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Magnificent Key West Style Homes Ideas That Inspiring Your Mind

Key West Style Homes: The Harmony of Warm and Wonderful for live Peacefully  – Have you ever heard or visited Key West, Florida? This small island and city in the Florida Strait have a unique story about the home design.

The Key West style homes are an architecture describe a harmonious of life. It combines between the warmth and nature in one wonderful environment. Typically, the design owns raised foundations, shady porches, and numerous windows to flow the air freely. The Key West style home plan feature a cupola and an open concept floor plan.

Key West Style Must Have Elements

How to build a comfortable house with Key West Style? It is not difficult to realize and you should make it. Imagine! You will stay in a nice living with a fresh and natural view around.

For your information, the Key West style homes are the same as the beach house plan and coastal house plan. However, you may not build it carelessly as it has 12 main elements which are very essential. Here, what to do:

1. Front Porch Panache

The porch is an important place to watch the world. It has a typical Key West style with Carpenter Gothic balustrades, shutters, and light blue ceilings.

2. Cuban Flavor

Cuba is a Key West neighbor at just 94 miles from the southernmost tip. It shares a history of Spanish settlement and ongoing cultural influence. Bringing a taste of Cuba into a room can be with framing the distinctive artwork from a cigar box top. Then, there are cruelty-free resin or metal fish sculptures.

3. Palm Fronds

The palm fronds will decorate the Key West style home with amazing effect. You might only put two fronds have in light and airy kitchen. Apparently, it is able to soothe your eyes and breath.

4. Woven Ceiling Fan

A tropical-style fan with woven blades will add Keys texture to the sunroom or porch.

5. Bahama ShuttersThese shutters shade the sun while allowing ventilation. They are a distinctive architectural element in Key West style homes. The Bahama shutters enhance the interior of a porch through the Key West palette. It is the combination of wood tones and soft greens.

6. Fearless Color

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Key Westers use bright colors to create a happy place to party.

7. Outdoor Spaces

It is a good place to infuse with color to bring spring break fever to all of your gatherings.

8. Hammock

Here, you can be swaying on your porch with a rainbow hammock. Take you right back to your vacation days.

9. Fabulous Greens

Greens include a distinctive color in Key West style homes. Create something cool from the soft green of mint, for instance. It will work well with different shades of wood and woven textures. Bringing it into your workspace, so you can enjoy some good luck and happy feeling during facing endless spreadsheets.

10. British Colonial Style

The British seized the Keys from Spanish colonialism in 1762. Apparently, the British also had a great influence on their appearance through furniture styles. Commonly, it is light, small, and easy to move. Bamboo headboards, trunks as chests of drawers, folding chairs, and desks are the samples.

11. Gauzy Canopies

The appearance of the Gauzy canopy was in the 1800s where it was a necessity. In fact, making this canopy is not difficult just by draping white fabric from a bed.

12. Colorful Beach Cruisers

It is better for your body and the environment than mopeds and scooters. This Key West style home decor will make you feel like a kid again and look adorable.

Key West Style Exterior Colors

Such as you read above, the Keys home style prefers like bright colors. It turns out to reflect the exterior parts too. The door itself can use white, black, red, dark green, and a naturally finished wood. The body or siding is appropriate with white, pastels, light gray, beige, or buff. Furthermore, use white or off-white for the exterior trim. On the porch ceiling, paint it with light aqua, light blue, or white.

For the Lattice, paint it with dark green or white. Next, the foundations need natural or gray color. Wood Fences & Gates are suitable in white. Iron Fences & Gates of the Key West style homes look cool with dark green or white.

The masonry Walls & Fences will take white, beige, and gray. By the way, white is also good for railings, balusters & porches. Meanwhile, metal roofing chooses a silver paint color. The asphalt roofing uses gray, white, and black. Then, shutters need white, black, gray, or dark green.

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Key West Style Interiors

What do you think about the interior design of this house style? There are numerous parts inside of the house though it is normal. Of course, it sounds complicated for you but it is only in your mind. The evidence is this page reveal each part in detail such as the following:

The Living Room

Well, the living room decor for the Key West style homes become the highlight in the first time. It carries a faded and fabulous theme from the warm palette of cream, beige, and taupe. Those color are fit for the living room in vintage style. Add some geometric shapes such as honeycomb pattern throw pillows or the trellis pattern rug.

The Kitchen area

Give a modern vintage touch to your kitchen. Make it happen by bringing the tropical island style tile backsplash, capiz shell pendant light fixture, and peanut hardwood floors. A vintage impression will emerge from the dark wood floors, all-white walls, countertops, and cabinetry.

The Dining Room

At this time, it will talk about the dining room design which unites the kitchen and living area. It means the location is in the open Key West style homes floor plan. You can paint it in white with a more spacious feel. Touch the floor and the dining chair pad with turquoise color. By the way, the floor uses treated deck lumber to hold up to the inevitable sand and salt water.

The Bedroom

Next, let move to the bedroom which also presents a vintage sense. Hang gauzy net over the bed to lend a dreamlike quality. Highlight the vintage style using old photos, prints, paintings, books, pottery, and bottles.

The Bathroom

Design your bathroom with a seaside oasis. The bathroom design of the Key West style homes is a piece of cake. Install the louvered shutters, cabinets, provide privacy and filter sunlight throughout the house.

The Backyard with Pool


The backyard design, of course, describes an exceptional nuance with the breeze of the wind. It is because the design of the house adds a lot of plantations. On the other hands, the decorative pools add the aesthetic of the backyard. Certainly, it is so cool!

Well, those are all about the Key West style homes. Many people really admire this living and want to stay here forever. For you, do not miss it!

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