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Cute Bedroom Ideas for Baby, Toddler, Little Girl & Twin Teenage Girl

Cute Bedroom Ideas – Bedroom is more than just a space to sleep. It is a space to actualize creativity that represents your daughter’s personality. The choices of girl’s bedroom decorations and designs are endless.

Today, a girl’s bedroom doesn’t always have to be decorated or painted with pink, because there are over 50 ideas that you can use to create an imaginative and captivating bedroom for your girl. Whether it is a cute baby nursery or a little grown up toddler to teenage girl’s bedroom, we have all you need!


Adorable Ideas for Baby Girls

It is an exciting moment to welcome a baby girl into the family. It is more exciting when you get to give the baby her first bedroom. But the excitement can end in exhaustion when you don’t know where to start with the design and decoration.

SO, if you’re looking for a cute pink themed nursery, we have it! Or a mixture of the other vibrant colors, we have it too! We have collected 15 ideas and photos of nursery room for baby girl for you. Let’s have a look!

01. Lovable Soft Pink-Themed Nursery for Baby Girl

When it is combined with white, pink spreads out warmth, making the baby feels comfortable. The balance between pink and white in this nursery theme is perfect.

White in this room makes it look spacious, but, to make it look less traditional, you can add additional decorations, such as cute wallpaper and baby’s initial name. Then, you can also hang pastel colored ribbons to make it more modern. You can see that the patterned cushion blends in really well too.

02. Bright Beige Nursery Room for Girl

A larger room gives you more spaces to work with. This idea lets you be as creative as possible, for example, hanging decorative frames, contemporary white chandelier and soft pink drapes that fall graciously to the floor. Next time Mom wants to breastfeed the baby, she will feel comfy and relax in this mixture of soft colors.

03. Remarkable All-White Nursery Room for Baby Girl

The color symbolizes purity and innocence which are perfect for the baby who just born into the world. The wall and ceiling are painted in white, and the all-white theme also includes all of the furniture displayed in the picture.

Other than creating a spacious feeling, the all-white theme also makes it more modern. If it’s too bright for you, you can add decoration which complements the white, such as beige or pink.

04. Creamy Coffee-Themed Nursery For Baby Girl

You can’t deny the fact that this creamy coffee themed nursery room is captivating. It gives you a sense of modernity because of its simple decoration and style.

The tree wall sticker can symbolize life and growth which is a nice philosophical touch. The blanket has a pattern that mixes both white and the brown, so it doesn’t look heavy. But you can also add a soft blue to give the room a little pop.

05. Stunning Beige Nursery Room for Girly Feels

This one is the example of a contemporary nursery room style. The traditional touch is visible from the style of the pillow cases, the sheets and the wood colored crib. Meanwhile, the dresser is showing a modern look with modern-handcrafted baskets. All of these elements are merged into a nice contemporary style nursery room, put together by the unique chandelier.

06. Vibrant Yellow Themed Nursery Room for Baby Girl

Working with white background, you can create a horizontal line pattern on top of it to make it less plain. In term of color, this idea chooses to use bright yellow to create a more gender neutral atmosphere.

Like a busy bee, the baby will have so much energy when she or he wakes up from nap!

07. Modern Beige Nursery Room for Baby Girl

Modern theme in this picture is displayed from a lot of things. Take a look at the wall decoration! A huge initial letter “R” is placed among circles with unique patterns. These festive decorations fill up the empty wall space.

To complement them, you can diy pillow cases with the exact same pattern like the wall decoration. The luxurious chandelier also adds to the modern style too.

08. Fashionable Nursery for Baby Girl

This girly nursery room uses pearls, dresses and feminine color and pattern to welcome the baby. Let’s start with the festive wall decoration! Mom and dad should definitely have fun drawing and painting those balloons and that dresses display with a rose chandelier and an initial “H” in the middle.

This idea uses a very feminine theme. Just look at the tea table with all the cute dolls waiting for the baby to grow older and join the party!

09. Sweet Pink Nursery Room for Baby Girl

You don’t want pink that’s too dark because it’d make the room feels heavy and old, but you can go with a softer shade of pink to decorate the entire room.

This idea smartly utilizes pastel pink on the walls, baby’s crib, blanket and the foot cushion. Oh wait, the all-pink theme is too so-so? Then give it a touch of a stronger pink color on the walls to create a pop here and there!

10. Flowers Wallpaper Nursery Room

This room shows flowery theme wallpaper that looks like a chain of roses, including the leaves which are in rhythm with the wall paint. You can extend the girly flowery design to the baby’s crib by making use of laces. If you want to go all out, you can also put some real flowers in a pot just to beautify the entire room design.

11. The Grand White Nursery Room

Right off the bet, you like the high ceiling, don’t you? High ceiling is an important feature in today’s houses. To emphasize that, the use of white paint really enhances the ambience of the open floor plan.

