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Fabulous Hacienda Style Homes Ideas, Decoration Tips & Paint Color Guide

Tips to Build Hacienda Style Homes which Strong with Mexican and Spanish Cultures – Hacienda Style Homes – Home design always comes with extraordinary development from time to time. There are modern, contemporary, futuristic, rustic, antique, industrial, and so on. Some styles come from the current area.

As the example is Hacienda Style Homes where it comes from a small city in Mexico. Nowadays, it becomes the traditional architecture that sticky with beautiful scenery around it.

This post will describe the Hacienda Style Homes plans from the living room until the patterns. If you want to present a new different antique sense, you can follow these tips.

Hacienda Style in Your House Room

The Living Room


The Hacienda Style Homes combine between the Mexican and Spanish culture. So, it always results in a stunning outlook even since in the entrance area. You must have this small space for shoes, coat, hat, and umbrella. Here, you can set some furniture items from wood and m. Then, add a unique pendant lamp in Spanish style where it is a chandelier with glass screen and iron frame.

Meanwhile, the living room often looks dark because of the original wood paint color. Nonetheless, you may make the opposite with adding a white color on the wooden beam ceilings. If you do not really like the formal atmosphere, live it with a series of patterned pillows. Of course, your Hacienda in your living room ideas will be more exciting.

The Kitchen


Remodel the kitchen area does not easy because it has a lot of parts appearing complicated decoration. Hopefully, the reason does not reduce your desire to have an amazing Hacienda Style in the kitchen. Insert this style with subtle smooth tones without getting rid of timeless elements such as corniced cabinets and islands. You can do this through a bell-shaped hood, and butcher block countertops. By the way, Hacienda Style kitchen decor still offers other options from copper, iron details and abundant ceramics.

The Dining Room


The next is to decorate your dining room with Hacienda Style. Apparently, you only need 3 steps to finish all. Firstly, select a large and good wood farm table. Then, the appearance of comfort in each of your togetherness with your family with the following ideas. Decorate the floor with carpet or serape, color, pattern, and layers. Place it right under the table to avoid spills or stubborn drinks. Third, hanging a large lantern or chandelier from iron or bronze. This is almost the same as the type of lamp in the entrance way. Okay, happy dinner with eclectic Hacienda style dining room sets.

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The Bedroom


How will you realize the Hacienda style of bedroom ideas? Remember, this Mexican living design gets a strong influence from the Spanish culture.  Therefore, you should be careful and highlight the style properly in your bedroom. Show the nuances of a Spanish country house in your study by introducing coarsely carved wood into patterned textiles.

Then, start decorating your bed in a simple way. You can do this by making a fake bed head by supporting the room divider to the wall. Add side tables, colored bed linen, and carpet the floor. Choose embroidery motifs, Native American geometric prints, and even patterns from North Africa for these accessories

The Bathroom


A bathroom that will complement your interior design looks neat. This is because the Hacienda Style Homes choose the minimalist idea to highlight the bathroom. White color scheme, seemly, not only paint the wall. However, it beautifies the simple wooden vanity sink and the door. So, where does the style of this unique traditional accent? The Hacienda Style bathroom shows it through the patterned rug, trash barn, bench, mirrored wall cabinet, and display.

The Backyard


You should know that the Hacienda Styles Homes are identical with tile. This material always adorns the kitchen backsplash and the bathroom floor. Apparently, tile is not only for interior design. You may install it in your backyard while combines with worn-out wooden tables and benches. Choose the hand-painted tile for this Hacienda style backyard and perfect the bench with several cushions.

The Courtyards


After decorating the backyard, let’s go on the courtyard. You are going to build this Hacienda-style courtyard with towering walls and some supporting accessories. Create a calming oasis through the flowering vines, arches, carved stone columns, tranquil fountain, and tempting palm pools. The Hacienda style Homes still need stone, soil, wood, and tile textures to reveal highlight the characters. The outdoor architecture of this page takes material, design, and texture from the geographical location and available natural resources.

Hacienda Interiors


If you pay attention to the prior descriptions, you surely understand how to decorate the interior spaces. You can create your Hacienda style for your home according to the above tips. On the other hands, you may use the real style which uses the dark tone from wood, metal, stone, and tile. Those all depend on your desire to make your Hacienda style interior decor. It does not matter as long as the sense of the Spanish or Mexican style keep stand out.

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Hacienda Color


Discover the color of paint reflecting the elegance of the countryside from the region of the old Mexico. Traditional Mexican colors present in the hacienda and centuries-old colonial houses in the country. Nowadays, it is not difficult to find the colors that really describe the real Hacienda Style Homes. The most important thing you know what colors that become the character of the style. Generally, Hacienda Style color uses neutral hues such as white, dark brown, and so on.

Hacienda Pattern


Absolutely, this page has mentioned a little about Hacienda patterns. There are numerous patterns describing Hacienda Style. Those all get influence from Mexico, Spanish, Africa, and the US.

What is your opinion about the Hacienda Style Homes and do you interest to build? The point is this home design or style comes from the area which has ever been once a colony by Spain. Consequently, the nuance and culture of the company coming from South Europe are very clear. It implies this old home design still exists in other countries not only in Mexico. Thanks for reading!

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