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Cozy Rustic Living Room Ideas & Design You’ll Love

Rustic Living Room Ideas – A living room is one of the important room in your house that you can use every day, for instance, it is one of the rooms for you to gather with people you love or maybe just for yourself to relax and enjoy the day.

A living room is important for your family as well so you might want to make it comfortable for everyone.

To make your living room comfortable, you can try to decorate and take this inspiration with these 29 rustic living room ideas for your living room!

These rustic living room ideas are suitable for you who loves simple, elegant and homely! Also for those who love wood, nature, and outdoors kind of theme, this is the perfect theme for your living room!

Rustic Living Room Ideas With A Chandelier

You can never go wrong with a chandelier!

Even though rustic theme focuses on the nature atmosphere, you can also make your living room to look elegant with this chandelier that made from branches!

This chandelier brings out the simple and homely yet elegant at the same time. Try to choose the white branches chandelier to contrast the brown wood couches and the coffee table.

It brings the living room to more living!

Accent Stripe Curtains

Do you love the white wood rustic ceiling in your living room?

This idea is great for your inspiration!

Add the vibrant accent stripe curtains into your living room that matches your chairs and couches. Bring the rustic brown carpet on the floor to make it more rustic! Don’t forget, to maintain the quality of the carpet, you can use a trusted carpet cleaning service.

Modern Rustic Living Room

Do you have the living room with the high ceiling and the giant windows?

This modern rustic theme is great for you!

This rustic theme in your big house can make it modern yet classic at the same time. Choose the big white couches to combine it with the manly brown wood chair, bright wood coffee table in the middle, also do not forget to choose bright carpet like white to make it looks modern. The side table in the corner next to the window makes it more perfect than ever!

This combination brings out the best modern rusting living room!

Rustic Farmhouse Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms

You can always decorate your farmhouse into the rustic theme in your living room!

Don’t be afraid to combine your white plain curtains and couches with the wood coffee table. You can always add the black and white pillow in gingham pattern to your couches to make it bright even more!

Wall Decor with Reclaimed Window Frames

If you have an undecorated wall in your living room, reclaimed window frames make it perfect to the rustic theme!

The reclaimed window is one of the good ideas to make your living room looks vintage and rustic. Do not throw your unused window away, you can clean them and turn them into the frame to decorate your plain wall.

The original colour of wood (unpainted) window brings out the rustic vibe into your living room!

Rustic Chic Living Room Decor

If you are into girly chich things but also wants to have the outdoor feeling to your living room, this idea is perfect for you!

The big white couches and the fluffy white carpet can go along nicely with the masculine rustic squares ceiling and the fireplace with the rocks on the wall.

You can also add the giant headboard in the wall, vintage wall lamp and glass side tables to make it chicer!

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Contemporary Rustic Living Room

This idea of contemporary rustic living room brings the stylish modern result into your room!

If you love modern white room with a giant window, you can add the wood accent across your room to have the rustic theme. You can always have more patterns to rock your room to make it more vibrant against the plain white room such as the carpet with the zebra pattern or the pillow pattern that matches your plain sofa. Don’t be afraid to have a more brown accent to your room to have a more rustic feeling!

This idea is perfect to make it modern yet natural feeling into your living room!

Rustic Furniture for Living Room Furniture

Rustic Furniture for Living Room

This old-fashioned vintage living room is nice for you who loves nature and calm effect atmosphere!

This idea of the rustic living room is more rustic than ever, even from the wood floor and the rock walls it brings the nature in a one living room. To have a calm effect, even more, add the set of wood furniture in your room.

You don’t have to be afraid to choose the colour of the sofa, this dark vintage pattern of your sofa says it all!

Rustic Living Room Rugs

Rustic Rug for Living Room

You have a giant rustic living room but hard to choose which carpet would be perfect to it?

This idea of the big giant rustic living room looks great with this old vintage rug against your wood floor!

Don’t be afraid to combine it with your colourful vintage sofas, this combination will make your living room more vintage and rustic at the same time!

Rustic Living Room Tables

Rustic Living Room Tables

If you want to make a unique rustic living room, take this idea of this unique table to join into your living room!

This vintage treasure wooden box of the coffee table is very unique to your rustic living room. The uniqueness of this table contrasts your dark brown sofa. You can also use this box to keep your blanket inside, you may want to have snuggled in your living room without walking anywhere don’t you?

Glamour Rustic Living Room

Glamour Rustic Living Room

If you love glamour and rustic theme then this idea is for you!

You don’t have to be afraid if you want a rustic theme with non-wood brown colour, the combination of gold and white to your room can look rustic as well.  Bring the vintage yet glamour chair, couches and carpet in the room to make it more even glamour!

Rustic Chairs for Living Room

Rustic Chairs for Living Room

What kind of chair to make your rustic living room looks way more rustic?

This old fashion vintage chair is the answer!

