Dwarf Donkey | Facts About Miniature Donkey and Reason To Get Mini Donkey Right Now

Dwarf Donkey: A Cute Animal as the Close Friend for Human and Livestock – In the literature work, people often tell about the donkey as the fool animal. In fact, the dwarf donkey has a superior intelligence than the other animals. This fact emerges in the websites of

So, this animal with the name of a miniature donkey not only cute but also smart.  Roughly, what the other facts from them? Let’s find the characteristic, lifespan, social structure, and so on.  Also, the reasons why you must own this miniature mini donkey at home.

Facts about the Dwarf Donkey

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At glance, there many facts about the dwarf donkey where many people do not know it yet. However, some of them begin to be aware of the existence and benefits. Consequently, they start to care and looking for more information and fact. Here, you are going to know the characteristics and lifespan. Meanwhile, there are 6 facts about the miniature donkey:

  1. They came to the US in the ’20s.
  2. Jacks are another name of Males and Jennets mean the females.
  3. The dwarf donkey weighs 15lbs at birth.
  4. It only grows to about 35 inches tall.
  5. They have very good memories, that is why they are stubborn as they never forget.
  6. KneeHi is the world’s smallest donkey is just 25.29 inches tall.

Characteristic of Dwarf Donkey

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Discussing the characteristic means similar to the personality or the physical description. You must know that donkeys differ from horses in shape. It looks clear from the large head, long ears, and cow-like tail.

This animal has an erect mane but lacks the forelock (bangs) and prominent withers of a horse.  The hairs are from flat to curly, long and shaggy, where the texture from smooth to wiry. The hair coat is shed out much later in the summer to protect the donkey from the weather and flies.

Donkeys’ eyes at the sides of their heads give them a wide field of vision. The dwarf donkey has monocular and binocular vision allowing them to see two fields of vision at once (monocular). Besides that, it helps to focus on the same thing with both eyes at the same time (binocular). Even though, there is a blind spot directly in front of the donkey and one directly behind.

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Next, their hearing is acute and the ears can move independently to locate the source or general direction of sounds. The long ears have an excellent blood supply for cooling the body as a desert adaptation. Perhaps, no many know about the donkeys’ sense of smell. However, it is somewhat well developed in general. The functions of their sense of smell to determine many things. It is such as something is life-threatening or friendly, to locate food, and to identify each other. Even, the dwarf donkey uses it as well as to identify humans.

Their sense of touch is also well-developed. They use touch as the most important sense for responding to cues of their handler. Eyes, ears, and nose are their most sensitive areas. The others are the withers, ribs, flanks, and legs.

The Life Span of Dwarf Donkey

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Guess, please! How long do the dwarf donkey life span? In fact,  donkeys can live well into their 30s with the average life span being 33 years. The life span is true as long as it gets the lifelong proper care. Jennets the female donkey can produce foals into their early 20s. Meanwhile, the average life span of a wild donkey is 25 to 30 years.

Food Habit

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Dwarf Donkeys are the great herbivores but they do not ruminate like cattle. Even though, they use hindgut fermentation to digest their food. Donkeys are able to utilize their feed very efficiently and can survive on good quality hay alone. Consequently, the owners must be careful that they do not overfeed their donkeys.

The dwarf of miniature donkeys requires good quality hay and fresh, clean water. The owners should add supplement with a commercial feed if only use poor quality hay. It is as donkeys are prone to weight gain, so monitor their feed closely monitored. By the way, the dwarf donkeys also graze other shrubs and desert plants although the primary food is grass.

Social Structure

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Dwarf Donkeys have excellent docile personalities where it becomes the major attraction for humans.  They are able to form close attachments to their owners and to other donkeys. These herd animals never respond well to isolation as their laid-back personalities. In fact, it makes them become wonderful pets and companions for children. They are the close friend for people with disabilities and elderly people.

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Apparently, donkeys are very observant and cautious animals and refuse to do anything that appears threatening. It is one of the behaviors that give reputation for being stubborn. Donkeys will not run blindly in fear when they are startled by something. However, its natural instinct is to freeze or run a few steps and then look to see what the threat was. The domestic donkeys interact well with other livestock animals such as horses, goats, sheep, cows, and alpacas. By the way, people also use donkeys as companions for weaned foals and for nervous, injured or recovering animals.

Reasons You Need to Get a Miniature Donkey Right Now

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It turns out the dwarf donkey includes the best pet besides cats and dogs. Even, there are many reasons that support that statements such as the 6 points below:

  1. The dwarf donkey looks so cute.
  2. Full of affectionate and love cuddles.
  3. Like to pals with other animals.
  4. Make friends with kids!
  5. They are smart and easy to train (the memory thing)
  6. The age can be up to 35 years so you will have a friend for life!

Actually, there are more than 10 reasons why you should nurture one at home. Nevertheless, this page only exposes 6 reasons and the fact is enough to make sure your heart.

Okay, those are some facts of the dwarf donkey that is more than cute. They are very friendly to human including kids and other livestock. Now, find out where you can buy this tiny lovely animal. Then, take them to care well where the treatment is so easy. You only need to provide some finest hay and grass. Afterward, you and your family can play together as often as possible.

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