Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Amazing Small Bathroom Storage Ideas on a Budget

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas – Small often relates to inconvenience, because there is only a little space for storage.

That is only true when the home owners don’t know what to do and how to decorate it, so the entire towels and bathroom appliances can get in.

There are actually many benefits of having a small space living, such as easy-cleaning, less money spent on furniture, and lower bills on heating and cooling.

Those reasons explain a lot why small bathroom is actually an advantage, especially, a small remodeled bathroom.


 01. The Mixture of Grey and White

White has always been the number one choice of color to make a small space appears larger. Using only one color may seem boring, so home owners can mix together two colors to lose the boredom.

This idea uses grey on the inner side of the storage boxes, giving the entire room a nice contrast.

02. Upcycled Photo Frame for Bathroom Appliances

It is a great idea to utilize empty spaces on the wall for storage. This idea uses an old photo frame that home owners no longer used.

Lose the glass frame and create as many sections as you need to synchronize the photo frame storage, paint it with similar color as the other bathroom’s furniture.

03. A Small Under-The-Sink Closet

Unfortunately, a small space often limits home owner from having a large storage, though this problem can be solved by separating the storage in several places, for instance, under the sink.

There is a considerable space under the sink which can be used for towels. As seen, home owners can also use a small opening for toilet paper.

04. The Ordinary Shampoo Shelves In The Shower

Shampoo, soap and shower necessities have to be stored somewhere in the bathroom. This idea helps home owners to improve showering area’s convenience.

This kind of shelf is commonly available at the store. It is a three stairs shelves in which home owners can place shampoos, face wash, loofah, and soap.

05. Upcycled Photo Frame for Make-up Storage

Sometimes, it is also hard to store make-up tools for women in a small bathroom due to limited space. This idea proposes a fabulous idea which is to reuse an old photo frame for storing make-up.

The frame is installed with magnet, so make-up tools can easily be attached to the surface. Then, the frame is mounted on the wall surface.

06. Elegant Bathroom Racks With Characters

To achieve elegance, home owners need to use simple tricks. These bathroom racks to store towels, candles and toilet papers are made from three stacks of white-painted woods.

They are connected to industrial-looking irons or steel. They look so simple, yet they have a unique character which will awe the eyes.

07. Organizing Bathroom Necessities Using Hot Rods

We need to have a place to store shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, and candles. They are smaller than towels or toilet papers, but they can make the room look messy if they are not placed appropriately.

Using hot rods, home owners can hang some racks and pockets to store these small necessities.

08. Mini Cupboards For Folded Towels And Small Toiletries

Clean towels and re-used toiletries have to be stored safely. This idea is a great answer to such problem, because it offers simple hack, while helping home owners to save space as well.

The mini cupboards are made built-in on the wall to give extra space on the bathroom.

09. Bathroom Tower For Clean Towels

Built-in storage is a nice touch to a small space, but a bathroom tower is also a great idea. This tower is in a simple style, yet it is useful to store clean towels. Not only towels, it can also store candles or toilet papers.

The tower is placed on the corner which isn’t used for anything. Rather than letting it becomes a hollow place, let the tower fills in the empty corner.

10. Simple Racks To Store Folded Towels

Towels are either hanged from hot rods or folded on the racks like the following idea. Perhaps, hanging towels on hot rods eat too much space on wall surface, or the wet towels make the flooring slippery.

This idea offers several wooden racks with unique ornaments on the edge to prevent the towels from falling.

11. Additional Hot Rods To Hang Towels Outside Of The Shower Curtain

This is another way to hang towels. Hot rod installed on wall surface is another option. This option lets you install additional hot rod outside of the shower curtain.

In this, towels can be hanged. Whether they are clean or wet, it is up to home owners to decide.

12. Simple Two Stairs Baskets Bathroom Storage

In the bathroom, especially above the vanity, home owners often place a lot of things, such as toothbrush, hair needs, face towels, perfumes, and other things.

To keep the countertop clean and tidy, use these two stairs baskets to store all of them. The above basket is used for the towels, while the below is used for small toiletries.

13. Upcycled Bookshelves For Bathroom Storage

One of the most popular ideas for bathroom storage is to build a built-in storage. This idea will save not only space, but home owners’ expense.

Old bookshelves from the living room can be re-used for storing bathroom toiletries. It fits a lot of cupboards as well. If a small bathroom has only one vanity, this idea will solve the storage problem.

14. Creative Spinning Make-Up Storage

Women face this problem daily, “where did I put my make-up?!” forgetting where she put them and then lost forever.