This rustic chair can never go wrong with wooden wall and floor. Don’t be afraid to play with the pattern for your sofas and carpet, this idea will make your living room more looking like rustic!

Rustic Living Room Ideas On A Budget

Rustic Living Room Ideas On A Budget

You don’t have to spend so much money on your rustic theme living room. Reuse the old sofa, an old table, even the pillow sofa and carpet to achieve the look!Get the same colour tone to your living room, such as the dark brown wood colour in your furniture will bring out the rustic looks!

Rustic Living Room Lamps

Rustic Living Room Lamps

Who doesn’t love modern lamps?

It’s great to have modern wall lamps on your ceiling!

Especially with the rustic living room, the modern lamp will contrast the room. Choose a modern vintage lamp to match it with your modern furniture, the living room will achieve the modern elegant rustic room!

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room

To have this cosy rustic farmhouse looks, you can add your un-use doors in the back of your couch which on the wall and use a wood box to turn it into your side table. Add the white big couches and bunch of pillow with patterns that match the door.

That’s it, you have your farmhouse rustic living room!

Rustic Country Living Room

Rustic Country Living Room

If you want to have a rustic and country living room theme, you can add a wooden steel table in the middle and vintage picture ledge on the wall.

The white sofa brings a bright colour to your living room. Don’t be afraid to play with different patterns to your pillow on the sofa.

Put some old vintage stuff on the picture ledge to get the country rustic looks!

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Rustic Industrial Living Room

Industrial Rustic Living Room

If your living room has cement ceiling and unfinished/brick wall, you can turn your living room into the rustic industrial theme!

What a brilliant idea to steal too!

Let the unfinished touch that way and you can put the urban furniture in it and you can also add the wooden bookshelf to make it rustic!

Grey Rustic Living Room

grey rustic living room

You can never go wrong with the rustic grey version of the living room!

The wood ceiling and the wall is the rustic part but the dark grey furniture can rock it all. You can also have the dark grey colour to your fireplace to make it more elegant yet cosy. Don’t forget to put the grey things to support the manly atmosphere to it!

Rustic Living Room with Brick Décor

Rustic Living Room with Brick Decor

An unfinished touch of your wall aka the brick wall is perfect to add the pattern on your wall.

Because it blends nicely with the wood floor and plain brown wall at the same time!

Small Rustic Living Room

Rustic Small Living Room

This small rustic living room is suitable for you who have a small living room!

The rustic theme can look great in your small living room too. Get the giant windows in your room to contrast the wood walls and wood ceiling. You can have the same tone couches to make it more rustic!

Rustic Living Room with Wall Art

Rustic Living Room with Wall Art

Who says rustic is only about the wood room?

You can also decorate your room with a painting on your wall, don’t be afraid to have more than just one painting. It will make it more gorgeous against the wood wall!

White Rustic Living Room

White Rustic Living Room

If you are a simple and clean person, this idea is for you!

This white rustic theme in your living room is the dream. You can have wood furniture painted in white colours and add some of the colour accents like the black lamp to contrast it!

This rustic plain white is the elegant combination!

Apartment Rustic Living Room

Apartment Rustic Living Room

Living in an apartment can be a modern lifestyle but it doesn’t stop you to have a rustic theme yet elegant in your living room. Use big white couches and wood chair to blend it all!

Rustic Living Room with TV Stand

Rustic Living Room with TV Stand

To have a TV in your living room is a must for some people.

With this rustic theme in your room, you can have the TV stand on the table to achieve a classic look!

Window Treatments for Rustic Living Room

Window Treatments for Rustic Living Room

The big house is a dream for everyone especially the big living room with giant windows brings the nature inside!

You can have a rustic living room with window treatment in your house, this idea will make your living room feel spacious and comfortable for your big family!

Cabin Rustic Living Room

Cabin Rustic Living Room

If you have a cabin house, this idea to decorate your living room is for you!

You can have the elegant and gorgeous sofa next to the window, choose the red colour to make blend the wood and rocks in the wall. Don’t forget the dark coffee table in the middle to makes it more enjoyable!

Traditional Rustic Living Room

Traditional Rustic Living Room

You can always go with the traditional style!

Match this style with the rustic theme, this idea can make your living room looks warm and elegant. The fireplace on the wall is just the perfect combination of the colours. You can also decorate the table with branches to make it more manly!

Large Rustic Living Room

Large Rustic Living Room

This idea is for you who have a big living room, the giant living room is always looking better with the rustic theme!

High wood ceiling and the wood chandelier is the nicest combination in the living room. If you love it, you can steal the idea of dark brown wood style with the yellow warm wall. Also, the giant rock in the wall is the perfect pattern to the combination.

Rustic Living Room with Mirrors


To make your rustic living room more spacious, add more than one mirrors on the wall!

This idea is great for you who have a small living room. Choose the wood frame of the mirror to brighten the white wall. You can also have brown pillows to a company the wood colour, this combination will make it more look nicely!

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