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Small Living Room Ideas & Design on a Budget with Decoration Tips

Small Living Room Ideas—Arranging furniture in a small living space can be daunting, because home owners are given a limited area.

Perhaps, the sofa is too huge or the cabinet is too small for all the decoration and entertainment centers to fit in.

Those are common problems occurred in a small living room, but they will soon disappear because you have been provided with a dozen of ideas about decorating a small space for living room.

The ideas offer smart decisions about building built-in cabinets or painting the wall with bright colors. Well, there are more ideas for you to discover.


01. Small Living Room Layout with Magnificent Outdoor View

You can’t miss an opportunity to live in a house with amazing scenery. Even a small room can be turned into an open space with relaxing views.

This space is too small for western living room, but the giant window openings at both sides have changed it all.

The room becomes very airy and open. It is guaranteed that this room has a great air circulation. Moreover, the walls and furniture are synchronized with calming-effect colors.

02. Vintage Parlor Living Room Idea

The high ceiling is very noticeable in this one. The antique candle-light fixture is hanging from the ceiling graciously, while the ceiling itself is decorated with unique ornament on its edges. Moving down to the wall surface, it is covered with bookshelves.

Moreover, the color of the drapes is broken gold which is really complemented the entire room. To achieve this Victorian vintage look, the furniture should show similar style, such as the wooden work table below.

03. Small Living Room with Open Space Concept

A small space is not desirable, because then the furniture and decoration will be limited to certain sizes. The statement may be true, but it may be wrong as well.

This living room looks very open and airy, while, in fact, the size of the room is small. The key idea to make a small room to appear spacious is the color.

The white on the wall and the high ceiling with a sunroof help the overall space to come out larger, especially with the tall giraffe toy decoration.

04. Built-in Storage Idea for Small Living Room

A small living room is usually over-crowded with oversize furniture. Common issues in this situation: the sofa is too big or too many books unorganized.

Since the space is fully taken for sofa, built-in storage is always a great answer. The storage is built based on home owners’ need, for instance, in this picture, storage is needed to store all the books and small decorations.

05. Built-in Cabinets for A Small Living Room

Fire place is the centerpiece of the living room, because it gives warmth to the entire room when it is cold. A living room with fire place often takes a lot of space.

Home owners may find it difficult to fit in the furniture like sofa and foot table. As seen, home owners build built-in cabinets to store all the belongings, such as TV, photographs and more. This idea will save more spaces for walking around the room.

06. Small Living Room Design with Vibrant Colors

Colors can change the atmosphere of the room, for example, white color makes the space feels larger.

In this picture, the room is small and half of the ceiling is very low compared to another. The ceiling is colored with the same color that is white. White may help home owners to avoid feeling cramped.

Meanwhile, the wall is painted with the shade of blue and the furniture also has soft colors to balance the low ceiling, making the room feels modern and nice.

07. Marriage of Different Styles for Small Living Room

Commonly, a living room is built in one similar style.This idea proposes several different styles. The carpet is designed with blue and white stripes. It matches the color of the foot table and the wall.

Then, the drapes are soft pink which suits the white. If you take a look to the painting above the sofa, it is an abstract in yellow. Even though it won’t match the carpet, it stands out from the white on the wall.

08. Cabin Style for Small Living Room Idea

Often a small space limits home owners’ creativity to magically turn the space into a habitable and modern living room. But there is no limit in creativity and home owners need to start from some points. In this idea, the polish wooden wall is very captivating.

It looks modern and stylish, so this contemporary sofa and coffee table really complement the beauty of the wood.

Moreover, the unique standing lamp becomes the second centerpiece of the room. To save some space for walking, the TV is mounted on the wall. In addition, the high ceiling helps to open the space too.

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09. Modern Small Living Room with Natural Lighting

timeincapp.comWhite color has been referred to elegance and modern living since many years ago. Its bright shade invites natural lighting to illuminate the entire space.

If home owners desire a more open and airy space, the furniture and decoration chosen to fill in the space have to be in white too. Perhaps, the table cabinet and some chairs can be something different to add contrast.

Another unique thing about this idea is to create geometric windows which are curved into the ceiling, making the room feels more spacious.

10. Modern Small Living Room with Hardwood Floor and Simple Decoration

A small room is not a problem as long as it is filled in with appropriate furniture and decoration. This design looks modern, simple and elegant. The hardwood floor is a huge win for the space.

Then, the organized photographs on the wall bring a character to the room, signifying that the home owners love art.

