Finished Basement Ideas That Go One Step Further

Finished basement ideas do not always appear old sense. Apparently, this natural furniture item comes with more flexible function.

It is ready to complete the modern, rustic, contemporary, and other home designs. 10 awesome finished basement ideas will prove the statement above.

Is it complicated? No! You do not necessary to spend much money and use the wooden material on all sides. These pictures teach you how to highlight your basement appearance in cheap and simple. Yeah, only with the finished wood material in one or some side. Let’s see it!

Open Finished Basement Ideas

Open Finished Basement Ideas for 2019 trends. Beautiful finished basement ideas that you can use as family room

Open finished basement come with contemporary style. The architecture involves two functions here with a modest sitting area and natty corner home library.

In the sitting area, the architecture highlights with a finished coffee table. Here, the table is able to steal sight item because it has a bold color. Such as you see, the appearance is braver than the other natural furniture item and paint color. Thus, the nuance of the finished basement ideas open concept looks festive.

Gym Basement Ideas with Masculine Finished Ceiling

Gym Basement Ideas with Masculine Finished Ceiling that suite for sport lover. Do sport in your own basement without going to gym anymore.

At glance, there is no special for this small basement beside the modern style. It exposes light grey and white color theme and some sophisticated gym equipment.

However, the story will change after you raise your head up. The gym basement ideas have a little bit surprised from the masculine finished wood ceiling. A dark brown espresso wood beam color adds a special sense without disturbing the modern feel. Look! How exotic the idea for the gym is.

Deluxe Finished Basement ideas with Open Wood Floor

Deluxe finished basement ideas look elegant with the finished wood floor and shady lighting ideas. The combination of the warm wooden floor and the luxury classic design provides a comfortable nuance.

Moreover, there is a small kitchen bar with wooden material. The present of the bar, of course, add interest to all people to stay here longer. Indeed, the basement with kitchen bar warm the room naturally.

Home Office

Some people who need high focus like to work in the quite room. In fact, the basement is the right choice for that and you can design realize it. Cool finished basement ideas present a trendy home office furniture and desk.

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Such as you see, the basement with exposed brick wall shows a stylish corner bench, corner desk, and decorative shelves. Definitely, the cool ideas for finished basement make you more spirit to work.

Finished Basement with Bold Industrial Ceiling

Find your inspiration with Scandinavian style! Many people get inspiration for their living through the white color which always dominates the theme.

The Scandinavian basement ideas. here also comes with a refreshing ambiance. The neutral white color looks in wood stair and some furniture. Although, it looks to dominate the stunning black industrial ceiling from metal spread a brave sense. So, the black and white basement ideas which are identic in Scandinavian style area really chic and charming.

Cozy Basement Ideas

The cozy basement ideas are suitable for a small area which want to appear stunning. Such as you see, this room has a creative finished wood coffee table.

By the way, the design of the table differs from the first coffee table. It comes more unique three pieces of table tops. Each table top has a different shape and size. Then, it forms a decorative tabletop along with the mini rack. As your information, the small cozy basement ideas look usual without this coffee table.

Home Theatre with Sweet Finished Floating Shelf

basement home theater room

Besides it is suitable for work, people often decorate their basement for entertainment. So, they often put kitchen bar and home theatre in their basement.

Seemly, there is something appealing in this basement home theatre. It comes from the sweet floating finished shelf. Apparently, that furniture design gives a natural accent and ready to warmth your togetherness. Follow these simple home theatre ideas for basement and enjoy your movie!

Finished Basement Decor with Bar

finished basement with bar

Present the rustic home bar in your finished basement decor! Do it easily without a high budget by following this image. Such as you see, there is a mini kitchen bar from the rustic-finished wood furniture set.

Here, this kitchen set mixes with the white stone countertop and white brick wall panel. Besides that, the architecture adds the finished basement kitchen ideas with the exotic pendant lamps and wall TV.

Man Cave Game Room

Man cave basement ideas for a game room. The design looks more attractive in these basement game room decorating ideas

The next is about the basement ideas for a game room. This place will be best basic for playing the game. You can put your billiard pool and a large wall TV cable to see your favorite sports programs. However, the awesome sense of the basement does not come from various games and facilities.

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A curved white finished wood ceiling looks more attractive in these basement game room decorating ideas. Surely, it contributes to the uniqueness of the room and adds your passion to play the game all day.

Small Finished Basement

small finished basement

The last, you get the small finished basement for living room. It looks natty and tempting with dominant white color. Even though, the simple square finished wood coffee table success to steal each guest sight.

The small finished basement floor plan is very easy but the result is real. Moreover, it mixes with the glossy finished wood beam on the wall. Fantastic.

Okay, those are 10 finished basement ideas which are ready adorn your basement and your home. Good luck!


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Best finished basement ideas that you can apply to your small basement, man cave game room, family room, gym room, bar, or home theater basement.


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