front yard landscaping ideas

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas – There is a saying. “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. In housing context, we all know the saying is a bit true.

In fact, we CAN judge a house by looking at its front yard landscaping. The prettier it is; the more value the property is going to get.

Moreover, front yard is the face of the house. It should be decorated with creative, unique and distinguished ideas. The idea may incorporate the elements of nature, such as flowers, plant and rocks.

Meanwhile, the design ranges from simple to luxurious depends on home owners’ preferences. Here are some ideas for front yard landscaping that you may like!


Top 53 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas to Inspire You

In color context, a calm natural color like grey needs to be balance with a darker, bold color like navy blue.

The contrast between the wall and the window boxes is eye-pleasing. That alone is entertaining to the eyes of the passersby; moreover, the floral decoration creates an impression of cheerful home owners.

Don’t go overboard with the flowers, yellowish green and light purple colors are enough to bring attention. Then, they are placed along the patio’s edges to set boundary from the grass yard. Here are some more ideas to choose!

01. White Window Boxes with Minimalist Floral Decoration

Front yard landscaping is commonly filled with flowers decoration. In this idea, the flowers are planted on the ground instead of pots.

Other than colorful flowers, owners also use real plants to balance them out.

Not only that the flowers and plants decorate the ground, as seen, they are also placed on the box outside the window.

This look is simple, yet it is pretty at the same time. Perhaps, the simplicity will reduce maintenance cost.

02. An Side-tilted Bowl Front Yard Idea

Flowers and plants are common decoration for a front yard landscape. To add more uniqueness, home owners can utilize a large bowl like this.

The bowl is placed in the middle and the position is a bit tilted to one side. Moreover, rock can be a beautiful ornament to complement the bowl, for instance, the rocks are placed all around it to create rough surface.

As seen, the contrast between brownish grey on the rocks and green on the plants shows a rather simple landscape idea, but different.

03. Flowers on A Wheelbarrow Front Yard Decoration

Who knows that an old construction tool like wheelbarrow make an artistic front yard landscape idea? Well, you are looking at the answer below.

The antique wheelbarrow was probably made of wood from many years ago. Instead of throwing it away, utilize it into a pot for the colorful flowers decoration.

Then, place the wheelbarrow in front of other ground-panted flowers to create a unique vintage vibe. To keep the barrow from rolling out, home owners can dig a small space for small rocks to place the barrow on top.

04. Simple Green Landscape Idea

Generally, front of the house is decorated with patio from the end of the grass yard to the front door.

To make the pathway prettier, plants can be added on every inch of the patio’s edges. As seen in this idea, home owners cut the plants in two different methods.

The front plants are cut neatly resulting in an almost perfect shape, while the back is grown wildly. This idea accentuates green color against the white color, which shows simplicity and elegance at the same time.

05. Beautiful Front Yard Landscaping with Annuals and Evergreens Multi-Season Flowerbed

Property often comes with large front and back yards. Then, the space can be used for decoration to add more value on the property.

However, the kind of decoration has to be thought about. Don’t choose the one that may cost you high maintenance cost.

This idea below utilizes the space on the front yard to plant annuals and evergreens multi-season flowerbed. The flowers last longer than common flowers.

The only maintenance needed is to water them once a day, if it is not raining.

06. Low Maintenance Potted Plants Landscaping Idea

Flowers and plants that are planted directly on the ground require a messy update, for instance, digging the ground and measuring the depth.

To lose such process and create a better plan, potted flowers may be the best answer. The flower is planted on to the pot and then the pot is place on the ground until its lower half is buried.

When home owners ask for a change, they can take out the pot without ruining the consistency of the ground.

07. Succulent Pattern on A Rock Planter

Common pot has that boring bright red color. Some people want something that is more modern and up-to-date.

This idea shows the evolution product of a pot. Instead of using clay-made pot, this pot is made of rocks with a very unique succulent pattern.

The water will run down through it beautifully. Seeing the height of the rock planter, a lot of soil can be put into it for the base.

08. Contrast on the Front Of House

A beautiful house can only be complemented with an equally beautiful front yard landscape idea.

In this idea, the front yard space is decorated with green grass. Therefore, to create contrast, home owners can create a small separated space bounded by brown, rich soil where the plants and flowers go in.

To create a variety among the green, colorful flowers can be planted as well. This idea uses sky-blue, yellowish green and red flowers to elevate the decoration.

09. Getting A Spring Vibe with Clematis in Front Yard

Do you need a floral decoration for the spring? One of many pretty flowers that bloom in the spring is Clematis.