Moreover, the modern coffee table and the table lamp become the centerpiece of this picture. In addition, the plant makes the room more lively with its green color reflected on the circular mirror with wooden edges mounted on the wall surface above the coffee table.

11. Creative Wall Art in A Small Living Room

A very small living room can only fit one large sofa and a coffee table. It is, in fact, a bummer. But there is always a silver lining behind the problem.

Modern look will make the room feels bigger and more open. That is what this idea is about. The wall is painted with white color and then it is decorated with an abstract art.

Those aspects have helped the room to look modern. Additionally, the lamp which is mounted on the wall surface saves some space on the floor for an additional foot sofa.

12. Vibrant Living Room with Studying Corner

Generally, in a living room, there is a fireplace. To make the fireplace livelier, home owners can add built-in storages on both of its sides.

These built-in storages can help owners to save so much space on the room to actually walk around, especially for kids and pets.

Moreover, the art decoration above the fireplace adds more value to it, making the room appears more vibrant.

13. L-shape Sofa and Fireplace Centerpiece for A Small Room

kanccept.comA small room may come with a tight corner like this one. Take an advantage of it and make it as the center of the room. Making the fireplace as the centerpiece of the room really helps to open up the space.

The L-shape sofa now has more room. Even more, there is an additional seating benches and a one arm chair beside the lamp table.

14. Black and White Contrast Idea for A Small Modern Living Room

homify.comWe all know that white color helps the room to look more open and airy. This small room has a considerably low ceiling than most western houses, so to paint the ceiling with such a bright color invites all the natural lighting from the outside to stay.

To support white ceiling, home owners can paint the folding doors with the same color, so the room appears larger.

Then, to add contrast to the all-white ceiling and folding doors, owners can use black color on the TV panels and the sofa. The darker color balances out the calmness from the white.

15. Built-in Shelves for A Small Living Room main problem faced by home owners with small size room is the question, “where should I store all of these things?”.

Books, Movies, Photographs and other decorations are waiting on the floor. Due to the size of the room, sometimes it doesn’t have extra space to store all of them. But this idea comes up with a better plan that is to build huge built-in shelves.

16. Simple yet Elegant Small Living Room Idea

Sometimes, a small living room needs vibrant colors and several of colors to build a lively atmosphere.

This idea involves one color and its shades for the room and one other color for the furniture. The brown on the walls, drapes, hardwood floor, lamp table, lamp holder, and the pillows look more powerful over the white color offered by the sofa and the pottery decoration in the corner.

This simplicity creates elegance which is desired by a lot of home owners.

17. Unique Small Living Room with Wood Materials

Stylish doesn’t belong to modern type of home only; it is possessed by these wooden materials as well. The stairs, entertainment cabinet, coffee table, lamp table, pots and the decoration above the cabinet are made of polished woods.

They add a traditional touch to the room’s atmosphere, but they don’t make it look old or antique, instead, the room become artistic.

18. Minimal Design for A Spacious Small Living Room

The owners know that white wall will help to create the illusion of room becoming larger. Then, the floor is beautifully complemented the brightness of the wall.

Sometimes, it is not just about the high ceiling or the big windows, but it is about the simple and minimal furnishing that leaves a lot of empty space. Use a white carpet to create a section and a minimal coffee table to accompany the two-persons sofa.

19. Simple Living Room with A Few Furniture

houzz.comOver-crowded furniture makes home owners and guests feel uncomfortable because the room appears smaller and claustrophobe. Reducing the furniture can really change the atmosphere of the room.

As seen in the picture, there are only two sofas, one circular table and a small cabinet behind them. This concept really opens up the room. Moreover, the white paint on the wall and the large windows add more spacious feeling.

20. Bird Nest Sofa for A Small Living Room

Inspiration is everywhere. This time, the idea is taken from a bird’s nest on a tree’s branch. When you look at it from the ground, you see that the nest is sticking to the sky which inspires this entire room.

The blue of the sky is implemented on the carpet, while the nest is the comfortable sofa. The sofa becomes the centerpiece of the room. To add more artistic value, there is a painting of bird’s feathers on the wall.

21. Animals Patterns Decoration to Give Accent to the Small Living Room

A small living room tends to be boring, because home owners only focus on how to make this and that furniture stay in the room. From this idea, owners can see that combining different patterns on furniture and adding a unique art piece can make the room more vibrant.

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As seen, the art piece on the wall adds more aesthetic value to the room, while the zebra pattern on the arm chair creates a playful atmosphere.

