Astonishing Chicken Coop Ideas You Need In Your Backyard for 2019

Chicken Coop Ideas – A backyard is full of inspiration for many activities and decoration. Usually, people create a beautiful garden, pool, and outside kitchen bar.

However, there is one idea where not many people who have it. Try to decorate with one of these 10 chicken coop ideas. It will give you a useful activity and your income with an increase.

So, how to start it? Certainly, it is easy where you can start from these low-cost chicken coop ideas.  So, pay attention to each image below and read the description properly.

Simple Chicken Coop

Formerly, only the country people who feed the chicken and other livestock. At this time, you live in the city can do it as long as you have enough outdoor space.

By the way, you may choose this simple chicken coop if your backyard does not large.  Here, you see that this house on stilt has a modest design with a mini window as the door.

The cheap DIY chicken coop ideas have bright colors from the painted wood. Further, it adds a net around the pillars so that you can release the chicken inside.

Classic Gardening Shed Styled Chicken Coop Designs

Next, there is a beautiful chicken coop shed from the blue color pallet wood. This coop is higher than the previous design. Besides that, it has several decorations where it adds the beauty and ease you to raising chicken.

In the front, there is a window with double shutters and additional floating building. You can use the chicken coop building ideas to store the food and all the needs of the chicken.

There is a small entrance to in and out the chicken and big door in the rear for you. You can enter from the roof if you want to enter to clean the coop. Meanwhile, feeding the chicken is through the window.

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DIY Wood Chicken Coop Plan

Giving the best service for the animal is never wrong. This contemporary chicken coop may inspire you. It stands with a framed glass wall, small wooden space, and the floating food box.

Certainly, it becomes a great idea to raise the chicken. These great chicken coop ideas give a safe and free space for the chicken to walk around.

You do not need to worry if they will be lost or another animal eats it. Then, the chicken may use the wooded area to sleep at night.

Easy DIY Chicken Coop

This easy DIY chicken coop design looks very simple and cheap. If you really in low budget, it does not matter you take this idea. Even, it is good for you as a beginner.

Collect the unuseful things to build the DIY chicken coop nesting boxes. Here, you may use your old pallet wood fence. Then, make a house for chicken in rustic design. Add the net window on the roof where you can use the stick to prop it.

Rustic Log Cabin Chicken Coop Ideas

By the way, it is still about the rustic design of the chicken coop ideas. This log chicken cabin will give comfort and spacious space for them. It stands on the short concrete brick in order to make the coop always warm.

If the chickens want to in and out, they can do it with a sloping board. Definitely, this DIY rustic chicken coop is safe with door and the roof from zinc.

Best Barn Design Chicken Coop

At glance, this barn chicken coop similar to the contemporary design above. Even though, it is cheaper because only use some wood pallets and the iron net.

Nonetheless, it looks pretty in white and red paint color ideas. The barn style chicken coop applies a sloping roof from the and decorative wooden room. As your information, you may move the coop easily wherever you want.

Cheap Upcycled Water Tank Chicken Coop

Do you confuse to throw your upcycled water tank? You do not need to do it because there is a new idea to make it useful again. Change it as the chicken cage with adding some material.

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This water tank chicken coop adds a half pallet wood panel and board. Another design is adding the small door, food box, and ladder to enter the cage. By the way, this upcycled chicken house is creative.

Large Chicken Coop

Large Chicken Coop

The large chicken coop here not only make your livestock live more comfortably. It is because space is spacious so that you can raise much chicken.

Such as you see, the house is very attractive in red and light grey color themes. It looks like a real house for people where there are many windows and doors. Besides that, this large backyard chicken coop has little bit plantation decor and chimney.

Small Backyard Chicken Coop

small chicken coop ideas

You might think that this coop is small and only load one or two chicken. In fact, it loads until 10 hens and they may still stay well.

This unfinished wood chicken coop is easy to make and the material is cheap. You can buy some pieces of wood pallets to make it. In addition, this solid wood chicken coop has a lift up door.

Mobile Chicken Coop

mobile chicken coops

The mobile chicken coop becomes the last idea to make your chicken house. It uses brown hardwood material to build while combining with four wheels.

With this cage, you can raise tens of chicken and bring them everywhere easily. Try to follow this moveable chicken coop if you want to maintain a lot.

Hopefully, those chicken coop ideas help you create a nice place for your livestock. Good luck and enjoy your new activity.

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