Creative Bookcase & DIY Bookshelf Ideas That Will Beautify Your Home

Bookshelf Ideas – Bookshelf is always being the corner part which you will always looking for when you want to spend your free time. But, sometimes it becomes a problem when you don’t have any space to put your bookshelves.

Even, when you don’t have much budgets to buy or order the bookshelves which you want it will be a bit issue also. There will be solutions as always when you take it easy and creativily as you can do it yourself to make the bookshelves which you want.

Corner Bookshelves For Small Room

Corner part will be one of your most favourite place in your house if you can utilize well. Some people might feel confuse what will they do to make their corner place become a nice and useful place in their house.

There is a good solution especially for you who has small space and unused corner side and it is corner shelving for small space. You can design and arrange some wall shelf about 3 up to 6 shelf based on your requirement.

Then, it can be a place to put some stuffs such as books, television, doll, photo, computer, flower, and many others. See, you will like this place to enjoy your free time.

Modern White Rectangles Bookcase

Corner part will be one of your most favourite place in your house if you can utilize well. Some people might feel confuse what will they do to make their corner place become a nice and useful place in their house.

There is a good solution especially for you who has small space and unused corner side and it is corner shelving for small space. You can design and arrange some wall shelf about 3 up to 6 shelf based on your requirement.

Then, it can be a place to put some stuffs such as books, television, doll, photo, computer, flower, and many others. See, you will like this place to enjoy your free time.

Homemade Ladder Bookshelf Ideas

Homemade stuff or craft is always be a priceless thing. It is very good to be collected. No matter what, homemade thing also can be utilized to make bookshelf. Your corner space with this bookshelf will look natural and unique.

You can design it as free as possible. For your idea reference you can make and think about homemade ladder bookshelf ideas. It is made from unuse wood ladder and arrange it on the wall corner with the nail or cable.

Then, you can utilize it to put your books, lamp, vas and flower, or other display which bring your corner become nicer.

Floating Bookshelves

It sounds weird and unique when you hear about floating bookshelves. It such a magic when you can put your books without seeing the shelf or bracket so that the bookshelves look float. It make your room looks more cozy and you can arrange this kind bookshelves not only in one place on your wall.

Actually it is so easy as the trick is just need to hide the shelf with the bottom book. It is better if your book which is put on the bottom part is the hard cover book. You should try this kind of bookshelves as it seems so funny when you see your books are floating and feel like in imagination.

Creative DIY from Skateboard

If you are a creative and innovative person, you can utilize some unuse object to change it with another object which is more useful. For example you can try to make creative DIY from skateboard.

This skateboard which is usually use for sport can be used for bookshelves also. It sounds weird, but you can make your unuse skateboard to be useful thing such as wall shelf which you can create by yourself.

You just need to use cantilever and attach it on your wall. Some stuffs like books, trophy, photo or picture can be placed here.

Rustic Leaning Door for Bookshelf

It is not a standard if the booshelf has to be in square, rectangle, or flat shape. Sometimes, unique ideas to make bookshelf can make your room become more unique and ethnic. Unique leaning door bookshelf can be an option to create something new and different to put your books and stuffs. It is made from unuse natural wood door. It is so easy to make it as your just need to make the rectangle hole.

Then, cut and arrange the wood board to be put in lean position. From the bottom part, you need to make wider board than the top one. Lastly, put this unique bookshelf lean back to the wall. Finally you can put some vas and flower, books, doll, and many other displays.

Minimalist Bookshelves for Living Room

For you who doesn’t have large space in your house, it is difficult to make a specific room for your books or we call it library. But, don’t worry as you can make minimalist living room bookshelves nicely.

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You just need to order and arrange rack to be put fully on your living room’s wall. Your whole side of the wall in living room will be fulled with books, photo, flower, and other stuffs which you want to put it there. It is such a good idea as if you want to enjoy your time in living room you just need to take the book which you want. If any visitors come to your house, it can entertain them for sure.

