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Most Affectionate Cat Breeds That Make You Fall in Love

Most Affectionate Cat Breeds – While human race is debating over cat vs dog, we have provided you with news about cats that most people have never heard before.

pinterest.comFirst of all, cats are commonly associated with laziness. It is almost impossible to train a cat or take a cat for a walk, because a cat just doesn’t care. As human beings who always crave for emotional connection, we tend to choose dogs instead.

21 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds in The World

Don’t you know? There are some cats who love snuggling just as much as dogs. Here are 21 most affectionate cat breeds you’d be dying to have!

01. Exotic Shorthair

Do you know that in 1950s, Persian became the most popular cat? But its coat required high and intense maintenance.

To get rid of the long coat, Persian other breeds, such as American Shorthair, British Shorthair and Burmese were crossbred to create Exotic Shorthair.

The characteristics of Exotic Shorthair are 10-12 inches height, 10-12 lb weight, solid body, and a flat face appearance. Like a Persian, Exotic Shorthair is an easy going type of cat. Its temperaments are known to be intelligent and affectionate.

That’s why it’ll know when you need a cuddle to relieve stress or sadness.

02. Abyssinian

Slightly smaller than the Exotic Shorthair, the Abyssinian is only 8-10 inches in height. Even so, the Abyssinian exhibits a more muscular physique and ears that are more alert.

Judging from its physique, the Abyssinian has intense curiosity. It loves to check on every room at the house. Since the Abyssinian is very active, curious and playful, it is a great partner to have fun!

Not only that, the Abyssinian is also a great partner to ask for affection and a lot of interaction. It is the type of cats who loves companions, being with a family is not a problem at all. Would it get in a fight with other cats in the house? No, it wouldn’t!

03. Persian

This breed is the forefather of the Exotic Shorthair, so it isn’t shocking to see a lot of similarities, for example, it can grow to 10 inches and 12 lb, but there is a significant different that is the hair (coat).

The Persian has a long hair, while the Exotic’s long hair gene has been omitted. If you want to have a Persian, you have to be prepared to groom the cat often.

Every time you do that, it’ll be a bonding moment between you and the cat. Isn’t that awesome? The Persian is an affectionate and an easy going cat, but it is also a very shy cat. That’s why it is suitable for apartment or condo living.

Then, what does a Persian need? The answer is your lap. The Persian only needs your lap and it’ll lie there all day.

04. Russian Blue

Is this cat come from Russia? You bet! Coming from the port of Arkhangelsk in Russia, the Russian Blue, or the Archangel Blues, was taken to England and Northern Europe in 1860s.

There, the Russian Blue was then crossbred with Siamese, while in America, the already crossbred Russian Blues from England was again bred with the Scandinavian. As a result, the existing Russian Blues weigh 8-12 lb and 8-10 inches in height. Its physique is lean with fine-boned.

If this is your first time having a cat, Russian Blue is the perfect choice. It is a very gentle cat. Its nature is quiet and a little bit shy.

05. Burmese / Bombay

Burmese is closely similar to American and Exotic Shorthair. It is an intelligent, inquisitive, playful, and mischievous creature. It can be very active, so it is best suited to households with active children.

Burmese’s physique is small-medium and compact, but its size doesn’t stop the Burmese to enjoy the world and having fun!

Fun is the Burmese’s middle name. It’s not a fan of loneliness, so it shouldn’t be left alone for more than a few hours. But you can’t misunderstand its intention to play.

The Burmese is an indoor pet, which means that it’ll follow you as long as you’re inside the house. When you finally sit on the couch, it’ll jump up to your lap almost immediately.

06. Siamese

Do you want a slim muscled body cat? Well, we do have one for ya! This is a Siamese. Its body weight can reach up to 8-10 lb and 8-10 inches in height. It is suitable for families with active children, even though the Siamese usually bonds with only one person.

Even so, the Siamese is an intelligent cat. It is very affectionate, which means that it loves giving you affection. But the Siamese is not a passive, lap-sleepers cat. It loves to play and engages in conversation (talkative).

07. Somali

The most common misconception about cats is that they’re lazy, but this breed will prove it wrong. Somali has a muscular, well-balanced physique. It is not only loyal, curious and attentive, but it is also athletic and energetic.