To avoid such problem, store all the make-up tools in one place, such as the bathroom. This spinning make-up storage has a lot of space for the tools, so they won’t go anywhere.

15. Using Plant Holder To Hold Folded Towels And Hanging Basket

Sometimes, in a small bathroom, wall surface is the only empty space. To make use of the space, use plant holder to hold folded towels and hang a basket for face towels.

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Mount this fixture near the door or any space which home owners can reach the towel easily.

This plant holder is cheap and made with a simple design, but it gives a unique character to the whole room.

16. Futuristic Steel Organizer For Hair Products

Women tend to have more care products, especially those used for hair treatment. A long hair needs extra care which means that there are a lot of products to be stored safely.

To solve this problem, home owners can use this futuristic steel organizer to place hair necessities, such as comb, hair dryer, hair oil and more.

The organizer has three holders which makes it convenient for owners to store their hair belongings.

17. Traditional Rustic Wooden Racks

Another place that is convenient to store bathroom necessities is the bathtub’s tail. In many times, bathtub is installed in between the wall, so the head and the tail really touch the wall surface.

Adding the extra storage here can be beneficial. To add characters to the bathroom, use two rustic woods and stack them on top one another with considerable distance. Complemented with two traditional baskets, this look makes the small room prettier.

18. Bags-On-The-Wall Shelves

Wood racks or steel organizer may be too ordinary for some people. This idea proposes something that is simple, yet distinguished.

Each of the bags has cute drawing of phenomenal cities around the world, while the color of the bag itself complements the bright shade of the wall.

Home owners can add more bags depend on the amount of toiletries they want to store.

19. Hidden Built-In Cabinet For A Small Bathroom

A smart way to save some space in a small bathroom is to build a built-in cabinet. When it is showing, it still makes the room feels claustrophobic which often happens when the room is smaller than the common small bathroom.

So, this idea offers a smart solution that is to hide the built-in cabinet behind the wall.

20. All Around The Toilet Storage

Running out of toilet papers is a disaster. It is better to store the papers inside the bathroom, so it becomes reachable when needed.

Use the space beside the toilet to place some toilet papers, magazines or books, flower decoration and candles.

21. Sectional Baskets For Make-Up Storage

As you keep buying make-up, the amount of tools you ought to keep is accumulating. Believe it or not, things get mixed up and you end up losing something.

To prevent such problem, create these sectional baskets for your make-up storage. You can easily buy these baskets in local Walmart or convenient store.

Don’t forget to measure the size of the cabinet! Now, you can separate make-up and the brushes.

22. Classic Industrial Pipes Towel Hanger

Going modern is not the only option in bathroom remodeling. This time, home owners are taken back to the industrial era by using pipes as towel hanger.

The industrial rustic look is a strong statement which adds more value to the whole room. To make it more convenience, owners can add two polished dark woods to place extra toiletries.

23. The College Life Storage Style

College kids are always low on budget, because living cost as a student is not anywhere near affordable if not handed with smart and creativity.

This wall pocket is suitable for those of you who don’t want to over-shop. The pocket can easily be mounted on to the wall or the door.

24. Nail Care On The Cabinet Door Storage

For women, nails are as important as hair. That is why they have a lot of products to keep their nails pretty, such as nail clipper, nail polish and more.

Since these tools are very small, sticking them to the cabinet door is a great idea to keep them from missing. Using magnetic stick and some organizer, these nail care products are already safe.

25. Neatly Organized Built-In Shelves

What a small bathroom owner tries to avoid is a messy space. A small living space tends to have a limited area to store all the necessities, such as clean towels, toilet papers, candles and other things.

A built-in cabinet is a great idea to solve this problem, because it doesn’t need additional space in the bathroom. Owner uses a space inside the wall for storage which can keep things in their place.

26. Beautiful Toiletries Basket With A Nice Bow

Clean face towels and body treatment products may not take too much space like other toiletries. If a built-in shelf is too much, home owner can use this idea to replace it.

It uses a simple basket in which face towels and some products bottles can fit in. To make the basket prettier, home owner can add a nice touch with a cute little bow.

27. Simple Cabinet For Toilet Storage

The space beside the toilet can actually be taken into an advantage. Home owners can install simple cabinet like this one.

The cabinet can fit in several small towels, at least one candle and toilet papers. Using this type of cabinet, home owners will never run out of toilet papers again!

28. Decorative Racks For Small Bathroom Storage

The level of brightness in white color can make a room looks bigger. That is why the majority of western houses utilize white in many of the rooms.