Kids Bookshelf Ideas 

Kids Bookshelf Ideas

Some funny and unique design of bookshelf can make the kids feel happy and interesting with it. You can not make same perception between kids and adult people as the kids will need something funny which is being their favourites. It such a good kids bookshelf ideas when you can applicate the animal shape to be a bookshelf for them.

For example you can make a nice kids bookshelf in girrafe image. Don’t forget to apply bright color such as yellow so that it makes a cheerful look. Your kids will feel happy to put their stuffs such as books or toys.

Horizontal Wall Bookshelves

horizontal Wall Bookshelves

Horizontal wall bookshelves can be a solution for you who doesn’t have large space at your house. It can minimize your budget as you just need to utilize the blank wall side and put some wood board with the cantilever. It can save so much space at your house and with this you can use it in same function as bookcase.

Only thing is, you need to make sure to arrange properly as there is no divider. So that, to avoid messiness you have to remember when you should put your book, photo, calender, vas and flower, or other stuffs in correct place.

Black Bookshelves 

Black Bookshelf

Some people might avoid color black to be applied in any furniture, wall, or floor at their houseroom. They prefer to choose natural color such as off white, white, grey, brown, or bright color. Actually, color black can give calm, cool, and elegant look if you apply correctly. Even for black bookshelves it is always good if you can use this color.

Beside, if you use this color since black color is neutral it can be easily to combine with another color without worrying its looks too contrasty or not. This bookshelves is very good if you put and arrange on the wall side near to the window. So that you can read your book anytime in very good condition when you see the natural view in front of you.

Classic Wood Bookcase 

Classic Wood Bookcase

Classic and vintage doesn’t mean it is always out of date and old to be applied in this modern era. Some people still keep classic design as favourite for the furniture at their house. No exception, the classic wood bookcase.

This bookcase’s design will give you simple and elegant look. The classic design has characteristics such as the very good wood material, big bookcase, complete with it drawers and glass door, also a bit touch of engraving which show its classic. The natural brown color is a good option of colors which mostly they apply to this kind bookcase.

Wall Mounted Bookshelves Ideas

Wall Mounted Bookshelves

Beside has function as bulkhead room, this part of your house can be something which is more useful. You can utilize it to make wall mounted bookshelves ideas which help you to put your books properly. It is easily making and you can do it by yourself as long as you complete all the material which you need to make this wall mounted bookshelves.

You can try to use corner part of the wall at your room and then make this bookshelves from the natural wood board as rack. It is the best solution to make your stuff organize well without messy.

Bookcases With Doors

Bookcases With Doors

To keep your stuffs and books clean and avoid stain or dust, bookcase with doors is the best solution for it. But, you will need more space in your room as it means you need to bring big cuboard to be put in your room.

Bookcases with doors is made from natural wood and complete with drawer and doors from the glass. It can save a lot of stuffs inside including book, photograph, doll, important document, or other displays.

The function is to put the stuff safely as sometimes if any important document you need to put it in a save place with the key door. This can be solution for sure and your stuff also will be not dirt easily.

Hanging Bookshelves

Hanging Bookshelves

Not only clothes which can be hanged at your house. But, you can do hanging also to your books. It sounds strange, but you can do it by yourself easily. This can save much more money and space at your house.

Hanging bookshelves is the best solution for you who has small area and confuse how to put your books without spending a lot of space. You can utilize iron wire and make it in rectangle shape. Don’t forget to make a hanging at the top of that shape. Then, hang it and put your books to be placed at that bookshelves.

Tall & Narrow Bookshelf Decorating Ideas

Narrow Bookshelf

Small space at our room might make us confuse and messy as there is not place to put a lot of stuffs either books, doll, or anything. But, you can try to utilize a small and narrow space it your room by making tall & narrow bookshelf decorating ideas. It helps much as even it is small and narrow you still can make it to be more function with vertical bookshelf.