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You don’t believe it? Wow, how about this, the Siamese is active and it loves to play. Can you imagine? This cat will play with just a bowl of water for hours! A human companionship will be an extra bonus that the cat loves.

A sleep on your lap? Why not! But don’t be too flattered, because it’ll stay there for a while before it goes playing with whatever it finds fun and enjoyable.

08. Ragdoll

Ragdoll can grow up to 9-11 inches and -20 lb in weight. Characteristically, it is a lovable cat. It loves giving affection and it asks for easy maintenance.

A lot of people choose to have Ragdoll around, because it exhibits a great “easy-to-handle” habit, such as being relax, always happy, trusting human, and non-combative. Those traits will lure any human into bringing Ragdoll home.

Who doesn’t want to have a lovable and incredibly easy-to-handle cat?

09. Birman

Talking about the possibly forefather of Ragdoll, Birman is a medium to large, silky-coated cat with 9-10 inches in heaight and 8-12 lb in weight. In its 13-15 years of lifespan, Birman is perfect for families or singles with or without other pets.

Birman is closely similar to other breeds, such as Maine Coon and Siberian, so you will see a lot of similarities among these cats like their temperament, which are gentle, patience and tolerant.

Presumably, these traits come from Birman’s origin as a temple cat at Mount Lugh in Burma. The name “Birman” itself means Sacred Cat of Burma.

10. Manx

The Manx was first discovered in 1810 through an old painting. A lot of people were worried that its original traits had been crossbred throughout time, but it was then believed that Manx was as original as its form in the early 1750.

The Manx’s unique physique is its small/medium body that is considerably short, lack of a tail is also The Manx’s dominant characteristic that’s originated from its isolation on the Isle of Man. Its physique aside, The Manx is adored by a lot of cat people because of its devotion nature.

11. Maine Coon

Maine Coon can be very large and heavy. Its weight can reach up to 25 lb and its height is about 10-16 inches. With a 9-15 years of lifespan, Maine Coon is a very friendly cat, suitable for families that own large yards and love being outside.

Maine’s nature is intelligent, independent and gentle. Due to its intelligence nature, Maine Coon is a curious creature. In short, it always wants to know about pretty much everything.

Sometimes, it becomes intrusive too. If that happens, take it outside and play with water.

12. Sphynx

This affectionate breed named Sphynx can grow up from 8 to 10 inches and weigh 10-12 lb in its 10-15 years of lifespan. Its physique is unique and distinct from common cats, because its body is lean and it has oversized ears that are adorable.

If you have children and other pets, Sphynx will fit in just right, because it is actually best suited for active households. That fact is supported by Sphynx’s temperaments, which are curious, playful and intelligent.

When it is with you, it craves your body warmth. It will jump up to your lap immediately. When you’re feeling sad, it will cheer you up with its energetic behavior, asking you to play with it for hours on end.

13. Scottish Fold/Scottish Straight

This breed has unique facial appearance which differentiates it from other kind of breeds. It has rounded face with folded ears, so its entire face can fit into a whole on the cut-out bread. This cutie can get pretty big that is 6-14 lb, which makes it even cuddlier.

If you want to compare this breed, you can see the resemblance on Chartreux and LaPerm. Those cats have a lot of things in common, especially their temperaments. A cat among those breeds is known to be inquisitive, intelligent and easy going. However, it is also quiet, affectionate and loyal for its human counterpart. It loves your warm embrace. It will welcome your affection and give it back equally to you. How sweet!

14. Tonkinese

Do you want to play hide and seek? It wants to play it with you too! Tonkinese and its active nature will force you to be happy all the time.

The amount of fun it will give you is abundant. When you go to work, it may be sad, but it’ll greet you at the entrance when you come home. Even more, it climbs up the posts to see you from afar.

If you don’t like living alone in a quiet situation, Tonkinese will make a perfect partner, because it loves to talk. At night, if you’re lucky, it tells you about the new gossip of Kim Kadarshian too. Like the whole story of the last season.

15. Kurilian Bobtail

Not only that it is capable of hunting prey in the island’s forest, but it is also able to catch salmon in the water. Its nature of being outside, hunting in packs and actively looking for prey have shaped Kurilian Bobtail into a very friendly, social and extroverted cat. Its social nature will please you who seek for a loving cat that gets along with other pets, including dogs.

