19 Unique Toy Storage Ideas for Kid’s Playroom, Bedroom & Small Space Living Room 2019

Toy Storage Ideas – Feeling tired to arrange your children’s room full of toys? Yeah, this is a job that does not end.

Moreover, your children cannot tidy up their own toys and often leaves them everywhere. Of course, you feel dizzy to face it all. Luckily, there are toy storage ideas to ease your burden.

There are 19 choices that you can follow to make their bedroom always natty and stunning. On the other hands, these kid’s furniture items will teach them to tidy up their toys slowly. What is it like?

Cube Shelves Toy Storage Ideas


Let’s start to set your kid’s bedroom from the simple way. Try to change some item with the white wooden cube shelves and put it on the corner.

Here, you see two shelves with a different shape. Use the taller shelf which has colorful fabric drawers to store small toys. Then, you may use the rest to arrange their storybooks. In this room, those best toy storage ideas look eye-catching and make the brown bedroom color sweeter.

Built-Ins Furniture for Organizer


Look at the yellow kid’s bedroom that brings perfect cheerfulness. Apparently, the perfectness of the room comes from the enthralling white built-in wall storage.

Such as you see, the toy storage is wide enough the color really create a cool combination. By the way, that wall rack has three long spaces. The first or top part is suitable to save their crayon or other mini toys. However, you can use the transparent plastic boxes like in the picture or others.

Then, the second or the middle rack is suitable for the gift boxes or props. After that, the bottom rack matches for heavy toys such as drums, ceramic dolls, and so forth.

What do you see from this idea? Actually, this toy storage ideas for small spaces not only make the room tidy but also space-saving. Thus, your children have a larger space to play both with media or just hide and seek.

The Leaning Toy Storage for Kids Playroom


You know that children belong to unique creatures. They always like to meet unique cases and their bedroom set must show it too. It turns out arranging their room with the quirky toy storage ideas for playroom is a piece of cake.

Quite lean three white wooden ladder-shaped shelves on the wall. Automatically, they are willing to return their books or dolls in its original place after use it.

Moreover, the design of the shelves consists of cubes and boards. So, they can put their thing in different shapes until the top on the shelves.

DIY Stuffed Animal Toy Storage Ideas

stuffede animal storage

Make and design alone their storage furniture does not mean unattractive. You can follow this blue girls bedroom idea that is able to expose the beautiful wall shelves as the DIY toy storage.

Here, it looks catchy with purple color on the pallet wood material. Your daughter will not reject to put their dolls again after playing with them. Actually, the appearance of the shelves really draw attention and adorn the corner area properly.

Personalised Kids Toy Storage


The next children toy storage idea is the mesmerizing light blue wooden box. Give this small storage furniture for your son who is quite hyperactive.

This box comes with lid and wheels underneath so that it is moveable. It can follow wherever they play the toys and surely you will be easier to store it again.

Such as you see, this furniture looks sturdy and matches for heavy math props and small musical instruments.

The Princess Box for Your Daughter


Let’s come back to the girls’ bedroom setting with the great toy storage ideas. In this idea, the girls’ room puts a cute princess bench storage style.

Here, it adorns the room which has a white color theme and light grey laminated wood floor. The storage furniture provides a wide space underneath through the side-door drawer. In this room, it looks beautiful with soft pink, white violet color finishing.

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The fact is the bench is not only beautiful but also cozy with the soft pad and backrest. Your daughter will like to use it while reading some books from the drawer.

Under-the-Bed Toy Storage for Small Bedroom


Have you ever thought of using their bed as the creative toy storage ideas?

In fact, you can realize it through the under bed storage space ideas. This bright kid’s bedroom put a small wooden bed with an extensive shelf underneath.

On the shelf, you can add some white cubes from fabric to categorize the thing. By the cube, they can store dolls, toys, books and also bedding.

Toy Storage Bins

toy storage bins

Let’s persuade your children to tidy up their bedroom again with these animal-themed toy bins. Follow this room that put three jumbo size bins with cute colorful animal-shaped accessories.

Definitely, your children will like to have this extra-big toy storage idea. They can take and put big dolls easily. Although the material is only from fabric, it keeps sturdy for their many toys and portable.

Wooden Toy Box

wood toy box

If you need stronger toy storage furniture, this wooden box becomes the right answer. Besides it load many toys, it helps you to create a tidy kid’s bedroom easily.

This big rectangular toy storage idea has a charming lid with white star pattern. It not only beautify but also hide the mess toy organizing on the box. Who matches using this natural look wooden furniture?

Boys Toy Box with Bench

boys toy chest and box

Boys are the children who have high imagination about the adventure. Consequently, this toy box bench takes a nautical theme with white and brown colors.

Exactly, the bench has ship shaped with double round windows on the backrest. Alongside that, there is an edge of the ship and anchor display. The bench hides the spacious storage space underneath consisting of three shelves.

This storage space offers an easy storing idea for small toys, books, and magazine. On the other hands, your son will take it as their favorite reading bench. Then, they will take the book or toy from the shelves and start to read.