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Try to see a narrow part near the window or near the door and arrange this kind of bookshelf to save your books more well organize.

Bohemian Metal Bookshelf

Bohemian Metal Bookshelf

Different with common bookshelf which is usually made of natural wood material, this bohemian metal bookshelf is made of metal material. It makes your bookshelf looks simple, classy, and elegant. Then, it create a cozy and comfortable feeling at your house when you put this kind of bookshelf in a cozy room.

This bookshelf is combination of metal and glass as the board. You can put any stuffs such as books, picture, and flower. You can custom the design as you want for the size each rack and the whole size of this book. The clear glass and brown color painting is such a perfect combination.

Bookshelf With Drawers

Bookshelf With Drawers

Bookshelf with drawers will be more functionable to keep and save your stuffs. You can display some books at outside part with the photograph and flower. Then, the drawer part can be used for important documents and stuffs.

You can arrange in four or five racks than complete it with the drawer. Believe, you will like this kind of bookshelf as you can put everything safely without worrying any stuffs can be stolen.

The natural wood material is the best option for you to order and custom the bookshelf. It is a good combination with brown color which is always giving natural and elegant look.

Fireplace with Built In Bookshelves

Fireplace with Built In Bookshelves

Winter season always bring a cold weather but sometimes we will feel warm when we are stay at home especially if we have our fireplace inside our home. It helps much to keep as warm when we have activities such as reading book or watching movie. It such a weird idea when there is fireplace with built in bookshelves.

Don’t worry as your book will not be burned and it is save. It will make your room become larger as the bookshelves will take up space which is not useful before.

You will enjoy your time by warming up your body with reading the books as you can take whatever books you want to read it without move to another room.

Bedroom with Bookshelves 

Bookshelves in Bedroom

The book lovers will note be able to escape their day without having a book to be read. They have so many collections of book which they want to read everyday, everyminute they have free time. Rather than make a special room to keep and save this book, you can put all your books in your bedroom.

Don’t worry if your bedroom become messy and uncomfortable. Your can design and arrange your bedroom with bookshelves. You just need to utilize your wall and put some racks side by side your bed even at the wall top of your bed. It makes you easily to take any books you want to read it in anytime.

Built in Bookshelf Desk

Built in Desktop Bookshelf

Every worker or students will need to stay long at their desk to finish their works and tasks. Sure, you will need to make your desk as comfort as possible so that it not disturb your focusing on the job. Books will be your good friends everyday as your need them to help your work and tasks.

Built in bookshelf desk will help you a lot as you don’t need to go in somewhere else to get the books which you need. You just need to put it at the bookshelf desk and take it whenever you want. Arrange the rack in your desk will make your room looks well organize.

Contemporary Bookshelf Design

contemporary bookshelf ideas

Contemporary bookshelf design will create a simple and elegant look at your house. It is identic with natural wood color and create natural look on it. You can utilize your wall and make the wall bookshelf on it in same color gradation.

Your room will be more cozy and comfortable as it brings cool mind feeling. You can make and arrange some racks so that your books and stuff are organized well without messy. Some flowers will be needed to make the outlook become more beautiful and pretty.

DIY Bookshelf from Pipe

DIY Bookshelf from Pipe

If you have unuse pipe, don’t throw it. You can make DIY bookshelf from pipe which looks unique and for sure the unuse thing can be something which is more functional than before. This pipe has function as cantilever for the board which is the placed of your books and stuffs.

To make it looks more beautiful, you just need to paint it with the color which is matching to the shelf and your concept room. You will be proud as you can create an extraordinary bookshelf from unuse pipe.

Under Stair Bookshelf 

Under Stair Bookshelf

Under stair is always being the blank part at your home if you are not utilize it well. It will be more function if you can make under stair bookshelf. So that, that part of your house will be more functionable as you can put any stuffs and books there.

You can make combination of racks and drawer with the door. Just design and arrange the material which you need follow the size of under stair which still you can use it. Your house now become more colorful and meaningful.

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