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4 Country Kitchen Ideas You Must Adopt Immediately

The kitchen is essentially the heart of your beloved home. You can tuck the kitchen into a more welcoming and gorgeous space by renovating it. In this case, country kitchen ideas are what you really need.

country kitchen ideas

If you love something chic and comfort, just go for a country kitchen. Before starting out in your project, it would be nice to take a look at our explanations.

1. Use Calming Colors

country kitchen design

Country-style kitchen differs from the others because of its unique color. Make sure you paint your cooking space in soothing colors. For instance, the all-white kitchen never goes wrong. It creates an airy and bright feel.

Another option is to opt for a pastel color like duck egg blue or pale lime green. These colors are not only attractive but also make it neat, timeless and crisp. Tan, grey and yellow work stunningly in any country kitchen too.

2. Embrace Vintage Features

wood country kitchen

All classic elements must be incorporated into the country kitchen. For kitchen flooring, stone floor tiles, quarry tiles, bricks and terracotta tiles are such brilliant options. They offer an inviting and textural touch.

Furthermore, you shall install wooden beams and wooden countertops because they add a warm atmosphere to your kitchen. Do not forget to buy fitted cupboards for your kitchen’s completers.

3. Focus on The Lighting

country kitchen lighting

Good lighting is so important especially when you are cooking and dining with your family. A pendant light helps evoke nostalgic moments. It gives rustic look to your kitchen as well.

In searching for the country-themed kitchen, downlights are also the answers. They provide your kitchen good amount of brightness and stylish look. Moreover, you can get a sense of elegance and glamour by purchasing chandelier.

4. Choose The Specific Type

french style country kitchen

A country kitchen is still divided into various types. They obviously bring distinctive characters and personalities to your kitchen. Before transforming your kitchen, please decide it carefully.

  • French Country Kitchen

Natural materials like wood, stone, and brick are used extensively. It is also dominated by soft hues, pendant lanterns, and a large kitchen island.

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A skirted cabinetry becomes the visual interest of an authentic one. Moreover, crown molding framing on the top of the cabinet is functional and traditional at the same time.

  • Rustic Country Kitchen

Weathered wood is typically an integral part of any rustic country kitchen. This material can be found out at the high ceiling, stools, door, kitchen island and window frames.

For the backsplash, you are strongly recommended to select subway tiles. How’s about kitchen lighting? Pair yours with mason jar lights. The shade depends on your personal choice.

  • Traditional Country Kitchen

It may be one of the most amazing small kitchen ideas. Your kitchen will stand out if you divide dining and cooking spaces using old-fashioned butcher’s block. The wooden butcher’s block is surely gonna steal the spotlight.

Liven up your kitchen by adding floral patterns to the wall. They are so eye-catching for sure.

  • Modern Country Kitchen

Generally, it emphasizes on the minimalist look. It means you will notice some elements of stainless steel, reclaimed panel, stone, and wood. Modernist dining chairs and high gloss cabinets are included in this style as well.

In short, freshen your most favorited area by adopting one of those country kitchen ideas. Happy trying!

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