However, an all-white room can be boring too because it is too plain. To make it more interesting, home owners can add decorative paper on top of the board like the following idea.

29. Cabinet Door Storage

In bathroom, women used to store hair treatment tools, such as hair straightener or hair curler. If the tools are not kept properly, the wires can get tangled and messy around the bathroom vanity.

To avoid such problem, buy hooks and mount them on to the cabinet door, so the tools can be hanged properly.

30. Industrial Pipes With Hot Rods To Hang Traditional Style Baskets

A small bathroom requires small versions of furniture which sometimes cost less. In a small space, a smart decision over a kind of basket can make a big impact.

Seeing this one, the traditional baskets are really simple and down-to-earth, combined with the industrial pipes and some hot rods to hang the basket, the bathroom becomes more valuable.

31. Additional Shelf Above The Door Head

Sometimes, a small bathroom doesn’t leave any more space. Perhaps, the wall is already covered with several hanging pipes and a built-in cabinet.

You may wonder, “Where could I make more storage?” the answer is easy; the space above the door head.

Using a plain wood, you can create an additional shelf to store more towels and toilet papers. To synchronize the color, you can paint the wood with white.

32. The Antique Wood Bathroom Tower

A tower is a smart solution to store a lot of necessities in one place. The space provided by the tower is larger as it reaches the bottom.

Therefore, home owners can store clean body towels at the bottom, while the face towels are above them.

Having a bathroom towel is really a smart way to utilize an empty corner. Moreover, the wood give traditional, yet elegant atmosphere to the room.

33. Upcycled Plant Pots For Make-Up Brushes Storage

For a make-up holic, a set of brushes is not enough. To contain all of her favorite make-up brushes, a single basket is not enough. Moreover, the smaller ones have to be separated from the bigger ones.

Therefore, this idea is a simple and smart solution to make a perfect sectional storage for the brushes. Using plant pots which have been repainted in white, the brushes are now in a better place.

34. Polished Wood Racks For Bottles

The door of a cabinet is always a great idea to add an additional storage. The cabinet is usually full of towels and bigger size toiletries, so home owners need to extend creativity and make an extra storage for the ‘bottles’ toiletries.

Utilizing a simple rack which is made of polished wood, it has already save so much space outside of the cabinet.

35. Built-In Shower Wall For Bathroom Appliances Storage

When we have a shower, instead of a bathtub, we need to have a reachable storage for shampoo, face wash and soap.

To store all of these things, home owners can build a nice built-in storage near the shower.

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This idea looks very simple, yet it pleases the eyes and makes everything more convenient.

36. Low Budget Shelves For Bathroom Storage

Remodel a small bathroom may increase value of the home, but the materials are sometimes very costly.

To spend less cost, home owners can be creative with a do-it-yourself plan. Using only three racks, owners can stack them with considerable distance on top of each other.

This idea will not cost a lot of money. Plus, it looks simple, yet it is very functional.

37. Plant Holder Towel Racks

Racks become important in a small bathroom, because it gives home owners opportunity to have additional spaces without losing space for walking around.

Racks are usually mounted on the bathroom door or wall. It depends on owners’ preference.

This rack is made of what is actually a plant holder, but used differently as a towel holder.

38. Hidden Bathroom Stands Under The Sink For Storage

Imitating bed stands, this idea utilizes similar concept of stands to store clean towels and other big toiletries.

This is a great way to store the necessities, because home owners can easily pull it out when they need clean towels and then push it back to obtain the walking space back.

Like they were saying, “now you see me and now you don’t!”

39. Vertical Towel Bars At The Bathroom Door

Hanging clean or used towels is a tricky business. Folded towels are hard to grab, because the towels stacked on top of it may fall down.

When hanging a towel near the shower curtain or the bathtub, it may fall and get wet.

This idea utilizes three bars which are mounted on the back of the bathroom door. The bars are installed vertically, so the towels are hanged freely.

40. Tilted Traditional Baskets For Towels

Clean and dry towels are one of the most important things in the bathroom that should always be available. Due to their bigger size, they tend to take a lot of space.

Perhaps, the small bathroom is already running out of space, so home owners can creatively mount some baskets on to the wall surface. Look at the image above for the result.

41. Metal File Box Storage Idea For Hair Treatment Tools

Hair treatment tools, such as hair straightener, hair dryer or hair curler can get mix up if the cables are messy and untidy.

To avoid such problem, it is suggested for home owners to buy this metal file box. Tidy up the cables and then store the tools inside the box securely.

