Cool Deck Railing Ideas to Fit Your Home Decor

Deck Railing Ideas – These days, it seems that having a dream house is one of someone’s success signs in financial terms. Almost everyone wants to own and design their own homes with a variety of themes that are very varied in this modern era.

In almost every modern house there is a railing deck which basically has dual functions. The railing deck itself basically has a security function as the main function that can be used as a barrier to the house with the outside environment and also protection from the inside of the house.

Building a deck railing cannot be done carelessly because this is related to the function of both in terms of aesthetics or the beauty of the house and can confirm the theme used by a building. Therefore this article will provide information regarding deck railing ideas in this modern era that you can apply to your dream home.

01. Cheap Lattice Deck Railing Ideas

At this day, some modern-style houses have a garden located on the side of the back of the house or on the side of the house. To make the garden have the impression of privacy but still blend with nature, you can add lattice-style fences as deck railing ideas that are suitable for your garden. The low-rise lattice fence will minimize the entry of wild animals into your yard. This fence design is perfect for those of you who live in rural areas.

02. Wire Design

The use of wire as deck railing ideas was considered to be one of the designs that were useless because it did not function properly in terms of security. But in modern home designs, the use of wire for deck railing is highly recommended both as a complement to interior design and exterior design that limits some parts of your home.

The design of this railing deck can be used as a balcony railing for your home or a fence on the side of your staircase. So you can still make a guardrail even though your house is minimalist because this design will make your deck look more spacious and neat.

03. DIY Birch Wooden Deck Railing Ideas

Using birch as one of the deck railing ideas for your modern home is perfect, especially for those of you who want a home with a blend of traditional and modern designs. To save budget, you can use solid wood from white birch which is cheaper than other wood types.

Birch wooden deck railing is very suitable for use as a barrier on decks located in the higher part of the house or complementary design. This is because birch is not a type of wood that will last long if exposed to soil or water continuously.

04. Iron Metal Posts

Having an attached deck on the side or back of your house is the right idea for those of you who live in rural areas. Of course, this makes it easy for you to enjoy the scenery that is still very natural and soothing.

In order for your attached deck to be safer, you can add iron metal railings around the side of the deck. This choice is very appropriate because it makes your deck more durable and not easily damaged.

05. Cable Deck Railing

Cable deck railing is indeed a new trend as deck railing ideas which are currently being favored as more house buildings use modern minimalist designs. The use of cable as the main material for your railing deck does require a higher cost.

But the price is commensurate with the durability of material that is stronger and easier in terms of maintenance. In addition, cable usage will certainly not deter your view so that you can make a minimalist deck that looks more spacious and comfortable.

06. Traditional Glass

The use of glass as one of the deck railing ideas is suitable to be applied for those of you who have a house with the beautiful surrounding scenery. So that your view will not be obstructed by a fence that you make around your house. In addition, traditional glass railing will also increase the aesthetic standard of your home.

Glass material is also known to be more economical and practical in terms of its maintenance because it is easy to clean with only a glass cleaning liquid. Glass railing is also superior in terms of security because its thickness reaches one-quarter inch making it more durable.

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07. White X-Shaped Deck Railing Planters

X-Shaped white Railing Deck is very suitable for those of you who have a house with a natural theme. X-shaped deck railing gives an impression that adds natural and gives a warm impression to your home.

In addition, the x-shaped deck railing also does not make space on the porch of your house look narrow because there is considerable space between your fences. Make x-shaped railing decks a great choice when you have a beautiful home garden. 

08. Horizontal Deck Railing

Horizontal Deck Railing is one of the most popular and the most commonly used by many people. Because in addition to the low cost, you can use almost all types of materials, such as wood, aluminum, or even cables, the installation is also relatively easy.

You don’t need to hire someone to install it in your home. Horizontal Deck Railing is also suitable for a variety of themes, such as natural or modern-minimalist. In addition, by using a horizontal deck railing, your home will have more privacy.

09. Composite and Vinyl Deck Railing

Actually, in general, we can considerate the Vinyl Deck Rail model is a vertical deck rail. What distinguishes it is the material used. By using vinyl, the deck rail produced will be cheaper when compared to the use of wood or metal.

In addition, you can use vinyl for almost any home theme you want, because it’s easy to customize the color. The use of vinyl is suitable for those of you who have a mediocre budget but want satisfying results.

10. Deck Hand Railing Ideas

Deck Hand Railing Ideas

Making a deckhand railing for your home is a fun challenge. Because there we can explore to fit the theme of the house that we want. Lots of interesting ideas that can be applied to the deckhand railing in our home, depending on how we want it.

You can use a variety of materials, for example, wood, water pipes, cables, or a rope. From the choice of materials, you can also switch to the design choices that are according to your wishes. One of the highlights is the idea of ​​using a pipe as your deckhand.

11. Cheap Deck Railing Using Rope

Cheap Deck Railing Using Rope

You are confused looking for ideas for your home / patio fence? Bored with wood or metal? What if you try to use another material that is not commonly used as a deck railing for your house? Use a rope.

You can design it more easily because the rope is flexible and also the cost you spend is much cheaper than using general materials. The rope is also relatively safe when you think of the safety of your baby.

12. Pvc Pipe Railing

pvc pipe railing

Using PVC pipe as one of the ingredients for your home fence design is one of the choices that are suitable for those of you who are tired of using wood as a fence material. In addition, by using this PVC pipe, your home will look more modern and also minimalist. By not putting aside the security of your beloved family at home, using a PVC pipe as your railing material is also an affordable choice. Make an impression of ‘relief’ for your home terrace.

