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Top Exterior House Shutters Ideas and Guide to Choose the Best Windows Shutter

Exterior House Shutters Ideas: How to Install it with the Right Type, Size, Material, and Color – Why do people like to bring back the old item in their home design? It is such as the exterior house shutter ideas are able to give something different. Usually, this traditional window brings rustic or traditional sense at home.

Formerly, the window shutter takes wood as the main material but now people have developed it with other material. By the way, do you know that the exterior window shutters ideas have some types?  The fact is yes and you are here to know it and how to get the right shutters for your window. Let’s do!

4 Types of Exterior House Shutters Ideas


Formerly, people use window shutter because they do not find glass material. Meanwhile, the wood becomes the most widely material which is easy to find. On the other hands, the exterior window shutters ideas really give premium protection from the thief, wild animals, and wind.

At this time, people develop the window shutters use various materials. They use vinyl, faux wood, synthetic foam, and MDF (medium density fiber) without leaving the wood. By the way, Basswood becomes the most famous wood for the shutter material.

Meanwhile, talking about the types of window shutter is important. You might never think about how many types that this old window has. Likely, there are several categories which become the type of exterior window shutter design ideas. However, this post only discusses 4 types that are most popular such as below:



The Bahama shutters have another name of Bermuda shutters where it includes the louvered shutters. It gets repairmen at the top of the window (instead of the sides). People install it to let in light and air also protects homes from storms. Typically, it beautifies ranch, cod, and cottage in tropical regions.

Board and Batton (BnB)


Board and batten or Bnb highlight an Old World and rustic character. The exterior house shutter ideas have a simple construction with a characteristic look. The construction is uniting one-to-three boards together with a thin cross panel. It can go horizontally or at an angle across the shutters. They go best for the Mediterranean, Cape Cod/Ranch, and French Country.

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#7 interiordesignexplained.com

The design of louvered shutters has angled slats to allow air and light to pass through. It also has a more defined look than the more low-key panel shutters. Typically, it works best on homes that are ornate, classical or casual. It is such as Victorian, Italianate, Georgian, Cape Cod, Ranch, and Greek Revival. Even, it matches for the Federal and Colonial (operable louvers are common on second floors of these style homes).

Raised Paneled


The last exterior house shutter ideas come from the Raised panel shutters. It looks similar to doors or kitchen cabinets with a single or double raised panel. They blend well with almost any style of home as they have a low profile. People install it in Victorian, Federal, Colonial, Georgian, Cape Cod, Ranch, French Country, and Greek Revival.

Choosing a Durable Shutter


How to choose a durable shutter for home design? If you need the tips about it, it only depends on the materials. Prior, you had read about several materials for the home exterior shutters. Here, you will know them deeper as the tips to get the durable shutters:

1. Faux wood

Faux wood has a stiffness character so it becomes a good candidate for tall or wide shutters. The material that uses in place of wood these cost less than wood. Besides that, it comes in a variety of colors and shapes. Nevertheless, do not poorly make as the joints can fail over time.

2. MDF (Medium Density Fiber)

Usually, people cover MDF with another material like vinyl. Indeed, it looks expensive but cost less than wood and other materials. Apparently, it does not stand up well to water. Even, it over time can swell and sag.

3. Vinyl shutters

It becomes the lowest cost where it is the hollow PVC shutters with unfinished edges and end caps. The exterior house shutter ideas have a plastic appearance and tend to yellow. They are might difficult to clean as time goes by.

4. Synthetic foam shutters

The synthetic foam material looks like wood but cost less. It is water- and fire-resistant with excellent insulating qualities. This material is heavier than wood and cannot get a stain. Thus, it is probably the best option for synthetic shutters.

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5. Basswood

Nowadays, it becomes the most popular wood for shutters, outpacing pine and poplar. These exterior house shutter ideas look more attractive with paint and stain.

Basswood includes a light and flexible material that makes them good for a variety of designs. Unluckily, it does not moisture resistant and they cost more than synthetic shutters.



Size becomes an essential consideration when you want to install the window shutters. Consider from the width of the window and the distance the windows are spaced apart.

Commonly, you should find a single width that works for all of your windows. The best width is between 25% and 33% of the total width of your window including the window trim.

How to Select Exterior House Shutters Ideas Colors


Do the exterior house shutter ideas need color? Color is a taste for the people where you can let it natural for your window shutter. However, it does not matter if you want to add some colors.

As long as the color is appropriate, it keeps adding the aesthetic of the house. If you really want to do it, you may add color according to the second aspects below:

Based House Colors 

#21 pinterest.com

You surely want your shutter colors to work well with your exposing brick, siding, rock, or paint. Consequently, you should evaluate your home’s exterior at different times of day to see the color variations in a different light. Take photos of the exterior at different times of the day and from various angles to get a good color memory.

Based House Style


Now, look to your home whether it is more traditional or contemporary. Traditional-style homes often look best with classic white or black exterior window shutter color ideas. Meanwhile, the house with more contemporary or modern often handles the window shutters with bolder hues. It is such as bright red or vibrant blue.

Well, those are the types and tips to install the exterior house shutters ideas. You must know the knowledge about it well especially the materials and the colors. Absolutely, all information above is important to use them as the guidance to install the nice window shutters. Good luck!

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