With such a beautiful hardwood floor, a soft pastel colored rug looks pretty on it. Plus, you get to add modern touches to the ceiling through an industrial chandelier and a lot of sweet motivational quotes framed on the wall.

12. Gorgeous Accent Wall Nursery Room

The white base color in this theme is topped by horizontal pink pattern which is used to decorate the entire room consistently, including a framed fruit painting with a pink background and white frame, giving the entire baby nursery room a feminine ambience in a modern style.

13. Antique Pink Nursery Room for Baby Girl

This antique pink nursery room is nicely decorated with appealing soft colors that create a peaceful ambience. The atmosphere can be accomplished by using soft pink on some elements, such as the drapes, and the other use a brownish color which matches with the dark hardwood color of the crib and the dresser.

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14. Trendy Girly Nursery

Decorating means mixing and matching colors with cute accessories. To stand out from the gray base, girly accessories can be added, such as pops of pink on the door’s curtain, breastfeeding sofa and cushion, baby’s diaper changing basin, and a couple of wall decoration like name’s initial and framed pictures.

15. Decorative Nursery Room

Add floral wallpaper that complements the baby girl’s nursery room atmosphere. The atmosphere is created by the mixture of white base and gray color-pop that creates a balance.

Moreover, you can probably get the antique round mirror at the flea market for a cheap price, yet it still makes the room looks elegant and more stylish.

Unique Toddler Girl’s Bedroom Ideas

Toddler girl bedroom is designed to make your daughter feels like she’s in her own princess’ castle. That’s why it is important for parents to create an atmosphere where her imagination can develop creatively. Add a unique wall accent, stylish chandelier and other furniture that give character to the bedroom.

To make her imagination comes true; we have 5 creative ideas of toddler girl bedroom style that you may have been looking for. Here they are:

16. Black and White Polka Dots

Using a white base, the room makes use of a clean-open area concept. Then, one of many colors that work really well with white base is a solid black. Here, black is actualized on many things, including the polka dots, pillows and bed sheet. The house-like structure and the lamps make the room cozier too.

17. Transitional Bedroom for Toddler to Teen

Soft blue on the wall doesn’t make the room looks boyish, because it’s a lighter shade than the deep blue used for boy’s room. Add some pops of pink on the rug and the window blind to balance out the atmosphere. A festive bed sheet that matches with cut out paper decoration over the headboard looks so inviting! Don’t you think?

18. Garden on the Wall Bedroom

Garden is a lovely place to feel relax and enjoy nature. Bring the atmosphere into the bedroom by drawing your own version of garden on the wall. There are tons of inspiring images of garden online, but this one focuses on the garden gate with a hanging pot right in the middle. Extend the ambience by using floral theme on the bed sheet and pillow cases.

19. Sophisticated Bedroom for Toddler

The key of elegant and sophisticated bedroom look is to stick with colors that exhibit cleanliness and calmness such as white, gray and beige. The combination between those colors creates a relaxing and comforting atmosphere in this room.

Especially, the layout is highly modern and stylish. Add some pops of gold on furnishings such as unique sun-shaped mirror, table lamp, laundry baskets, and pillow cases.

20. Plenty of Storage Toddler Bedroom

Considering her age, she would have had a lot of toys and she would need a space to do her own thing such as coloring or playing with the toys. This room offers a custom made dresser to store all of her belongings neatly in rows of large plastic bins.

Once she and her friends want to play around having fun, the toys can easily be found because the storage is placed on the center of the room.

Fun and Creative Bedroom Ideas for Little Girl

Finding hard obstacles to beautify your daughter’s bedroom? We have these amazing bedroom ideas that capture your daughter’s unique character.

You can find almost every style from girly to gender neutral, calm to energetic, or classic to the most recent bedroom styles. No more obstacles. Follow this list to get started on creating the bedroom of her dream! Check this out!

21. Little Grown Up Crib

Flowers in a girl’s bedroom are not strange. Instead of having flowers in an ordinary pot, go beyond the ordinary and place flowers decoration on to the wall. Obviously, they’re made from papers.

Then, let the flowers bloom by painting the wall with clean color such as white or light gray, so the colors of the flowers really pop. Increase her cuteness by choosing this little grown up crib that matches with the hardwood floor.

22. A Bedroom Theme Park

Merging her bedroom and playroom into one space is a great idea only when you understand that a little girl’s bedroom has to be fun for her and her visiting friends.

This fun bedroom idea lets her sleep soundly at night as well as gives her a motivation to get out of bed at morning using the slide. Add a few final touches by turning the ground floor of her castle into her private little space.