Clematis is available in several colors, such as white, pink or purple. Despite of its prettiness, Clematis is a climbing plant.

That is why it is often cultivated as ornament. To use Clematis as a decoration, create a wooden grid like this one below and place it on the wall surface. Later on, Clematis will climb up the wall.

10. Antique Upcycled Bike For Front Yard Landscaping Ideas with Vintage Style

Bicycle was firstly made over a century ago. To this day, the vehicle is still being made to fulfill a lot of demands from across the world.

However, an antique bicycle which may come from past era is still sought after too. But the purpose is not to ride it, but to use it for decorative value.

This idea proposes an up cycled vintage bicycle as flower pots. As seen, it has two baskets. Each of the baskets is filled up with gunny sack, so you can put soil into it. Then, flowers are planted like usual.

11. Annuals Flower Bed Under The Tree Shade

Commonly, flowers and plants decoration is used exactly in front of the porch or under the windows. This time, these annuals flower beds are planted around a tall tree.

It can’t be denied that sometime home owners want to have a large tree on the front yard to create a space with a nice shade.

But the tree alone may give the impression that the house is boring. This idea can create a balance between the tree and the grass. Moreover, simple patio can be placed to emphasize the edges of the circular shade.

12. Simple Industrial Cinderblock Planter Bed For Front Yard Landscape Design

Perhaps, floral decoration and ornament are a bit too outdated for your taste. Then, maybe this will do.

This idea is composed of industrial cinderblock as the pot, and industrial things are considered to be more modern than the common floral-on-the-ground front yard decoration.

The cinderblocks are stacked in such order that it creates creativity and uniqueness like this.

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13. Sidewalk Minimalist Garden for Front Yard Landscaping

The pathway that leads to the front porch is already made beautifully. The only thing that is missing from this landscape idea is the additional decoration.

At the right side of the pathway, which is the boundary between the patio and the windows, there are some plants on the ground which will give the house more value.

Home owners can be more creative by planting more flowers with different colors, so the house will appear more cheerful than before.

14. Hydrangeas and Hostas Flower Beds Under the Windows Landscape Idea

There are a lot of kinds of flowers appropriate for front yard decoration. Other than Clematis the climbing plant, Hydrangeas and Hostas become the second best flowers chosen to beautify the house’ front appearance.

Their soft white and light green colors represent elegance and simplicity at once. With low maintenance, these flowers can be one of your greatest options to decorate the front yard.

15. A Mini Ecosystem For Front Yard Landscaping Idea

A lot of people go simple with landscape design. Many of the designs here show simplicity in which a small part of front yard is taken to create a horizontal or circular decoration styles.

However, if you are a fan of going-all-out, then this may work for your style. This idea involves a huge collection of flowers and plants with colorful choice of colors and a long space in the middle designed to imitate a stream.

Overall, this front yard design looks like a mini sustainable environment.

16. Clay-made Mediterranian Style Front Yard Style

Home owners often have personal inspiration before constructing a front yard landscape. One of the most popular styles is Mediterranean style.

The style incorporates a very unique Mediterranean water fountain which can be made of clay.

To strengthen the Mediterranean atmosphere, home owners can create a circular space around the fountain for various colors of baby breath flowers.

17. Low Maintenance Front Yard Design

To have various flowers and plants decorating the front yard and guiding guests to find the entrance is one of the most creative ways to add value to the property as well as to please the eyes of home owners and passersby.

However, it will require constant maintenance which may lead to a high cost. Some owners, especially new couples, want to avoid such event.

Therefore, this idea can be the option owners have been looking for. This easy treatment only asks for evergreen trees to give the yard a distinguished look than a common, flat land.

18. Neatly Organized Planted Beds With A Rock Statue Idea

A spacious front yard can be utilized as a small entering garden to the house, if only the owners dare to do so.

The pathway is created in a zig zag manner to make it more interesting.

On every side, flowers and plants are placed nicely. As an additional ouch, a stone crushed rock planted bed is installed.

19. Rustic Log Planters on the Front Yard

No matter where you live, on the suburb or the feet of the mountains, you can always use rustic logs as yard decoration.

The scenery below shows a mountain atmosphere, so the log fits perfectly with the rest of the view. But the log will also fit other type of sceneries as long as it is placed and decorated appropriately.

Firstly, take the rustic log and make an opening. The opening is used to fill in the flowers.

Make sure that they have different colors to contrast the ‘dying’ grey on the log. To make the log stable, use another wood and place it under one of the ends.

