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Surprising Small Wet Room Ideas, Design & Decor

Cool Wet Room Ideas, Tips, Advantages, and Disadvantages – Recently, there are numerous people demand to lift up about wet room ideas. Besides it is being the latest trend in home design, they only know it in theory. They cannot differ it from the bathroom design. In theory, wet room design ideas are the bathroom does not have a shower screen and tray.

In other words, it has an open shower area with full tiles. You may need to include a shower screen to prevent everything from spraying if your bathroom is small.

Advantages and Disadvantages Adding Wet Room Ideas

In this page, you will reveal some tips to build this interior design for the bathroom. Hence, you need to know some advantages and disadvantages of wet room ideas. It can be your consideration before really realize to present its bathroom. Okay, let’s see what the advantages are:

  • This type of bathroom is very stylish and perfect for creating a contemporary look.
  • As a second bathroom, it is able to easily increase the value of your home easily.
  • Able to create more space in a small bathroom by removing the bathtub.
  • The wet room ideas are easier to clean and easy to find the sink and toilet hung on the wall.
  • The floor (bits under the tiles) will be better protected than in a standard bathroom if the process is correct.

Meanwhile, here are some disadvantages of the wet room decor ideas:

  • You may often find wet towels and toilets because of the spray from the shower.
  • You will need a professional to wet the room properly so that leaking water does not cause damage.
  • Wet room ideas must install tiles from the floor, walls, and ceiling. In fact, it is expensive. If you use porous stone tiles, you may need to work hard to re-seal it every few months.
  • Replacing a normal bathroom with it can make your home less salable when you want to sell it.
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Cost of Wet Room Ideas

Approximately, what is the cost of installing a wet room? In general, you will spend between £ 5,000 and £ 10,000. However, it can be more if you fill the tank and install floor tiles and shower.

Kinds of the Appropriate Materials

The wet room idea released several materials that were able to provide the best design. The most popular material is tile where the use is not only for the floor.

For the floor, you can replace it with vinyl sheets or Corian. It is a smooth pore-free material with a low maintenance level. In addition, there is concrete and tadelakt (a waterproof plaster from Morocco) that will make it look luxurious.

If you continue to choose tiles, choose non-porous types such as ceramics or porcelain. You can use porous tiles, such as slate, marble, and limestone for the floor. The goal is not slippery and you need to seal it every few months to prevent water damage.

Consider Some Wet Room Ideas to Avoid A Big Regret in the Future

The wet room bath ideas have tempted many people to add it or remodel their bathroom. If you also start to think the same case, do not run it in a hurry. There are some considerations which you should know and understand first. Exactly, there are 7 elements that become the essential things before building the room:

  1. Choosing toiletries

There are two types of shower valves that you can use; shower valve open and hidden. Open shower valves are easier to install and work well in modern country schemes. Meanwhile, the hidden pipe presents a super-slim appearance, with a fixed rain shower head. Unfortunately, the shower head keeps your hair often or always wet. Therefore, you need to enter the handheld shower too.

  1. Double

Side by side showers often appears in luxury hotels. This design allows a lot of personal space while making bold statements. So, try pairing with a freestanding bathtub to enjoy the best of both worlds.

  1. Sleek modern drainage

Drainage system for the wet room ideas you must be able to handle water volume problems. Plug gutters that can handle high volumes of water efficiently in flush-fitting style. This type of channel collects water at full width so that it can prevent flooding effectively. In addition, find drains with easily accessible ground traps to help keep water flowing freely.

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Look for help from professionals to do this work because gradients need to be made along the floor. Of course, the purpose is to channel the shower water to the drain and then the whole room needs to be tidied up (waterproof). Generally, people make gradients by installing sub-floors from WBP Ply (a type of plywood) with coating.

You can also install a tilted used bath that is rather like a giant shower tray. Finally, use a bespoke flooring in non-porous HI-MACS material that tilts towards the gutter. Installation can be on the entire floor without the need for tile work.
  1. Waterproof

It must be waterproof by involving coating the floor, bottom wall and the entire area around the shower. Then, proceed further with the syrup and tile. Preferably, raise the bathroom doorway about 5mm from the floor.

  1. Natural Glassless Partition

Most bathrooms use glass panels to accommodate splashes of water. However, you can install tile partition walls to stop the flow of water throughout the room.

  1. Save well

Have you prepared a place to store shampoo and soap? Apparently, allocating a special room to store toiletries in your shower area is very important. Therefore, you must really think about it. Put special shelves as one of the smartest solutions in this regard. Unlike chrome shelves and rails, niche storage will not interfere with your bathroom. Attach the actual rack to a slight gradient to prevent water from pooling behind. Then, add secret waterproof lighting to lightly gently.

  1. Useful contacts

Do not work alone if you are not an expert. Give the best for your wet room ideas by hiring a specialist company.

By the way, those are the tips and some useful information about the wet room ideas. Hopefully, you are willing to hear and conduct it. If you do not take the tips and other consideration elements, your dream to realize it will fail. So, let’s go!

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