on that. Hexagon tile can be an option as it can bring your bathroom looks clean, unique, and elegant. It is very famous and usually to be used for decorating the bathroom. It become a hot trend and has characteristic with its geometric shapes.

This tile has some advantages such as durable time is very good, can easily make a cool feeling, and water-resistant so it is not geting muddy easily. White, grey, black, or we call neutral color is very good combination for your bathroom.

Stone Backsplash for Bathroom

stone bathroom tile backsplash

Using stone to be applied on the bathroom’s floor is becoming trend right now. It mix modern and natural touch. Stone backsplash for bathroom is good to be applied either on the floor or wall. It will be very easy when you clean your bathroom as it is not getting muddy easily.

Besides, this itle is one of the best durable for the tile. It will give you a great and natural look. Believe, you will feel more comfortable and cozy when you have activities at your bathroom.

Bathroom Tile Flower Patterns

bathroom tile flower patterns

Bathroom tile flower patterns might be identic with girly look. But, don’t worry as you can apply the flower pattern as neutral look. Most of the flower patterns are applied on the wall of a room include bathroom. But, it will be a good option also if you can design your bathroom’s floor with this flower pattern.

The bathroom will look more alive, beautiful, and pretty. The good color combination such as white, grey, red, and green will make the bathroom become more colorful. It will give a perception of comfortable and coziness.

Modern Bathroom Tile

modern bathroom tiles

Modern bathroom tile is related with the material and design which you apply on your bathroom. Good material and modern design will be a good combination which make your bathroom looks greater and expensive.

Modern touch design will give a perception that you follow what become the trending for your property and furniture right now. The color combination is being the most concern to create the modern look which is always represent elegant look.

Using ceramic material and choose grey also white color will be a great design which is giving modern touch on it. Besides, you have to consider about the size of ceramic as for modern look it will require larger size of ceramics.

Green Bathroom Tile

green bathroom tiles

For you who love green color, you can apply also for your bathroom. Green is always bringing the good mood as it give fresh and cool mind look when you see this color. You can apply this green bathroom tile either on the wall, floor, stuffs, or the furniture which you put at inside your bathroom.

You can do mix and match of light to the dark color on each part and side of the bathroom. Give a combination with white and neutral color such as black or grey will be good. Then, give a mosaic touch and hexagon tile with green color will be a great combination.

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Pink and Black Bathroom Tile

pink & black tile bathroom

Choosing the color which needs to be applied on your bathroom’s design is very important to consider based on your favourite color. It will represent your personality. Pink will be identic with girl’s favourite color and it is very good if you can apply it on a room which you will do the activities there so that you will feel more comfortable.

Pink and black bathroom tile is such a perfect combination for you who love pink color but still want a neutral look. Give a bit white color touch is good to make it a great combination. You can apply this pink color on the wash stand, bathub, wall, or floor. Then, for the black color you can put it a bit on the window, furniture, and floor.

Moroccan Tile Style

moroccan bathroom tiles

Moroccan style is identic with expensive look. It has specific characteristics which shows the detail like the house and design in Marocco. It can represent modern look also naturally cool feeling when you apply this design to your bathroom.

The mosaic pattern is being its specialty which make the design in your bathroom looks more alive and elegant. Moroccan tile style can be a good option for you who love detail and unique design. Usually it has specific shape such as on the door or other part in your bathroom. It has good advantages such as easy to clean and to maintain it.

Slate Tile Flooring

slate tile bathroom

To give more natural look in your bathroom, set the slate tile flooring might be a good option. It will give a natural look and comfortable feel. It has many variations and range of styles which are good to be applied on your bathroom.

The characteristics of this slate tile are looks inconsistent in color, size, even shape, and naturally cracks. It is really give a beautiful natural look in color variations which bring a distinctive look. For maintenance, this slate flooring need barrier sealer during installation to avoid fast damage.

Besides, it can protect also from stains so the floor will look clean. It will be a good combination if you choose dark brown color or light grey which is applied on the wall or other equipments which you put at inside bathroom.

Vynil Bathroom Tile

bathroom tile vinyl

Vynil bathroom tile will be a good option for you who love simple and elegant outlook in your bathroom. This tile is becoming one of the most popular flooring choice for the bathroom. It is good and many people like this kind of tile as it is resistant to water, moisture, humidity, and steam so that it can’t damage easily.

Besides, it is so easy to maintain and clean it as the durable time is very good for this product. This kind of tile can be choosed in many design and color which can be applied in many patterns and images also.

Vintage Bathroom Tile

bathroom tile vintage

Vintage is always identic with old thing. But old design is not bad even you apply it in modern era. Some people says old is gold. Vintage bathroom tile will be a great option for you who love the vintage design and outlook.

Design is key for you to bring your bathroom become as what you expected to create comfortable feel when you have activities there. Vintage color is usually using brown and white color as a combination.

But, you can give black touch or other soft pastel colors such as green or grey. Beside the color, the design of floor, wall, and other equipments or furniture will always shows its vintage or old look.

Stone Tile for Bathroom Wall

stone tile bathroom

When you see the stone tile which is applied on the bathroom you will feel like in the nature. Its natural stone and brown color is bringing your bathroom become more natural and comfortable.

Especially if you put all these stone tile for bathroom wall and floor completely without any other material or color combination. It will be greater if you put all equipment such as wash stand  and wall shelf with this material. The glass door will be very good for perfect combination.

Brown Beige Tiles for Bathroom

brown beige bathroom tiles

Bringing beige and brown colors combination to your bathroom will be a perfect combination. It looks simple but still keep it elegance. You just need to play with color mix and match of light brown, dark brown and give a bit touch with white color.

Brown beige tiles for bathroom is very good to be applied on the floor or wall of your bathroom. Beside, for you who love contemporary look it will be good choice. You can choose material combination also such as marble and ceramics to be applied on the wall and floor, porcelain for the wash stand or bathub, and natural wood for cabinets or small cupboard to keep your stuffs at inside.

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