20. Hanging Petunias on the Front Porch Idea

If you don’t have spacious front yard, it is okay. You can be creative by hanging some of the Petunias flowers.

As seen below, the porch is facing directly to the mini garden, while the garden is filled with Petunias. In the middle, there is rocks fountain which streams water creating a mini waterfall.

The sound of the water gives relaxing and refreshing feelings. Moreover, the hanging flower pots are a plus to the overall idea.

21. California Desert Landscaping Idea Without Cactuses

A lot of front yard landscape ideas corporates the style of common suburb decorations with a lot of different colors and a mini waterfall.

This one offers an out of ordinary experience with a desert landscape idea. Desert is commonly associated with cactus, but it is too dangerous, especially houses full of kids.

Sometime, adults can be reckless too. To avoid such danger, desert plants planted on this idea are grasses, wildflowers, trees and maybe one or two palm trees.

22. A Simple Tree Stump Planter Landscaping Idea

A giant tree provides shades to the house and the shades are useful for summer when home owners need a space to hide from the sun.

But too large of a tree can cause damage on raining or stormy season; therefore, a lot of owners decide to cut it off to its stump.

Don’t worry; there is always a silver lining. The stump is actually a great front yard landscape idea, because it can be transformed into a tree stump planter seen below.

Owners may polish the wood as well to create a shiny effect on the tree.

23. Easy-to-maintain Coleus and Hosta Flower Beds

Making a flower bed is one of the most popular front yard landscaping ideas, because they are directly planted on the soil which lower the maintenance cost.

If it is raining, home owners don’t have to go outside and water them. These plants are great, because they can live through three days of no watering.

They are Coleus and Hosta. Planting them directly on the soil also creates a natural look to the house.

24. Stylish Front Yard Landscape Idea with A Pop of Colors

If the previous idea seems like the design comes out of nowhere, which means it looks very natural. This idea offers otherwise.

The patio is structured very neatly and the garden beds are filled with colorful planters which please the eyes of everyone who sees them. The tidiness of this design looks relaxing, giving out the feeling of coming home.

25. Mini Mail Box Shades Flowerbeds Front Yard Idea

In general, trees’ shades are common place to put flower beds as seen on previous ideas. However, this time, the tree is out of the picture. The flower beds are planted under the mini mail box.

While the mini mail box serves its own function to receive mails, the white contrast of the pole against the colorful flowers give passersby a satisfaction and home owners a proud feeling.

26. Japanese Meditation Idea for Front Yard Decoration

Sometime, home owners choose a very specific landscape idea, such as this simple Japanese style.

The style has a very strong Japanese feeling due to the stone path, the trees, the stone tower, and the bamboo fence.

This idea is appropriate for those who admire Japanese culture too much. Even more, this type of porch is suitable for meditation.

27. Suburban Front Yard Decoration Idea

Pleasant feeling can be obtained through a nice view, such as this traditional rock edged flowerbed. The bed is filled with fertile soil and then the plants are planted nicely.

Later on, the plants will fully grown and cover the entire space on the soil. This idea is the most common front yard landscaping, utilizing the space by stacking rocks into a giant flowerbed.

This becomes low maintenance landscape, because the watering is centered to this one place only.

28. Block Beds Idea for Front of the House Landscape

First of all, let’s talk about the castle looking block beds landscape idea in this one. The blocks have this old castle on the hill feeling.

They are stacked perfectly and measured very rightly resulting in such balance which pleases the eyes of everyone who’s looking at it.

It almost seems like even without the plants, the tiered block beds would still make the front of the house amazing. But this one offers the view of the plants to calm the roughness of the blocks.

29. Creative Plant Hanger on A Signpost with Vintage Style Front Yard Landscaping Idea

Some people hate the fact that they need to spend some time to maintain the front yard garden every now and then.

If you are one of those people, then this idea may be the answer to your prayer. To create an artistic view, paint your post number on a signpost like this.

Then, hang the plant like the following picture. This will minimize maintenance cost and time all at one, since the amount of flowers is limited only to this hanging pot.

30. Modern Style Front Yard Landscape with Mounted Lightings

To create an artistic look doesn’t always require a lot of colorful flowers or different sizes of plants.

This idea proposes a smart way to make the front yard landscaping looks modern and aesthetic.

By using light course, home owners are creatively install light fixtures in certain points.

At night, the light luminesce the trees’ side profiles creating an intimate ambiance of the garden.

31. A Destroyed Rustic Wagon for Front Yard Decoration

Potted plants are so common that everyone has them. If you want to have something different and unique for your front yard landscape idea, this one is a must try.