42. Hanging Bathroom Toiletries With Hooks

If building a built-in cabinet, placing a tower at the corner, mounting racks on to the wall seem like a very common small bathroom remodeling idea, installing hooks to hang your bathroom appliances may become a great replacement idea.

You only need to buy some hooks from convenient store and then install them where it is reachable. It looks highly functioning and creative.

43. Classy Bathroom Vanity Top Racks

Do you want to have more storage as well as increase home value at the same time? Well this is one of the answers you’re looking for.

The classy aluminum racks look elegant, extra modern and luxurious. It serves two functions, extra storage and extra value.

44. Clear Glass Jar For Small Toiletries

Toiletries are divided into two different sizes, big and small. Bigger size toiletries include towels, toilet papers and body treatment products.

Whereas, smaller size toiletries include q-tips, soap bars and cottons. To store these small toiletries, home owners can use clear glass jars like the following idea.

45. Bin Storage On The Wall

Storage is often relates to below the sink space, but it can actually be installed on the wall if the bathroom doesn’t provide any more space on the flooring for an extra storage.

This idea uses noticeable bins which provide a lot of storage for clean towels and other toiletries. Moreover, the color makes them very easy to spot on.

46. Upcycled Rustic Lantern For Toilet Papers Storage

Creativity has no limits, because the sky is the limit. If home owners are fans of rustic traditional or industrial atmosphere, then this may be one of the greatest choices.

An old rustic lantern from the thrift shop may cost owners small bucks. Repaint the lantern and turn it into such a valuable toilet papers stool makes it looks like an expensive antique thing.

47. Toy Basket To Fit On The Bathtub

Bathing children is a handful since they refuse to sit quietly while being bathed. The only thing that will make them sit quietly is their toy.

To do that, parents need to buy a basket in which all the toy they need can be put in. Then, choose a basket which has handles so it can roll on the bathtub’s edges.

48. Make-Up Storage In The Bathroom Drawer

Bathroom vanity provides a considerable amount of drawers to store home owners or guests’ stuffs. One of them is make-up tools and brushes.

Choose one of the drawers and place all the tools and brushes on each sections provided in the drawer. Your make-up and facial treatments are now neat and tidy.

49. The Modern Look Cabinet

Remodeling a small bathroom through the choice of materials can be beneficial if we choose the right ones, for instance, this cabinet has a modern style which is appropriate for the style of the room.

These days, the majority of homebuyers are looking for something that is more modern and this should be the choice.

50. Magazine Holders And Toilet Papers Basket

During our business, we need to do something to kill time like reading magazines.

This magazine holder idea is a great way to provide owners or guests with entertainment.

While doing so, there is no reason to be afraid of running out of toilet papers because they are available right at the back.

51. Bathroom Vanity Cabinet For Storage

There are a lot of ways home owners can create storage in a small bathroom. If wall cabinets are not enough, owners can expand the possibility to the ordinary bathroom vanity storage.

One giant storage in the middle and three stairs storage on each side are enough to give a massive extra storage for all the bathroom necessities.

52. A Narrow Walk-In Closet

A small bathroom can still have a nice walk-in closet if the owners want to spare some space from the next room. This idea offers a considerable space of closet to store all bathroom necessities from clean towels to even the smallest toiletries.

This way, owners don’t have to install additional hangers or mounted baskets, because everything is in the closet.

53. Underground Train Station Camouflage Storage

We all hate that underground train station toilet stool, but we can have our own. To escape the ordinary, home owners can come up with something creative.

This idea gives owners or guests the view of train station, but actually it is an extra storage.

While people are thinking about it as decoration, they have no idea that clean towels and other bathroom toiletries are stored there properly.

54. Storage For Kids In A Small Bathroom

In a house with small children, parents often spare a bathroom for them alone. Usually, the children bathroom is smaller than the master bathroom.

A small bathroom needs storage for children’s clean towels and even clean clothes. Home owners can make a small cabinet which can store the towels within children’s reach.

55. Hidden Storage On The Cabinet Door

An efficient storage is the one that can fit a lot of things without getting all messy. If the cabinet is full of clean towels, then home owners need to add extra storage area.

The wooden rack behind the cabinet door is a great way to clear off the countertops from hair treatment products.

56. Taking Advantage Of The Available Space

A small bathroom with a bathtub can be a problem, because the space is left for moving around.

But the truth is home owners can take advantage of the available space like the tail of the tub which usually leaves a considerable amount of space.

Owners can install some racks to place extra toilet papers and even some ornaments.

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