23. For the Future Astronaut

This room looks like she’s in a spaceship going somewhere beyond the galaxy. Obviously, the stars above are the main attraction of this room. Hang a modern light fixture that resembles the sun to complete the theme.

Then, to create a serene atmosphere, place wood furniture against the white base. The softness of those colors creates a peaceful ambience that your little girl will appreciate.

24. A Blast of Green Bedroom Style

The theme that’s brought into this room is a blast of green, making it feels like a private garden lived by a sweet little fairy. Since the green in this one is strong, it has to be decorated with some other colors to soften it, such as the other vibrant colors that appear on the wall decoration and the bed itself, including the pillows and blanket.

25. Peaceful Bedroom with Soft Colors

A white base is always a nice choice for a room. It makes the room bigger and more open. However, an all-white bedroom may be too plain for your beautiful little girl.

To make it more fun, add a little touch of brown on some of the furniture, such as the crib, closet, dresser and cabinet. Add a pattern to the wall to create a more modern look.

26. A Little Zoo for You

A zoo is an adventurous place for a little girl. There are a lot of animals to see—maybe for the first time too. Since it’s impossible to visit the zoo every day, you can bring the zoo into the house.

The colors used in this room are soft sky blue to resemble the actual sky where the butterflies fly and white as a canvas where you draw the animals. Extend the atmosphere by buying animals toys.

Inspirational Bedroom Ideas for Twin Girls

A baby girl is a blessing, but having twin girls is a double blessing, however, preparing their bedroom can be a lot of trouble. This and that have to be identical or else they wouldn’t be having it.

Decorating a bedroom for twins will include identical furniture, because each of them has to have one, which makes the process a little easier actually. To inspire you, we have collected some of our best bedroom ideas for twin girls below:

27. Cute and Adorable Pink Bedroom

Pink bedroom is cute and adorable for twin girls. Use similar furniture and fixture to decorate each side, so it looks identical to one another. Install a cabinet in the middle between the beds to create a separation between spaces. Make sure each side is decorated with the same details to create a symmetrical view.

28. Amazing Attic Bedroom for Twins with Sky View

Turn your attic into an amazing bedroom for the twins. Since the room has to have enough space for two young girls to move around and do her own things, attic provides a large space. Use white base to create a clean, open concept. To match white, apply furniture with another soft color such as beige or soft pink and purple.

29. Little Garden House Bedroom for Twins

Use a wallpaper to cover the entire wall with an amazing view. The view can be anything your twin daughters desire. This one shows an interesting view of a garden.

To make the room more interesting, create built-in beds where there’s a tunnel to connect each of the beds’ headboard. This way, the beds look like small houses with cute fences.

30. Full of Spirit Bedroom Decoration for Energetic Twins

Working with a white base, you’ll have plenty of ideas to create. A clean, white background is a great canvas to be creative. Use vibrant colors to capture your daughters’ energetic spirit each day.

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Add decorative flags and wall stickers above the headboards. Extend the vibe to the bed sheets and the rug below the beds. The combination of all these colors gives the room a youthful ambience.

Teenage Girl’s Girly Girl Bedroom Style

Before making your teenage girl’s dream bedroom comes true, we have got some inspirational bedroom ideas to give you a head start. These ideas apply girly girl concept (which means that a high level of femininity is coming your way!), making your teenage daughter feels like a princess living in a luxurious castle.

Who doesn’t want to feel that way? This kind of concept focuses on certain aspects, such as cute and dreamy decoration or modern chic bedroom. Here are a few examples! Let’s have a look at these modern bedroom styles for teenage girl!

31. Starry Night

Nowadays, the most common theme in a teenage girl’s bedroom is an all-white style. This bedroom allows you to have the wall and the ceiling in a clean, white color. Below, a beautiful hardwood floor is installed.

To embrace the whiteness, buy white-themed furniture as well, such as the bed, arm chair and dresser. Add a tumblr light inside the long hanging drape to create a starry night ambience at night.

32. A Hiding in the Corner

Using bold design to the wall may seem a bit redundant for a teenage girl. Instead, use this soft colors theme to enhance the beauty and personality of your teenage daughter.

Let this small area in the corner be her favorite lounge to hang out with some friends, or to catch up with her reading schedule. The long drapes graciously fall to the floor, giving her a private space to gather thoughts.

33. Essential Study Space

One of the purposes of a bedroom is to provide a study area. The percentage of how great it is equal to how motivated she would be doing homework. The space in the corner has been transformed into a functioning, fun and organized study area.

Reading couch that sits next to it also serves as three-door storage. A crystal chandelier hanging on the ceiling gives the room a vibe of luxury.

Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas in A Small Space

When we become teenagers, we always thought that we would have a bedroom as huge as our parents’, but that’s not always the case. Not all of us are blessed with a bedroom suite with huge master bath, so we have to be creative and make something from a small space. No worries because here we have got some ideas to manipulate a small area into a captivating bedroom. Check this out!