This idea utilizes an old, rustic wagon which has a rooster ornament on the front. You just have to choose a nice spot to place the wagon, and then find the best kind of flowers that you want to put in to it.

In this one, colorful baby breath flowers may fit your entire front yard landscape.

32. Solid Stepped Beds for Front Yard Landscaping Idea

There are two kinds of landscaping ideas, traditional and modern. This one is a modern front yard landscape idea which shows off its stepped beds.

The stepped beds are filled with common grass which complements the greyness of the beds.

The modern style beds don’t utilize rocks or blocks, because they have precise structure and they have no pattern or motif on the surface, since modern is usually related to simplicity and single color.

33. Creative Sprouting Stump with Flowers Idea for Front Yard

Do you have a tall tree on the front yard which you have cut off and left its stump?

Don’t waste the opportunity to make something creative out of it; for instance, using the stump to plant your favorite flowers like the following idea.

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The flowers’ roots are attached to the stump’s surface. Not only that this idea seems creative, but also it takes a few moments for passersby to actually think if there is such thing as stump gives birth to flowers.

34. Fancy and Easy Maintenance Flowerbeds

Rainbow color is the best option. The variety of colors existing within this landscape idea is intriguing. It really is bringing out the joy of the house.

As seen, the brick wall behind the flowers is painted with light grey color which can give out the impression of boring.

That is why; the colors on the flowers are brought to balance it out, making the entire landscape seems lively.

35. Climbing Pink Roses for Front Yard Landscape

The common entrance of a house is patio which leads guests directly from front yard to the front door.

It is easy to stand out of the crowd and to be different; for example, installing this arbor, or small gate at the entrance.

The gate itself is painted white. To add contrast to the white, home owners can choose variety of colors.

This time, the white looks great when it is balanced with soft pink from the roses. Other than looking different, this idea looks extremely beautiful too.

36. Mounted Lightings Hidden on the Flowerbeds Idea

Front yard landscaping doesn’t always have to come with colorful flowers or stacks of rocks and blocks.

This idea proposes discreet flower bed lighting to create an ambience. The lightings are mounted on the ground behind the dark green bushes.

The lights will illuminate the tree when night comes and it will create an artistic show.

37. Low Maintenance Mediterranean Centerpiece Idea

To create a Mediterranean landscape, home owners need a lot of space for the clay water fountain and everything which perhaps require a high maintenance.

To lower the price, this idea comes up with the solution that is to tackle the cost from choosing the right kind of plants.

You can definitely plant some palm trees on the bed. They don’t require a lot of maintenance, because they are originally come from dry places like desert.

38. White Picket Fencing Decorated with Climbing Soft Pink Roses Landscape Idea

Fencing is important for security issue, but that is not the only case, because fence serves decorative purpose as well.

As seen on the picture below, the fence around the front yard is installed with picket fencing style. Moreover, the fence is painted in white color which is the symbol of modern simplicity.

But it will be boring if it is only white, so the soft pink roses are vined through every gap of the fence and the other flowers, such as lavender and baby breath are planted on the ground.

The combination of the colors looks astounding and makes a perfect front yard landscape idea.

39. A Mini Waterfall for Front Yard Decoration

Subtropical landscape is known for its tall trees, various plants and flowers and a ton of waterfall.

To create similar environment on the front yard, home owners need to give it all out; for instance, the mini waterfall is created almost similar to its actual representation.

Moreover, owners can install a small bridge in front of it to add more tropical value. In addition, the patio’s edges are decorated with various subtropical plants based on preference.

Overall, this front yard landscape idea will create a relaxing atmosphere when summer comes.

40. The Mixture of Stone and Iron Bowl Landscape Ornament

Combining iron and stone would never look this good; the perfect fit between the iron bowl and the stacked stone in this idea is just overwhelming.

The color of the stone is soft, calm and traditional, while the iron is rustic and a little bit industrial.

The great thing about this idea is neither the iron nor the stone takes the attention. Both elements become the centerpiece of the landscape idea.

41. Modern Idea for A Small Front Yard Space

Front yard space may be the first thing that neighbors will see when they pass your house; therefore, it has to have certain characteristics and styles to emphasize its existence among the other front yards in the neighborhood.

Who doesn’t want a stand out front yard landscape? From traditional to modern, front yard landscaping ideas are infinite. The limit is only ourselves. As seen, this idea is very modern, because it is very simple.

The grass is cut in certain shape and the plants are placed in several points. The combination between green, white and grey colors is perfectly matching.

