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Unique Quonset Hut Homes Ideas and Complete Guide to Buy It

Amazing Quonset Hut Homes:  A Cozy and Unique Living in Minimalist Concept – Creativity is unlimited but budgets often boundaries people to conduct the planning. At least, some people state this case because the prices of building materials continue to rise.

Unluckily, there are Quonset hut homes coming with unique shape but it is easy to build. Today, it becomes the most popular choice than other types of houses. Apart from its shape, this type of house is cheaper with a shorter development process. Is it the first time for you hearing Quonset hut homes design ideas? Let’s reveal together along with the advantages.

Advantages of Quonset Hut Homes


The Quonset hut homes are the typical type of semicylindrical steel building with a curved roof shape. In the past, this hut functioned as a storage area for equipment in World War II. Now, it provides a solid, safe, and durable solution for most housing needs.

The idea to change the function of this building is as a solid answer to extreme weather conditions. Then, some parties began producing two styles that were most suitable for residential applications. Besides the reason above, there are still some advantages such as below:

  • One Stop Shopping

This type of residence has no foundation. However, this house can stand on a foundation using bolts or with footers (U-shaped concrete channels). The Quonset hut homes can also stand on concrete or wooden side walls. At the end wall, you can adjust your specific needs.

  • Wide open space

The design of this curved house has no structural support. So, this provides a maximum clear stretch of interior space. With an unobstructed floor plan, you can maximize the use of space without obstructing poles, beams, and so on.

  • Long life expectancy

Building materials for this hut choose galvanized steel that is rust and corrosion resistant. These materials are also very suitable for extreme structural integrity against wind, snow, and hail. In fact, most are able to withstand strong hurricanes.

  • Fire resistance

The metal in the Quonset hut homes plan stands well to shoot and keep it from spreading. Even though the metal color is blackened, much of the weather is burning well enough to provide additional working time.

  • Convenience
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How to describe the comfortable of the house? You may realize it in the living room by installing insulation, ventilation, air conditioning or heating, electricity, and partitions. Additionally, you can use it for home offices, guest accommodations or even hunting & ski cabins. That is because it is sturdy and weather resistant.

  • Quick and easy construction

If you are sure to build Quonset Hut Homes, and only need four people to complete it in a matter of days. This building also requires quite basic tools and preparations without drama. Apparently, the maintenance is also quite easy and minimal.

Quonset Hut Home Plan 


In general, you had gotten some explanation about this cute and cozy living. The Quonset hut home construction is very suitable for people who like to do-it-yourself. The design of this house features an open space layout in order to use every inch of interior space.

When you decide to build it yourself, that is, you have saved money during the initial purchase of the building. Environmentally friendly building materials also reduce energy costs. It is because construction does not need expensive construction crews or contractors during the construction process.

Amazingly, Quonset Hut Homes only need one nut and one bolt to gather including building beginners. Not only is it easy to put together, but this hut can also withstand the harshest weather conditions.

Maintenance is also quite easy and there is no need to worry about fires, termites, replacing the roof, or painting it. Talking about the model, you have four choices:

  1. Q-Model

Obvious, it is the most popular arched building type which are durability and economy.  The width is between20′-100′.

  1. S-Model

The Quonset “S” Model has a domed roof with straight sidewalls. By the way, it is a stronger design than the “P” model. It is suitable for barn or workshop in areas with heavy wind and snow.

The size of the width is between16′-60 ‘.

  1. P-Model

The last Quonset hut home layout is the “P” Model. Seemly,  it is the style most commonly as a garage, workshop or homes. The building has straight walls and pitched roof present a more traditional look than other Quonset huts. In addition, the width is between 16′-30′.

There are some basic rules for building Quonset Hut Homes. the bigger the building, the more material or kit prices will be. Meanwhile, the prices of Quonset’s home kits vary considerably depending on the dimensions, location, and so on.

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Talking about a floor plan, it must be balanced with the size of the kit. Usually, this type of occupancy refers to special rules in dividing rooms properly. First,there is  24’x24 ‘(around 576 square feet). The purpose of this building is as a double car garage. However, the size is suitable for one person, fits one bedroom, one bathroom, kitchen, dining room, and living room.

Second, you can use it with the size of 40’x30 ‘(about 800 square feet) for one master bedroom and a smaller bedroom. But you can still add two bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and a dining room. Finally, there is a size of 30’x40 ‘or about 1200 square feet.

You can add mezzanine to double the storage. Quonset’s cottage house design can be for 2 main bedrooms, and 2 small bedrooms. Kemudin, there is still a bus for the kitchen, multipurpose room, dining room, and living room.

Quonset Hut Home Interior



At least, that is the imagination about the model, material, and other if you want to try. Next, it will continue to focus on interior space decor. Here, you are going to focus on the bedroom, living room, and the kitchen.



Absolutely, the design of the Quonset hut homes is never difficult or complicated. Usually, the architecture only set it minimalist in the bedroom. There are only a bed and some main furniture item. Perhaps, you may put the style according to your desire for this room. However, the most appropriate sense in the bedroom is eclectic for an elegance.



For the kitchen section, you should combine the rustic nature of Quonset hut homes with contemporary steel cabinets. The other alternative items can be a marble table, and stainless steel equipment to make it look more modern.

Living Room


Meanwhile, the living room needs more built-in and stand-alone furniture. Then, set a bench-style sofa that fits on the wall to create a compact living room.

In conclusion, the Quonset hut homes are the unique living which is easy to build and affordable. Even, the time to do the construction quite fast and does not need a lot of workers.

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