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Stylish Stair Carpet Ideas to Enhance the Visual Look of Your Home

10 Stair Carpet Ideas which are Eye-catching and Cozy on Feet – Adding a rung or carpet on the midst of the tread surely make it more beautiful. Besides that,  it is able to reduce the level of slippage of the treads you will step on.

Such as usual, there are stair carpet ideas through 10 images below. Although you have been using the rug in your stair, you should keep here and see the styles.

Definitely, you will not use it forever and run into a boringness toward the decoration. Therefore, these staircase carpet ideas are ready to refresh the outlook if the stairwell again.

Black and White Striped Stair Carpet

Let’s start with the black and white striped stair carpet ideas! The runner rug shows the pattern in vertical shape where the size of the line is not the same.

In this light blue interior space, the stripped stair carpet idea mixes with the mosaic tile floor. Both look balance but each pattern keeps stand out well.

Modern Stair Carpet Ideas

The first idea of the carpet utility above is mainstream and many people have done it. Even though, the next modern stair carpet ideas will add your inspiration to create something fresher.

Seemly, the architecture installs the threads separately so there is a gap between of them. Due to the design of the modern carpet ideas for stairs and landing above, the appearance is really different. Nonetheless,  the way to make it only with wrapping each tread one by one.

Brown Carpet with Ornament Pattern

Where do you usually see this pattern? If you often search about the home decorating ideas, of course, it is not strange for you.

Most people state that this brown carpet with ornament pattern takes a Moroccan style. Indeed, people often apply the pattern on the rug, wall, curtain, and so on. Averagely, many people like to this Morrocan stair carpet decoration. Moreover, the appearance is as sweet as this picture.

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Colorful Staircase Carpet Ideas

Well, let’s turn back to the striped carpet design for the staircase. Seemly, it still beautifies the stair from white wooden material.

Nonetheless, it looks different because the rug shows many bright colors. Such as you see, the colorful staircase carpet ideas shows more than 5 types involving many white lines.

Perhaps this bright rug will make you more diligent to walk. So, the colorful stair carpet decorating ideas have a positive thing for your health and habit.

Flower Patterned Stair Carpet

flower patterned stair carpet

Next, there is a flower patterned stair carpet with white and green colors. Here, it really adds the beauty of the stair which uses brown and white wooden paint ideas.

Absolutely, the presence of the rug is not only for this path but also for the entire room. Certainly, you agree that this floral stair carpet idea completes the classic sense with a natural touch.

Geometric Pattern

Now, you face a spiral staircase with complicated shapes. Surely, you confuse how to decorate this geometric pattern carpet in this staircase. However, you should be able to solve this challenge.

Do not worry because you can rent a home designer to conduct this duty. The most important thing you find the geometric design stair carpet first. Afterward, you just add the stairwell with the futuristic chandelier to perfect all.

Red Stair Carpet

Furthermore, there is a fabulous red stair carpet. Of course, you are imagining something right now.

Usually, people will feel like Hollywood celebrities who are passing a red carpet in a previous award event. It does not matter if you always have that imagination. It is because this red carpet stair treads resemble like the rug in those awards.

By the way, the installation of the rug is full until cover all treads of the staircase.

Black patterned carpet Staircase

Pay attention to the next runner rug in this modest brown white wooden staircase. The homeowner appears beautiful black patterned carpet staircase with white accent.

At glance, the pattern in white color such as the Moroccan style. However, it looks more modern and rare to emerge.

Here, this black patterned carpet on stair gives a big contribution to the decoration of the room. Without the rug, it only looks mainstream.

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Leopard Patterned Carpet

leopard pattern carpet

Look! The leopard patterned carpet in this luxurious staircase is very extraordinary and cool. Even, the appearance really resembles a real skin from this wild animal.

Apparently, it is only a printed pattern which uses the material, not from animal skin. Certainly, the designer also does not want to hunt them for their profit and it gets prohibition from many parts.

Although it is only the leopard print carpet design, many people feel satisfied with the quality and outlook. Great!

Wool Stair Runner

wool stair runner

Number ten is about the wool stair runner design ideas. Here, it does not look stand out but the coziness of the material really amazing. When you pass the stair which has bold dark color ideas, you will feel something different.

The wool material is going to spoil your feel though you use shoes or other footwear. The most important thing you have to apply these wool stair runner rugs to prove it.

Okay, those are 10 stair carpet ideas that are stealing sight and comfortable. Keep taking one style which is absolutely suitable for you and your stair design. Do not miss it!

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