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Tips to Build Handicap Bathroom with ADA 

Handicap Bathroom – Everyone must get the same rights indiscriminately. You surely often read or hear this statement though it sometimes still be a sentence. Okay, it is time to realize with building the Handicap Bathroom ideas.

Nowadays, not many public places provide this type of bathroom. Even so, most entrepreneurs began to realize and began to provide it. Apparently, there are current requirements existing in the ADA (American with Disabilities Act).

This is a law that was approved by Congress in 1990. It contains a federal law handicap bathroom design, public and commercial requirements.


handicap bathroom ideas

All this time, many parts still ignore people with their disability. Indeed, the statement above is clear that human should respect each other indiscriminately. But in reality, there are still many who make that statement only as a theory.

From now, let’s start to see their existence and help them. Give the right place without seeing their disability because it might hurt them too. Building the handicap bathroom is the right step to fulfill their need in public places or office. Certainly, ADA also serves as a general guide to safe and user-friendly designs.


handicap bathroom requirements

Anything your plan, budget always becomes number one emerging in your brain. It is as everything cannot run without cost. Recently, you need to spend less than $ 10.250 but you must be able to qualify for a tax credit.

By the way, it will be up to 50 percent of your handicap bathroom budget. Okay, that is the estimation cost if you want to make it for your employees. In addition, these are the public places that have to provide this bathroom:

  • Restaurant
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Cinema
  • Performance Hall
  • Doctor’s office
  • Drugstore
  • Retail Company
  • Museum
  • Library
  • Public school
  • Private school
  • garden
  • Child Care Center
  • Bank
  • Insurance agent


elderly bathroom

Commonly, the style of the handicap bathroom is not too different from the general types. However, the height of the appliances or furniture set must be affordable. The shower room should be flexible for a wheelchair.

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The disability people keep able to reach the sink, towel grab, tissue, and the bathroom cabinet well. Clearly, it is reachable for them though they sit on their wheelchair.


accesible bathroom

Although the bathroom for disability is not large, in fact, it keeps needing good thinking. Even, the concept design for the handicap bathroom is more complicated than the common sanitary rooms.

Disabled people must be able to access their bathrooms very well. The room must be large enough to accommodate a wheelchair and provide enough space to rotate the chair. Apparently, the ADA (American with Disabilities Act) also determines the configuration of equipment in the room so that they can easily reach anything in the bathroom.

Handicap Bathroom Plan

handicap bathroom floor

Handicap Bathroom Floor Plan

For your information, this type of bathroom requires a minimum floor size of 30 inches 48 inches. Handicap bathroom ideas can provide advanced or parallel access to bathroom equipment. You can place part of the area under the equipment. However, as long as there was enough room for the knees and legs of people in wheelchairs.

Handicap Bathroom Door

Next, a discussion about accessing the bathroom door. The bathroom must have a door that is wide enough for a standard wheelchair without obstacles.

A type of handicap bathroom that has an open and straight entrance, the door must be at least 32 inches. Conversely, if the bathroom requires a door of at least 36 inches if in the hallway. Halini because the wheelchair must rotate to enter the room.

Handicap Bathroom Bar

According to ADA, you have to mount the handle of the bar horizontally. In addition, make sure you choose a material with a smooth and easy to grip surface. Then, the installation location must be on the closest wall or partition.

Handicap Bathroom Sink

For handicap bathrooms, the sink must be at an appropriate level for access and defective operation. This facility must have a length of exit from the back wall with a minimum of 17 inches. In addition, it also has an open space below it with a minimum distance of 29 inches from the lower apron to the floor.

The distance between the floor space and the sink must be 30 inches and 48 inches. The reason is that the wheelchair fits under the direct approach. To facilitate hand washing, the handicap bathroom sink dimension must be no more than 34 inches and 2 inches. This size is between the front edge of the cabinet edge and the sink bowl.

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Handicap Bathroom Vanity

In this bathroom,  the sink must on the wall without a cabinet to provide open knee space. Then, you can install a single grip faucet or a handsfree faucet with a sensor in the handicap bathroom vanity. Place the mirror with a lower height. Use sturdy furniture to hold on when you cannot reach the support around it.

Handicap Bathroom Toilet

Handicap bathroom design determines the toilet seat must be between 17 and 19 inches from the floor. Meanwhile, the urinal is no more than 17 inches. The flush grip on both fixtures is not higher than 44 inches from the floor. The location must also be on the side of the most accessible unit in your handicap bathroom toilet layout. If you use a booth to close the unit, the minimum width of the kiosk is 60 inches. It should be enough to access equipment from the front or side. Add a safety grip or support bar on both sides of the toilet or urinal.

Accessible Shower

Take a shower for disability, of course, different from the normal people. The handicap bathroom should provide shower chairs that are 17 “to 19” high. Then, the shower must be 36 “wide for someone who uses a transfer seat and is 60” wide for a wheelchair.

In conclusion,  people must not be selfish and consider themselves the most perfect. Appreciate them without the impression of being underestimated because people with disabilities still have the same rights. Do it like a handicap bathroom design that serves them wholeheartedly. Follow the tips above for your special employees. Good luck!

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