Latest Trends for Bedroom Curtain Ideas in Different Models for Master, Guest, Kid, Teen Boy or Girl Bedroom

10 Exclusive Styles of Chic Bedroom Curtain Ideas – What happens if you build a house without windows? Of course, it will be horrible living without natural light and air.

The window makes the house occupant healthier. Therefore, it always exists in each room including a bedroom. The bedroom curtain ideas will complete your insight of the day. You surely agree that this room and the windows need beautiful curtains.

Consequently, see these 10 images of bedroom curtain ideas below. Then, apply to your room and feel new sense directly.

Bedroom Bay Window Curtain

bedroom bay window curtain

To open this topic, there is a spacious bedroom with a calming sense. It mixes light blue wall color and white furniture sets. You surely like to sleep here with all its comfort. Moreover, it has an inspiring bedroom bay window curtain idea.

Such as you see, there are three white folded curtains or blinds there. Here, it provides a small nook underneath with wooden bench and pad. Along with chic cushions, this bay window curtain idea for bedroom is really smart.

Bedroom Curtain for Small Windows

bedroom curtain for small windows

The next bedroom curtain for small windows looks simple but unique. Besides you can open the window, you may pull back the curtain. So, it adds a new way to open and close the curtain. It let you pull left, right, and back as you wish.

These curtain styles for small bedroom window do not need much budget. Even, you can use any fabric to make it alone. Let’s do it!

Bedroom Curtain with Blinds

bedroom curtain with blinds

Look at this shady minimalist bedroom! This room also gives a serenity through the combination of some colors. At least, there are 4 main colors dominating this room. In fact, white and blue become the most standout color.

Even, it is able to create soothing window decor. The nuance looks clearly in this bedroom curtain with blinds. By the way, that is a great combination. What do you think about these bedroom curtain blind ideas?

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Bedroom with Room Divider

bedroom with room divider

Let’s move from the window decor for a while! Apparently, curtains can be the screen to get stuck fast a room. Here, you have seen a bedroom with room divider in black and white colors.

The curtains or screens surround the bed which has orange tone pillows and aqua ottomans. It hangs on the rectangular metal rail attaching on the ceiling.

Definitely, the bedroom screen room dividers add the private sense during your sleeping time. On the other hands, it also decorates with an exclusive style.

Bedroom with Yellow Curtain

bedroom with yellow curtain

Now, pay attention to this small bedroom! Of course, you attract to the lime yellow accent here. Moreover, it looks appealing in the pillow, rug, and curtain. Talking about the bedroom with yellow curtain, you might not aware of something.

Apparently, this room has two kinds of curtains and sort abstract pattern. The first style looks above the bed where it includes a blind. Meanwhile, the longer yellow curtains for bedroom hang to decorate the glass door to go outside.

Blue Bedroom Curtain

blue bedroom curtain

Each person will always give attention to this blue bedroom curtain. Even, it will not make them boring to enjoy it. It is as the curtain has the most striking color than the other items around.

The navy blue curtains in bedroom sooth the nuance along with the white potted flower. Further, both alive the room decor both day and night.

Creative Curtain Décor for Kids Bedroom

creative curtain decor for kids bedroom

How do you make your children always happy? As the parents, you should be willing to conduct anything. Truthfully, giving the best and happiness to them is a piece of cake. You may follow this jungle themed kid’s bedroom with the creative curtain decor.

The owner installs three curtains in different colors and materials. The first and transparent one is vitrage to filter the sharp sunlight entering the room. Meanwhile, the green and white colors are general curtains. So, are creative bedroom curtain ideas difficult?

Cute Curtain for Teenage Girl Bedroom

cute curtain for teenage girl bedroom

After finishing the bedroom decor, let’s continue to the teenage girls’ area. You surely know how their character is! Commonly, they are liking something cute, lovely, or feminine. In this case, you can use a cute curtain for teenage girl bedroom.

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Such as you see,  the curtain or the blind has pink color wave pattern. Among the other colors and the trendy furniture design, the cute bedroom curtain ideas are stunning.

Large Curtain for Master Bedroom

large curtain for master bedroom

Next, there is a large curtain for the master bedroom in an elegant dark brown color. The present of the color looks balance to the modern dark furniture set.

Besides that, it connects between the pretty outdoor view and the excellent interior design. Would you like to take the curtain ideas for large bedrooms?

Simple Curtain Ideas for Teenage Boy Bedroom

simple curtain ideas for teenage boy bedroom

Certainly, it feels incomplete if the discussion does not talk about the teenage boy bedroom decor. Moreover, this page adds the teenage girl room curtain too.

The picture shows the simple curtain ideas for teenage boy bedroom in light grey color. It also combines with dark tone fabric blind.

The simple curtain design for bedroom like this is very suitable for them. Moreover, they differ from the girl who likes something complicated.

Okay, guys! Do you satisfy with the option of the 10 bedroom curtain ideas today? Which one appeal to your heart?

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