Stunning Small Kitchen Design Ideas & Layout with Floor Plan Pictures

10 Small Kitchen Design Ideas to bring back Your Coziness in Cooking – Hi! What’s up Moms? Do your small kitchen design limit your movement and creativity? Seemly, it is such as a serious problem but actually, it is not a problem. Let it keep in the size because you only need to remodel your kitchen.

You may choose one from the 10 offer below and get what have loss several times ago. Bring the coziness of the kitchen both for cooking or gathering with your nearest people. Return it with these 10 small kitchen design ideas 2019.

Small Kitchen with Dining Room

Let call it as the compact modern kitchen! This small kitchen design looks clean and natty. There are only two wooden cabinets where one of them stand as the preparation and dining table. Along with another cabinet with the metal appliance, it flanks the matt brown laminate floor.

Seemly, the design of the counter table a little bit different. Hence, it has a potted plant as the display and combines rattan bar stools on the area rug. The last thing which is so attractive is the ceiling decor. It looks thick with some hidden lamps. Okay, what do you think to this small kitchen with the dining room?

Contemporary Small Kitchen Remodel

Next, welcome to the contemporary small kitchen design with gold color accent. This mini white kitchen looks clean and sooth. Almost all parts have this neutral color even the chrysanthemum flower centerpiece also use the white color. Unluckily, it will be mainstream if you do not add something strick to alive the nuance. That is why the owner hangs big pendant lamps and install unfinished wood floor to add color.

Small Kitchen Design with Island

The third small kitchen design shows a modern kitchen island. This mini white wooden island looks cool and multi-function. It shows some parts such as the drawers and the cabinet.

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Nevertheless, the countertop is only for preparation and breakfast. Due to the small size, you will not be difficult to move it everywhere and anytime.

Cottage Small Kitchen Layouts

A cottage small kitchen layout also carries pure white color scheme with the brown touch. This small galley kitchen has two white cabinets attaching on the wall.

Both flanks the chic Persian runner rug which facing off the monochrome pendant lamp shade. Seemly, the brown color adds a sweet sensation on the kitchen. The color looks on the rug, mini ladder, and the wall mounted shelves. So sweet!

Galley Small Kitchen Design

Roughly, do your home design fit with this galley kitchen? This small kitchen design is combining some colors both neutral and bright. The floor has long stripped black and white runner rug. These tones are similar to the long kitchen cabinets and the concrete wall. It seems like showing an elegance in small size.

On the other hands, the kitchen also presents a cheerfulness through bright colors. It comes from the aqua refrigerator, colorful wall painting, and so on. Great!

Kitchen Cabinet Arrangement in Small Kitchen

By the way, kitchen design in a small space is suitable with the compact layout. It will look more attractive when the arrangement is natty. Okay, you can see an exotic kitchen island in the middle space. It has sleek white stone countertop and black brown cabinet below.

Talking about the cabinet, the small kitchen design put L shaped white kitchen cabinet on the corner. Here, it mixes with the blue tile backsplash and cupboard. In addition, the stainless steel appliances and pendant lamps make the kitchen very appealing.

Subway Tile Décor for Small Kitchen

Most people say it as the beautiful kitchen decor and it is beautiful in white. Indeed, there are many factors make it looks chic. Firstly, this small kitchen design uses marble stone countertop. Then, it hangs glass pendant lamps with an arrangement like flying bulbs.

Next, there is a flower pattern window shade on the corner and the chimney has a gold color accent. However, there is more special coming from the wall. It is the subway pattern tile backsplash perfects the decoration.

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Colorful Small Kitchen Decoration

For this case, the small kitchen design aims for the girl who is cheerful or lives alone. Besides that, this idea is also suitable for a mother who wants to teach her daughter to cook.

The colorful decoration looks on the backsplash. Here, it mixes with the silver pendant lamps, cushion, and the printed written wall decor. Amazing!

Contemporary Small Kitchen Style

contemporary small kitchen style

Turn back to the contemporary kitchen design again for small space. It looks shady from the soft light grey wall paint color. The kitchen cabinet as though unites to the floor and expose the brown and white color scheme.

Seemly, both colors also come on the ceiling-to-floor shelves. With the open storage furniture design, you will be easier to find your daily tools to cook.

Modern Small Transitional Kitchen

modern small transitional kitchen

Do you believe that it includes the transitional small kitchen design? Yeah, it is a modern transitional kitchen with chic yarn pendant lamp. It has shady light so that the kitchen looks cozy with a calming light.

Then, the galley kitchen cabinet with marble arrangement shows a glossy floor for the trendy banquet. The banquet put under the green wall where it has a foamy padded bench and ottoman. The TV addition will make dining room more fun too. Definitely, it is perfect and gorgeous.

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