13. Cedar Deck Railing

Cedar Deck Railing

The use of cedar western redwood is one of the perfect solutions for those of you who want a modern, environmentally friendly residence. Cedarwood is able to reduce the greenhouse effect as one of the triggers of global warming in this modern era.

In addition, in terms of durability, this wood can last up to 20 years if you get them a good care. Cedar deck railing is very suitable to be applied to homes with a modern rustic look theme because it is easily shaped and also a more affordable price.

14. Aluminum

Aluminum Deck Railing

Using aluminum as one of the ingredients to make your home fence is the right step if you want a fence that is more resistant to weather, especially corrosion. Indeed, many have compared the use of steel and aluminum as materials for making home fences, and aluminum has many advantages compared to steel.

One of them is he is lighter, so it is easier to set up and install, obviously, the treatment becomes easier. It is more corrosion resistant because even though he quickly heats up, he also quickly releases heat.

15. Modern Deck Railing Design

Modern Deck Railing

Modern home design that emphasizes rustic red style as in the picture above is certainly very suitable combined with several deck railing ideas that use the wood as the main material. Wood material, especially Western Red Cedar is very suitable for several types of railing decks because it is easily formed so that it can adjust to the contour of the land and the shape of your home building.

16. Simple Deck Railing Systems

Simple Deck Railing

Using wood as the main material for building a house has been applied a long time ago. Of course, this is because the price of wood is cheaper and the structure is lighter so it is easily formed. The use of wood as your residential deck railing ideas can also be applied if you have a rustic style house that is still close to nature.

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17. Black Deck Railing

Black Deck Railing

One that is commonly found in homes around you is Black Deck Railing. Generally, this railing uses aluminum as its basic material so that it is not too affected by heat, considering that black is a heat sink. And usually, people use black deck railing for homes that apply classic style themes, such as Victorian-style houses.

In addition, Black Deck Railing is also suitable for home themes that use natural themes, because black is basically a natural color that matches wood colors.

18. Deck Stair Railing

One of the themes of houses that are commonly used in this modern era is rustic home which uses the wood material as the dominant material. In general, wood can be used to beautify the interior design of the house or combined with other materials such as metal to make deck railing.

One of the deck railing ideas that you can try is forming metal into a horizontal curve to beautify your home deck. The combination of wood and metal will make your rustic home more character.

19. Tall Deck Railing

Tall deck railing

Applying Tall Railing Deck on the second-floor terrace of your home is the right choice for those of you who want extra privacy for your home. In addition to getting extra privacy, you also increase the security of your home, especially for your family at home.

And also, using Tall Deck Railing will add extra shade on your terrace from the sun. Usually, Tall Deck Railing is used for homes that offer classic themes. Make it look taller and bigger than it should be.

20. Deck Railing With Lights

Using the Railing Deck With Light will make your home look luxurious and elegant. Indeed the installation and maintenance are more expensive than the usual railing, but the results obtained will satisfy you.

By installing lights at certain points on your fence. These deck railing ideas can be applied to Mediterranean dwellings that have a large enough building area. So that it will give the impression of life in the main building and the yard around your house.

21. Composite Deck Railing

composite deck railing

Basically, deck railing ideas that combine classic railing deck types with metal railings that form a certain pattern. This type of railing deck is very suitable for homes with classic themes and very simple, especially on the front of the house. So that composite deck railing can give the impression of additional furniture for a simple home.

22. Deck Railing with Bar

deck railing bar

This deck railing ideas tend to be found in homes near the coast. The purpose of adding a table on the deck railing is actually in terms of aesthetics. Where people prefer to eat food while looking at the beautiful view from the deck that blends with the porch of the house.

23. Glass Deck Railing

Calgary Glass Deck Railing

Using glass as the main ingredient on your deck railing ideas is the right idea if you have a deck that is higher than the ground. It aims to give a broad impression on a small deck. In addition, you can still enjoy the scenery without being blocked by your deck railing.

24. Deck Railing Planter

Houses that have their own garden will certainly be more pleasing to the eye because of the beauty of various kinds of flowers in the park. But if you do not have enough land, you can use the top of your railing deck as a means to put your flower pots. We recommend that you select wood material to make a deck railing so that the shape can be adjusted with your plant pot.

25. Deck Railing with Bench

Adding a small bench attached to the inner side of a railing deck is a very interesting idea. This deck railing ideas are perfect for those of you who have a house with a beautiful view. You can enjoy the view of urban or rural areas by applying a small bench around your deck.

26. Hog Wire Deck Railing

hog wire deck railing

Choosing hog wire as a deck railing ideas that you apply at home must certainly be considered. This type of deck railing will only be suitable for a number of situations such as houses surrounded by large gardens, houses that are still close to beautiful natural areas, and houses that have a part of the park that is almost the same as the main building. Installation of hog wire is very good to minimize the danger of animals such as wild boar, ferrets, and others that can damage your garden.

27. Deck Railing With Solar Lights

Installing a sonar light on your home railing deck is a brilliant idea that is perfect for a minimalist house with a modern rustic theme. The rustic house itself will generally look more beautiful during the day because the soft wood color will give the impression of shade at home.

But at night rustic home often looks darker because of the tendency of brown color around the house. Solar light on your railing deck will give the impression of being bright and living in a rustic style house even at night..




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