Best Exterior House Colors Trend for 2019 & How to Pick the Right Colors

Exterior House Colors Ideas with Awesome Outlooks – When many people are more concerned with their interior design, they often forget about the exterior house color.

In fact, this area is as important as the rooms in your home. From now, change this concept though you keep conducting the plan after finishing the interior spaces.

Exterior house color schemes 2019 are ready to ease your plan that is suitable for your dream. If you do not have the imagination to paint your exterior wall, surely, you will find it soon. Do not you believe it? Let’s check it!

White Exterior House Color

white house

Most people like white color because the meaning is universal. It implies all people may interpret it according to their desire. So, how do you describe this white exterior house color?

Certainly, you agree that it brings soothing feel which is very balanced with the black accent in some parts. It also conveys about the cleanliness and the calmness of the living.

Apparently, this white exterior house color scheme becomes the most favorite choice to revive the energy.

Yellow Exterior House Color

yellow house

Well, let’s combine to the second offer! These wooden looks are bright with the yellow color theme. As though, the yellow exterior house color come to compare to prior option.

This color idea represents a cheerfulness, summer, sunny day, and so on. Such as you see, the sense of the house is inversely proportional from the previous color.

Nonetheless, both white and yellow exterior house paint color colors are appealing. Choose the color that you like!

Brown Exterior House with Tudor Style

tudor style exterior house

Let’s talk about the Tudor style home! It is the classic design coming from the US but it is popular in Europe. The characters of the house are the utility of the brick stone and curved or overlapping roof. If you want to maintain your roof quality, you should use roof specialist like

Okay, turn back to the picture with the brown exterior house with Tudor style. You are surely able to identify the characteristics well. What sense do you get from the color of the house?

Red House Color

red house

The red exterior house color shows a unique shape living from concrete. Along with the dark grey color idea, it defeats the cold weather looks around. What is the meaning of the red brick tone like this?

Commonly, people state the color contains a brave sense.  Meanwhile, dark grey comes to convey a trendy style. Thus, these grey and red brick home exterior color schemes are extraordinary. Cool!

Blue Paint Color Ideas

blue house

If you living in the tundra climate, you might bore with the cold weather and the white show. This condition is like turning off color and spirit in our lives.

Moreover, the show also always cover all parts of the house, land, and trees. Fight it with the navy blue paint color idea. It will invite a beautiful ocean sense in your living.

Of course, people like you miss the nuance of the ocean or tropical view. Therefore, do not be hesitate to take this blue exterior paint color.

Brown House Color

brown house color

Wow, the color of the house makes all people want to eat or drink chocolate. It is because that brown house color is very tempting and remember them about this food. Here, the dark brown does not adorn the brick home design alone.

Nevertheless, it asks a dark grey color on the roof and the porch. Besides that, it has a white color accent from the window frames and door. Nonetheless, the sense of the dark brown exterior house color ideas keeps stand out.

Olive Green Exterior House Color

olive green

Next, it shows an olive green exterior house color which looks full of serenity.  It describes a country nuance with a large green field and greenery around.

People who want to get rid of their bore to live in the city need to consider this color option. They keep able to stay there with new sense.

Definitely, it gives you a good idea to move from the old nuance easily and cheap. Quite apply the olive green exterior paint color ideas. Fantastic!

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Gray Exterior House Color

gray house

Seemly, all people will say that this wooden house has an elegant outlook. It turns out the gray exterior house color idea is being the latest trend since several years ago.

Even though, the sense is still attractive up to now with various opinion. Moreover, it combines with white color so that the appearance becomes trendy.

However, some people also rate these white and gray exterior house colors become modest. What about you guys?

Beige Exterior House Color

beige house color

Okay, you need to contribute your opinion about this big wooden house. Will you say that this beige exterior house color is warm? If it is true, you are normal. Most people feel that sense toward this living.

Actually, it looks sweet too because the dominant outlook around is green from the plantation. Of course, this beige exterior house paint color is suitable for all family types. It is comfortable for children, young people, adults, male, and female.

Exterior Wall Paint Color Combination

Exterior Wall Paint Colour Combination

Grey color comes as the winner in home painting ideas. It adorns the interior as well as exterior walls. Apparently, this color not only gives a trendy outlook but also elegant and modest. More than that, grey makes the house feels warm because it absorbs the heat. So, it is flexible for tropical and tundra, and other climate areas.

Talking about the flexibility, it relates to space both interior and exterior. Alongside that, it is as well about the color combination as the stylish exterior house color trends until today.

Look at the image above wherein a beautiful wooden house that combines between modern and vintage. Here, it looks stunning and eye-catching with the existence of three color mixing. Grey, brown, and white colors bring a cheerfulness for the nuance of the house. By the way, these exterior painting color schemes changing the house look modern. Meanwhile, this wooden house carries vintage or rustic designs. Thus, color has a big role in some an appearance of the things.

Sage Green Exterior Paint Colors with Stone Wall

Sage Green Exterior Paint Colors
Eclectic Architecture, LLC

Would you like to have a living that unites to nature around? Feel free to follow this Sage Green House color exterior idea. It really closes and involves one of the natural material namely stone.

The exotic dark brown stone color builds a strong wall with unpretentious sense. It also carries old designs showing in that earth tone along with the roof and chimney.

Indeed, color has a big power to change everything easily. Sage green, yellow, and grey comes to add feel on the house. It adorns the house without closing the style of the stone. On the other hands, those painting colors work properly while highlighting its sense.

