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15 Snakes with Hats Which are far from Creepy Sense – Hands up if you are also afraid of snakes.  Yeah, this creeping and creeping animal is indeed quite frightening for most people.  Moreover, the animals including a reptile have poison in their mouth.

However, the snakes with hats below may change your phobia. They look cutes with a various hat on their head. Do not worry, they have tamed where you can let them play on your hands. So, would you like to learn to be a snake lover? Let’s see these cute snakes with hats.

Stovepipe Hat

snakes with hats

Okay, let’s start from the snakes with hat in a stovepipe hat. It is the most favorite hat of Abraham  Lincoln. Besides him (the president of America),  old comedian and magician also often use this hat. This is a hat that appeared in the 19th century. Hats with other names Abraham Lincoln hat uses the best materials such as silk and has a very tall, cylindrical, flat-topped crown.

So, what character you want to use to adorn your lovely snake? The point is the hat in black and white above gives cool sense and cute. Moreover, the snake is also chic with orange and white color.  It is so far from frightening.

Sombrero Hat

The Sombrero is a cowboy hat with wide and high-crowned edges. This beautiful hat from straw is very famous especially in Spain, Mexico, and the southwest of the United States. For your information, the name sombrero comes from the Spanish word sombra which means “shade”. This type of hat first appeared in the 15th century. By the way,  what will you say to the snake with tinny hat in sombrero style? Seemly, the colors of green and yellow on the hat work to get rid of the scary impression on the snake.

Pink Cowboy Hat

It turns out this page still saves one beautiful Sombrero hat. Try to make up your snake which has ombre brown color with a pattern using this idea. Such as you see, that creepy animal is lying in bed with a chic pink cowboy hat. The hat does not have additional color but it has a beaded ring on the high crown. Now, go to the accessories petshop and find it.

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Gentleman Hat

A gentleman’s hat is almost similar to the stovepipe hat. Such as the name, the hat makes everyone who makes it look manly. Even, the yellow snake with hat in black also shows the same sense. Roughly,  is the snake-like wearing this accessory? Of course, it will like it where the bold black really comes to make it clear. Then, where you will go with him?

Pirate Hat

Do the pirate hat on the snake remind you about Jack Sparrow? Yeah, he is a character in the movie entitles the Pirate of the Caribean. His characteristic is smart and funny so that the existence is very amusing. Certainly, you have the same hope to your snake wearing hat. You want to this animal always amuse you with the pirate hat.

King Crown

Now, let’s move to the king crown where the snake looks bigger than the prior picture. Nonetheless, you do not need to worry because of it still safe. The crown with diamond and gold color accent gives honor for the user.  It is true?

Santa Deer Hat

Furthermore, you may make the hat alone with fabric. This snake with the hat is seemly ready welcome, Santa Claus. No, the snake in black and white color is waiting for the deer. Therefore, the hat from red flannel fabric has antler. Well, it fixes the snake change to be charming. So, try to create this hat with your hands. Good luck!

Christmas Hat

A long brown snake is wearing Santa’s hat. It comes in a cone shape with white beads accessories on the red fabric. Even, it also looks on the top. That attractive snake with the hat that must be yours and the snake lovers. Nonetheless, you also may able to make it alone easily with minimalist materials.

Beautiful Straw Hat

Continue to the beautiful snake with top hats which can stand. Such as you see on the picture, the snake with yellow, white, and black color is standing from the head to neck. She is showing the beauty in the form of the pattern and the hay cowboy hat.  Absolutely, it belongs to the DIY hat idea where you can make it with adding blue and pink ribbons. Fantastic!

Origami Warrior Hat

Keep exposing your creativity to beautify your extreme pet. Use the origami paper to make a warrior hat. Definitely, it is not difficult to realize where you can make it while remaining your childhood. The snake with the hat from origami paper is very economical and eco-friendly.  You do not need to buy expensive material but quite expend your creativity.

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Classic Hat

For this time, the king cobra is truly beautiful in orange color with soft white rings. Obvious, the appearance becomes more stunning after wearing a black classic hat with a red ring. Although the snake is basically dangerous everybody always wants to touch and hold it directly. So sweet!

Elegant Woman Hat

Elegant women’s hat might come from a pink paper (origami paper). The pink hat with feather and grey fabric ring make the snake like a queen or the royal member. At glance, the hat reminds you to the Elizabeth Queen, Meghan Markle, and Kate Middleton who often use the hat like this.

Dad Hat

A long brown snake is wearing Santa’s hat. It comes in a cone shape with white beads accessories on the red fabric. Even, it also looks on the top. That attractive snake with the hat that must be yours and the snake lovers. Nonetheless, you also may able to make it alone easily with minimalist materials.

Bunny Ribbon

Snake with hat in bunny ribbon shape is suitable for you who like Looney tone animation. The hat looks like the rabbit ears and it also changes the snake become cute at glance. Roughly, where you will go with your snake?

Big Winter Hat

Lastly, there is a small brown snake with a big winter hat. It is a red and white color knit hat where you can also make it alone. During the snake use it, the pet will feel warm too. Surely, the hat is suitable for the winter season.

Why do you must nurture snake? According to National geography research, there are more than 3,000 species of snakes on the planet. About 600 species are venomous but only around 200 to seven percent are capable of killing or injuring humans. Do the other hand, the IUCN Red List says there are around one hundred endangered snake species. That’s because of the loss of their habitat due to development. Love the snake with a hat above is one of the ways to save them from endanger.

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