22. Gray-themed Living Room Idea for Small Space

White has been considered as the best color to make a room looks spacious, but grey has the magic too.

Gray is actually a shade of white which is very slightly mixed with black. In this picture, gray really helps white to open up the space and invite more air to circulate. Other than the color, the built-in shelves also help to provide more space for seating.

23. The Combination of Bright Colors for Small Living Room

A bright color is the perfect choice to make a room appear larger. If you happen to have a small living room with a very limited space, then you can still manage it.

As seen, the colors chosen to decorate this entire room are white and beige—a shade of brown. The harmony of these colors is excellent. The room gives out this relaxing atmosphere. Home owners can stay here and feel cozy.

24. A Space for Tea in A Small Living Room

In a small house, home owners have to assign two functions in a single room. The living room may be chosen for tea spot as well, so it has to be adjusted. The example above shows you that you can use cabinets with shelves to store your tea tools.

Tea is consumed during leisure time. To add charm in the room, owners can paint different vibrant colors on the wall. The combination between blue and pink works really well. Moreover, colorful patterns on the pillow cases bring joy and happiness too.

25. Wall Art Display in A Small Living Room

A small living room should not stop home owners from being creative with photos or words decorations.  This type of room can still be pretty with all of those things.

In this picture, the wall is decorated with several arts displaying family photographs, pets silhouette and some words on black boards. These displays give the small room its own unique character.

26. IKEA Reversible Table Idea for A Small Living Room

Sometimes, a small living room can only fit in a sofa. If home owners force to get a coffee table, there will be no space for walking around. However, this problem can be solved with IKEA reversible table.

The table doesn’t take a lot of space, so owners can still use the space for wandering around. The table is also equipped with extra storage underneath it. Books or newspaper can be put in there easily.

27. IKEA Elvari Shelving for Minimalist Design

IKEA Elvari shelving offers a simple design which pleases the eyes. The compartments are completely opened. The structure is reliably strong. Books, glasses, boxes, plants and everything can be put on it.

The design is truly remarkable. Its simplicity brings elegance and modernity to the entire room. Even though the space is fairly small, the shelving mainly helps the room to appear larger.

28. Lighting Layout for A Small Living Room

roketfin.ilconte.ruA small living room can be magically turned into a larger room by playing with the paint colors. White, especially, makes the room more open.

However, paint color is not the only thing that can help home owners to create such illusion. Lighting can do the job as well. Lighting fixtures here and there make the room brighter and wider, even the tightest corner gets illuminated.

As seen, there are a lot of lighting fixtures installed—mounted on the ceiling or under the cabinets.

29. Symmetrical Decoration for A Small Living Room

In term of facial aesthetic, symmetrical face is reportedly desirable. This concept occurs in room decoration too. Symmetrical decoration like this one pleases the eyes, because it is just perfect.

When you look to the left, the view is identical to what you see on the right and your brain loves that. The mirrors, lamps, sofas, pillows and drapes are twins.

30. The Magic of Vibrant Colors for  A Small Living Room

There is so much that a color can change, such as mood, atmosphere, feeling, appearance and more. In this case, color changes all of those aspects.

The white on the windows and the entrance hall brings calmness, while the sky-blue on the wall really pops out against the white. The furniture is in a darker color than the previous colors. This is done to emphasize the seating area in the room—which is by the fireplace.

31. Elegance Grey for A Small Living Room

Grey, the mixture of black and white, is the color of patience and peace. Grey is not too dark or too bright. It is the balance between those two colors.

Many people choose to use grey color for their room, because it represents elegance and style. Complete with modern furniture, the room will give out luxurious atmosphere. Moreover, the photographs on the wall and the magnificent view from the window also add the modern value of the property.

32. Powerful Vibe of Darker Paints

The small space is painted with darker colors, such as the black on the drapes and the sofa. Meanwhile, the wall is colored in grey and the ceiling is white.

The strong emphasize on the seating area is a powerful statement which makes this small living area appears bolder than common living room spaces. To soften the boldness a little bit, there is a flower vase on the small glass table beside the sofa.

33. Brick Wall Textures for A Small Living Room in Apartment

A small living room space also occurs in an apartment situation. Sometimes, the space is just too small for those who are already used to a large suburban living room. But this is not the end of the world, because there are many ways to come up with creative ideas and make a comfortable space for relaxing.

The brick texture is a traditional touch which somehow makes the apartment looks modern and unique. Well, it does give a character to the room. The mounted television set is also a great idea to save some space.

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