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Dogs have the ability to be trained and Kurilian is not losing anything. This breed is highly trainable too. At nights, if it sees your dog gets on the bed with you, there is a 100% chance that it follows your dog too.

16.  Himalayan

Even though its name sounds like it comes from the Himalaya, this affectionate cat breed is actually a crossbred between a Persian and a Siamese.

In the early 1920s, in the U.S and Great Britain, the crossbreeding attempts were successful. Then, to preserve Himalayan’s long hair, it was then again bred with a Persian. Other than its hair, other common characteristics are Himalayan’s medium or large body with a broad chest. It also has similar height and weight sizes, which are 10-12 inches height and 11-13 lb weight.

Breed purposively for house pets, the Himalayan is best suited for owners who are willing to spend a lot of time grooming its long hair.

17. Selkirk Rex

The first thing that comes to mind must be about how cool this cat’s name is! That sounds like a DJ’s name! Well, this cat has as much fun as you would have in a club—energy, enthusiasm etc.

Found in 1987 Montana, Selkirk Rex was bred with a black Persian. As a result, its kittens were curly fur and sturdy bodied. Its fur needs intense maintenance and regular grooming, but its hair isn’t the only thing that needs to be taken care of, its need of cuddling too.

This attentive cat requires your unconditional love. Being alone? Uh, that’s not Selkirk’s strong suit. Being left alone and ignored may be the worst things that it could imagine. If you want Selkirk to brighten up your days, don’t ever leave Selkirk alone!

18. Raga Muffin

Who doesn’t love eating muffin? Well this breed RagaMuffin is a cutie too, even with its large and heavy body (16-20 lb an 9-11 inch).

This breed is suitable for families with children or seniors. It is also okay with Muffin if you have other pets too. This docile breed is an intelligent creature who loves giving affections to its family.

Even though it is very indoorsy, it loves its human companions. Sometimes, its large body makes it harder for Muffin to be extremely active, but it certainly makes a great lap sleepers.

19. Cornish Rex

Is Cornish Rex related to T-Rex? As much as we want to say yes, it’s not—although it would be cool.

The Cornish Rex comes from Cornwall, England. It was found during the 1950s. Its physical characteristics don’t change very much, such as its tight curls, fine-boned, slender body, long legs and huge ears. With body reaches up to 14 inches and weighs 10 lb, Cornish Rex makes a great cuddle buddy.

If you are a family with children, Cornish Rex should be considered too. Some say that Cornish Rex’s appearance will make you think it hates human. It has that look of elegance, aloof and dignified, like an exclusive cat. It turns out that Cornish Rex is a friendly cat. It is extremely humble. Most of the time, it will engage in fun activities like throw and catch.

Overall, it is a happy cat! If you’re looking for affectionate cat, this one will do!

20. Egyptian Mau

If you remember from history class, there were a lot of cats’ images in the Ancient Egyptian pyramids and artifacts. Presumably, Egyptian Mau is the descendant of the Ancient Egyptian’s domestic cats.

It’s actually a small cat with only 7-9 lb in weight, but it’s very muscular and energetic, bordering on athletic. If you want to compare the Egyptian Mau, you can do so with American Shorthair and Ocicat.

Due to its royal nature, Egyptian Mau is a loyal cat. It will devote its life for you once you’re showing signs of affection, but Mau doesn’t give its affection to everyone. It chooses only one among the family, so you need to make sure that it is you. It has a high level of curiosity. Once it is home, it seems like Mau never stop exploring every inch of the house.

21. Devon Rex

Devon Rex has close resemblance to Sokoke and LaPerm. These breeds have small and short bodies with only 10-12 inches in height and 8-10 lb in weight.

During its 9-13 years of lifespan, Devon is suitable for families. Other pets won’t bother Devon as well, because it loves companionship. Being left alone isn’t an option because it hates that so much.

This affectionate, intelligent and active cat needs to have its own space to play, because it is easy for Devon to get bored, but Devon is a fun-loving pet that loves to show you its loyalty and devotion. Often times, it is you who are owned by Devon and not the other way around.

All and all, Devon Rex is a house pet craving for companions and you are a nice human being who loves affection. It’s a match!

From the list of the most affectionate cat breeds, which one did you love more?

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