Best Kitchen Countertop Ideas (Quartz, Granite, Marbel, etc) On A Budget with Pictures

Kitchen Countertop Ideas – Countertop has been an essential part of the kitchen. There, it decorates the cabinet furniture and also the kitchen itself.  Now, look at your kitchen and say that it is quite attractive and cozy.

However, try to see these 10 kitchen countertop ideas!  What do you think and what value will you give? Seemly, you need to remodel it with one of them to alive the nuance of the kitchen. Okay, make it as your challenge to create the best kitchen countertop ideas in this year.

Butcher Block Kitchen Counters

Pay attention to the kitchen in this contemporary home design. The owner installs a butcher block kitchen counter above the white wooden cabinet.  Definitely, the brown and white colors on the furniture look harmonious.

On the other hands, the butcher block kitchen countertop is stronger and durable. It is because it always uses thicker wood material so that you can cut or smash the meat safely.

Metal Kitchen Countertop Ideas

Do you want to add a little bit luxuriousness in your kitchen? Apparently, you should not spend much cost to realize it. Quite change the countertop with the stainless steel material. You surely agree that the metal kitchen countertop ideas are able to realize it.

Before you answer the question, the kitchen has proved it. The glowing stainless steel metal for kitchen countertop layers the white counter cabinet. Without the countertop and other metal appliances, kitchen only looks beautiful.

Two-Tone Kitchen Countertops Style

There is never a rule that prohibits you from using two types of countertops at once. Consequently, the house with modern style presents it with two colors. The two tones kitchen area countertop style uses white from the white solid surface material and the brown wood.

Here, they adorn different cabinets such as you see. One of them completes the decoration of the L-shaped kitchen cabinet. Meanwhile, another looks sweet on the minimalist kitchen island. Well, those are how to design with two tones kitchen countertops.

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Best Wood Kitchen Countertops

Absolutely, the kitchen also applies two kinds of countertop but both have the same hue. Clearly, there are brown mosaic tile and wooden countertops. At this time, the wooden kitchen countertop differs from the butcher block design.

Here, it becomes the best idea because the countertop units to the storage cabinets using the same material. Besides the reason, it success bringing a rustic style along with the antique metal faucet. Precisely, take this wooden kitchen counter design if you want to present this old decor.

DIY Kitchen Countertop Square Tiles

If you have more time, why do not you dig your creativity? DIY kitchen countertop square style is ready to lead you until the finish.  You can take a mosaic tile to remodel your countertop.

By the way, you can use install it until the backsplash too. Tile is easy to clean using water and soap. Once more, tile is cheaper than metal and stone material. Even though, installing the mosaic tile for kitchen countertop need a long time. So, be patient!

Granite Kitchen Countertops

Next, there is a fabulous granite kitchen countertop with deluxe sense. The natural pattern of the stone will conjure up your kitchen from the usual to be very beautiful. Definitely, you do not need another evidence again because the kitchen above has shown it.

Here, the kitchen only uses lacquered wooden cabinet. Without the decoration of the granite stone, the kitchen looks far from beautiful or luxurious. However, the material cost is quite expensive. Fortunately, you can change it with the granite tile for kitchen countertop.

Pure White Kitchen Countertops

A shabby chic kitchen style comes in a pure white color scheme. It belongs to the countertop coming from shiny stone material. With appearing the pure white kitchen countertop and cabinets, the room feels so clean and fresh.

Consequently, the design is suitable for you who live in a tropical area. Nonetheless, all people may apply it wherever they are.  It is as the color is flexible for any design and situation. On the other hands, this white kitchen and countertop give an elegant look which is so eye-catching. Do you feel it?

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Grey Laminated Kitchen Countertop

grey laminated kitchen countertop

Giving a luxurious look should not use high-class materials and furniture. It can emerge from the design or decoration. Apparently, they grey laminated kitchen countertop above has received a lot of people. They think that it is a real granite stone but it is only a laminate material.

Nonetheless, the appearance is very perfect and charming. Additionally, installing a laminated kitchen countertop is faster, easier, and cheaper. It might cheaper than the tile granite material.

Marble Countertop with Sink

marble countertop with sink

For your information, marble is also one of the most beautiful stone for the home design. In the kitchen,  it often competes with the granite material. Look at the marble countertop with sink above.  The pattern really fascinating and the white sink perfect the design. Seemly, it does not matter to spend more budget to own this countertop. It is because this white marble countertop with sink also presents a luxuriousness.

Matte Black Countertop Ideas

matte black countertops

The matte black kitchen countertop will close this discussion with a masculine style. Here, you can use granite stone as the material.  Here, it adorns the unfinished wooden cabinet and the dark metal sink. Besides masculine, the matte black countertop option also shows a high-classed sense.

Okay, those are 10 awesome kitchen countertop ideas. In fact, you can create a luxurious design should not use much money. Even though, you may really make it cool suitable to your lifestyle.

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