34. Simple Yet Elegant Bedroom

Add a unique framed mirror over the headboard to make the room feels larger and to ease your access to when you need to see how you look before or after bed. Next to your bed, place a modern nightstand that has been transformed into an open storage.

To make it modern, hang some lights along the wall. Voila! Your teenage daughters bedroom is now looking calm and not as small as it actually is.

35. Optimistic Blue


Girl’s bedroom has been commonly associated with pink, but your daughter may have a different opinion of what she believes is a better color. If she’s into blue, this room will be great for her.

The blast of blue in this one gives out an optimistic atmosphere. This light blue themed bedroom doesn’t make your daughter feels too grown-up too. Create built-in display storage near nightstand, and her name carved above the headboard to make it ideal.

Adorable Girls’ Room Paint Ideas to Inspire You

There’s a different between adults and teens’ preference when it comes to what color should they paint their bedroom with. Whereas adults prefer to use paints that are relaxing, serene and calming, such as white or light gray and teens loves to have a room with vibrant colors, such as a tropical colors or vibrant hues, so they’ll feel motivated to study and to do homework on daily basis. Here are our favorite room paint ideas that might give you and your girl inspirations:

36. Bright Turquoise And White Bedroom Style

Paint is important to bring out the correct atmosphere into the room. This coastal atmosphere that’s emphasized by turquoise and white paints looks amazing. Doesn’t this make you feel a bit like being in a fish tank? How cute is that! Huge mirrors on both sides serve a great purpose.

Then, the existence of a built-in shelf near the window is a smart way of making every space useful. The queen size bed is decorated by a majestic curtain over the head which perfects the overall beauty.

37. Depth Lavender And Gray Sleep Area

For teenage girl, bedroom isn’t just a sleeping area. It’s an art that expresses her personality. This room has a certain depth that she likes. Use lavender to paint the wall behind the bed, while white is used for the wall beside the bed.

The combination of those colors is then used as an inspiration to decorate the bed. Buy antique study desk and a simple study chair to complete the whole design.

38. Simple Beige with Pops of Colors

Use beige to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere in your teenage daughter’s bedroom, so she can focus while studying and relax while lying down. Beige decorates almost ninety percent of the room, such as wall and rug.

To make it less boring, use some pops of vibrant colors, such as pink, blue, dark brown and grey. Add some framed pictures on the wall to give a personal touch.

39. A Bit of Everything—White and Pink Dominance

Teens love an energetic bedroom atmosphere, so a lot of colors mixed together into one room maybe her priority. It can be tricky to use a bit of every color here and there, but this room proves that it’s possible.

With pink, white and green dominating the whole area, deep orange and citrus yellow accents can also blend beautifully in the back. Hang a wall mounted fish tank to soften the burst of these colors.

40. Underwater Feeling in Aqua-Themed Bedroom

Use aqua color palette to decorate the bedroom to bring out a natural feeling. Leave the ceiling trims in white and hang a gorgeous chandelier that lights up the night with an overwhelming dreamy sensation.

White desk and curtain balance the unique pattern on the rug that’s copied to the blanket. Pop of a darker shade of pink on the arm chair and the blanket freshens the aquatic look.

41. Raspberries and Walnut  Ambience

Putting together two different colors into one can be challenging, but the possibility is there. The soft raspberry really softens the dark walnut color of the nightstands, floor, headboard and a couple of other elements in the bedroom.

Add a little bit of green to bring nature inside, and a comfy arm chair where she can have a separate space to sit down and relax.

42. Bright Turquoise with A Luxurious Chandelier

Girly doesn’t always have to be pink, even though it IS the signature color of femininity according to some people. This soft, bright turquoise also looks girly, fun and energetic. It is accompanied with pops of pink, coastal blue and a fading yellow on the curtain over there.

As decoration, add framed quotes and cut out flowers made from paper on the wall. Final step, hang a luxurious chandelier to put together all of the elements.

43. Tropical Colors of Bright Green and Pink

The key to energetic bedroom feels is to use bright colors. Use bright green to really light up the room. This hot green will immediately make her energized and motivated to leave the bed as she wakes up, as complementary, bright pink can also be added on some elements such as the lounge, blanket pillows, and drapes. Hang a rainbow decorative framed color palette above the headboard to give a fresh hit to the entire design.

44. Feminine Pinkish White Bedroom Style

Since your teenage daughter will spend a lot of her time in her room, it’s better to decorate her space based on her preference. A spacious bedroom is filled with minimalistic furniture. In this room, add a functioning and a space-saving floor mounted chair.

Long drapes complements the white base, making the room appears bigger and more open. The pinkish white expresses that she likes to show her feminine side through simple things.

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