42. Dark Wood Flowerbed Coffins Landscape Idea

Do you have a spacious front yard? Make use of every inch of the space using this bedding idea. This may take some spaces on the yard, but that seems not to be the problem since there are a lot of spaces.

The bedding is made in square shape and is placed on preferable spots. Moreover, the structure can be made from various materials, such as clay, blocks or woods.

This idea clearly uses the dark wood which matches with the ground. After that, soils are added up for the plants to grow.

43. Continental Style for A Small Front Yard Space

Becoming more creative with this front yard continental-style design; the patio starts from the entrance gate by the street and ends at the front door.

It is indeed a pretty patio. Then, the patio is accompanied by a continental front yard garden.

This landscape creates a modern vibe compared to the ordinary flower beds or climbing plants on wall surface.

44. California Desert Front Yard Landscape Idea With Cactuses

When we were children, we used to watch cartoon with desert as its setting and the characters were deceived by a fake oasis because they were so thirsty.

The oasis consists of several of cactuses, trees and other desert plants. The idea on this front yard landscape is to imitate that scenery.

As seen, there are a lot of cactuses on the landscape; therefore, this idea is suitable for houses near desert like in Australia, because it matches with the environment.

45. Structured Brick Cement Flower Beds for Front Yard

The front yard in this idea is decorated with rocks beds in which colorful flowers are blooming.

This is a perfect idea for a front yard, because the size is very considerable which means that it doesn’t take a lot of spaces.

The bedding doesn’t take the entrance too which is great news. This petit nation estate style for front yard is appropriate for those of you who live in a rather close-by neighbor house.

46. Mini Tropical Island Front Yard Landscaping Idea

Before you think that this front yard landscaping is too crowded, let’s take a walk in the area. At the corner, you see that there is a small decorative pool with a few colorful balls for meditative purpose.

Beside the pool, a circular patio is placed vertically to lead home owners or guests to the other side of the yard. Alongside, there are plentiful of plants.

If you take a closer look, there are some lawn chairs for relaxing too. This idea offers fresh air as well as privacy.

47. Rocky Flowerbeds with Cement Patio For Front Yard Landscape

This ranch house has a spacious front yard and the home owners utilize the space by planting several of colorful flowers and other water-wise plants.

In between the front yard garden, there is a cement walk path which leads to the side and garage door. In detail, the plants are accompanied by rocks to create natural effect.

48. Mini Garden on An Antique Wine Barrel

Wine is a nice drink for a relaxing evening, but do you know that you can use the barrel for gardening?

Well, it may not come across your thought, but here is the idea. Find an old wine barrel which you can re-polish to make it brand new.

Then, cut it in half like this. After that, fill it with fertile soil and plant the green stuff right away. To hold the barrel, you can customize a pile of woods.

49. Antique Wagon Wheel for Industrial Front Yard Decoration

If you are a fan of rustic, industrial design, this idea may be the answer for your prayer. By utilizing an old, antique wagon wheel, your front yard will look better than before.

The rustic wheel gives the house a vintage appearance. To add more artistic value, you can plant some flowers around the wheel, so it looks like the wheel is abandoned, while in fact it is not.

50. Colonial House with Spring Cottage Garden Idea

A spacious front yard should have been made into a beautiful garden. This kind of view will refresh the eyes and the mind every morning.

When you wake up and open up the window, the view of blooming flowers is welcoming you.

Even though the garden may require a high maintenance, it is worth the view.

51. Flowerbeds Beside Stairway for Front Yard Idea

What is the most appealing front yard decoration home owners need to think about?

Well, this may not be the sole answer, but it definitely is pleasing the eyes of passersby.

The simplicity of the design is mesmerizing. The stairs which lead the guests to the door is a really nice touch, because then home owners can decorate the stairway with colorful flowers.

52. Luxurious Front Yard Sidewalk Landscaping Idea with Wall Scones

Commonly, pathway is straight from the end of the yard to the front door; however, this one is made differently.

The colonial style house prefers to have a sidewalk to lead the guests to the entrance.

Along the pathway, guests can see beautiful floral decoration under the elegance window boxes.

Moreover, the mounted light fixtures on the entrance wall add up the fabulousness of the house.

53. Tropical Dream House with Magnificent Front Yard Pathways Landscaping Idea

A luxurious property, like this mansion, comes with a spacious area for garden decoration.

Look at this one! The appearance of the front yard is magnificent. The light fixtures mounted on the entrance are amazing. The ambiance illumination of the lights really brings out a specific mood.

Moreover, the front yard garden makes the house looks very tropical. This is an amazing mansion which can also be utilized for a vacation house on a tropical island.

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