White House with Grey Trim

White House with Grey Trim

When you visit in Canada or snowy areas, you will often see the look of this house. Absolutely, neutral colors such as white, grey, and black always fit on any designs and areas. However, the exterior house colors grey and white ideas are really different. It looks beautiful and bringing the character of the house there. Well, let’s reveal why this living look amazing although in neutral painting.

The white color painting of the wall has a cool and clean sense as though the house cannot be dirty. Further, the dark grey mixing on the roof and the window frame emphasize the elegance. Is it simple, right, to have a dream house?

Red Brick and Gray Siding Combinations

Red Brickwith Gray Siding

Go on the deluxe elegant design in red brick and gray siding house color ideas. It seems the grey color really still becoming the trendsetter for the home decor. It is because this tone emerges from the beginning until on this image. This regency looks cold as though there is no warmth inside. Of course, it is not right because anyone stays here will feel a great coziness.

Here, the house uses original red brick stones on the small porch and the below section wall. After that, the owners combine with white and ombre grey. Yeah, there are light and dark grey hues. They unite and give high elegance. Great!

Tropical Exterior House Colors

Tropical Exterior House Colors

After exploring the house in cold areas, let’s move on the tropical climate. Indeed, the tropical exterior home colors in this area matches with bright opts. The reason is bright colors balance to the presence of the sun all days and all years. On the other hands, they walk side by side to make the exterior wall looks cheerful and warm. The example is in this yellow wooden wall painting ideas that mix with some earthy tones. Give your opinion!

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Small Blue-gray Stucco House

small blue-grey stucco house
Craftsman Exterior

Do you pay attention to the pictures here always involves the natural decor? Yeah, you must realize that many home designs have garden or greenery around. It includes the small stucco house with blue and grey exterior paint colors. On the other hands, it still has sweet browns and white accents in some parts. The point is this stucco exterior house color schemes still brings a modestly and comfortable.

Pink Exterior Paint

pink house color
Jason Ruby Architecture, LLC

Pink color painting adorns this small concrete house with balcony. You surely want to guess that only women who deserve to stay here. Oh no! This thinking is more appropriate in fashion even many young men wear pink apparel now. Well, turn back to the house wherein the looks are extremely chic and lovely. Apply this exterior pink paint colors if you like it!

Black and White House Exterior

Black and White House Colors

Finally, the colors that many people wait for all this time appear. Black and white house exterior colors look peaceful while showing the luxury old design. Usually, the old house with monochrome color option often emerges in horror movies. However, do not be afraid to apply it because the look will be different in real life.

Chesnut Brown and Maroon Combination for Siding

chesnut brown - maroon house color with stone siding

By the way, most people directly wants to eat candy or chocolate when they see this Chesnut house. Do you have this desire too? Of course, the dark brown or chocolate exterior house color really looks sweet. It is as sweet as those sweet foods becoming the favorite of children. Indeed, there are other colors here such as red, dark grey, white, and black. Even though, that earthy tone dominates and tempting so much.

Modern Black Houses

modern black house

Next, there is a modern black house that looks luminous at night. It is because of the interior and porch lighting ideas hitting the brown wood material. Yeah, it reflects on the brown wood porch wall and window frames. In the daylight, the black exterior house color is able to highlight the masculine sense. Meanwhile, it changes into exotic at night but no scary feel.

Light Grey House with White Trim

Light Grey House

Pay attention to the concrete home design above! It has managed to cheat many people wherein they think it as the monochrome black and white colors. Apparently, the houses brush light grey color scheme on the wall. Then, it collaborates to white and dark grey.

Of course, you have seen it on the roof, garage door, and some other parts. The light grey house exterior with white trim here shows many impressions. Even, the colors are able to show a contrasting sense as the example is elegant and luxurious.

Purple Exterior House Colors

Purple Exterior House Colors

Who wants to paint their house with purple color like blueberry? Actually, everyone free to choose the exterior house paint colors purple to beautify their living. Definitely, you who love this sad tone must apply. This living brush purple and violet hues on the facade house. Apparently, it has a sweet sense too like a blueberry jam. It does not matter because it is suitable for tundra climate areas.

Exterior House Colors Ideas with Brick Décor

Exterior House Colors Ideas with Brick Decor

This extensive house combines several main materials such as concrete, brick, and wood. Each material has its color but concrete shows two color combination is that light brown and light grey.

Meanwhile, the brick stone applies light brown and the wood has dark grey. Overall, this living looks warm in a contemporary style. Indeed, the warm feel comes from the below section wall and the brick stone design. In conclusion, the house presents two senses of warmth and elegance in neutral colors.

White Stucco with Wood Siding

white stucco with wood siding
Contemporary Exterior

Have you ever looked for what stucco house meaning? The stucco itself includes cement materials but the function is to coat things. Some people also call it as plaster.

Okay, turn back to the main topic of the exterior house color. This stucco house with wood siding appears two neutral colors of dark espresso wood colors and light grey. Afterward, there are green and white accents to finish the decoration. The point is this house looks cool in modesty.

Turquoise Paint Ideas for Exterior

turqoise exterior color

What will you say for these turquoise paint ideas for exterior house color? Along with the white color mixing, it looks so fresh and beautiful.

The house carries a tropical feel such as near of the beach. Indeed, people often connect the coolness of this color with these two things. According to the picture, the turquoise exterior house color is cool.

Okay, those are all breathtaking exterior house color ideas! Do not let you not choose one of them unless you want to regret it. Let’s choose!

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