Under Stair Toy Organizer Ideas

under stair storage

Having children demand your and the other parents to be more creative. One of them is with make use of the bottom of the stairs as their toy storage space.

Actually, the concept of the design is similar to the wall shelves above. The difference is only about the location of the shelves. In this calming blue paint interior decor, it adorns the wall with an irregular shape.

Nonetheless, the outlook always attracts everyone both kids and adult. The shelves with four space have a different size where the top area is the smaller. Besides toys, it is suitable for books, stationery, and others.

White Toy Box

white toy box

Do your children like to play everywhere including to the living room? When they have more area to play, it is a good idea and good for their growth.

Do not worry if your living room will be messy. Quite overcome with this toy storage idea in living room for the minimalism area. Try to change your old coffee table with the modern white wooden toy box as the new furniture item.

Here, it combines with the catchy centerpiece, fabulous red fluffy rug, and stylish dark grey sofa. Although it looks small, you can enter some dolls and ball inside. Your children can do it too with pull out the drawer under the table

Car Toy Container Units

car toy container unit

Showing what they own to the other people is their nature and it is normal. If your children include some of them, fulfill their desire with this wall toy container units. Creating this open storage furniture is not difficult and do not need many materials.

You only need some unfinished woods in some shape and size. Then, arrange them to be the trendy natural wooden wall container. Next, let your children organize their car on the shelves suitable for their idea. This is the creative toy car storage ideas.

Toy Storage Ideas for Living Room

Toy Storage Ideas For Living Room fartikor.com

Well, let’s come back to the living room decor with toy storage ideas for living room. At this time, the storage furniture design appears larger and higher. It stands on the wooden floor design while providing 10 square spaces.

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In this large living room, it mixes with the striped pattern rug, some brown wooden furniture and a bit of wall decor.

Actually, it stands here not only to store their toy but also as the wall display. Moreover, the location is in front of the front door. When the guests come, they will see a lot of toys which is also a display or accessory. Afterward, you can welcome your friends while waiting for your children playing.

Bed Hack for Large Toy Storage

ikea bed hack

You must still remember the bed storage idea above. In this part, you may find another idea which is cooler. This white girl’s bedroom decorates the room with the fascinating white wooden loft bed.

At the top, it becomes cozy is to sleep with her dolls. Then, there is a spacious area for her toy storage organization ideas. You can decorate it with the nice blue portable wooden shelves and small white wooden storage bench.

By those pieces of furniture, your daughter can use the space as the reading nook. On the other hands, the bench provides some open spaces to put the toy boxes.

Outdoor Toy Storage

outdoor toy storage

Indeed, the best place to play is outdoor such as a backyard. You likely do not want to see your outdoor area always messy. Ask them to be responsible by providing this trendy tall stainless steel rack as the homemade toy storage ideas.

Certainly, this rack is suitable for the outdoor space because the material is durable. Usually, this metal is strong and rust resistant. Try to put it in the corner pretty the area keeps looking natty.

In order to create tidy storing, use some buckets to put the toys then arrange on the rack. However, do not forget to use the top space for other things.

Baby and Toddler Toy Storage

toddler toy storage

How to arrange a bedroom for baby and toddler? Yeah, they need more toys than kids above them. Most parents confuse to show cozy baby bedroom decor.

In this baby and toddler bedroom, you only need two mini white wooden floor racks as the good toy storage ideas for toddlers. The racks stand among the other furniture items and toys.

Apparently, the toys in the colorful theme are able to fill the rack properly. The square-cube load to put car toys, dolls, and other medium size toys.

Furthermore, organize big toys on the surface of the rack. You allow putting bigger dolls, mini drum, ship-shaped toy, and so on.

Toy Bench Container Ideas

Toy Bench Container Ideas

The next toy storage inspiration come from the extensive L-shaped bench. Absolutely, the bench looks beautiful with the unique pattern pad in green and white color.

Then, some blue cushions with white owl pictures perfect the coziness of this long seating. By the way, there is more important after that. It relates to the many spaces underneath for the toy containers.

Usually, each container has a different category for the toy storing space. So, the children can pull out one container according to the necessary when they want to play.

Lego Toy Storage Ideas

lego storage

Lastly, you can present the hanging toy storage ideas design such as this Lego themed bedroom decor. Here, the designer put the chic light brown wooden racks on the navy blue wall color.

The rack itself comes with different shape and length. Two long shelves offer space to display various kinds of houses and vehicles. Afterward, four small square shaped shelves complete these wall storage ideas with the other toys.

Under the wall shelves, you still find the long wooden desk with shelves and containers. This two color of brown and white will be the most attractive wooden desk to study with their sibling.

Moreover, there are two cure small round white wooden stools ahead. Later, they will study while staring their toy collection on the shelves. Besides that, they may save more toys on the brown wooden shelves with white containers.

Honestly, those toy storage furniture items above are not only to save toys. However, they can use it to store books and props. Apparently, the toy storage ideas above do not only teach about how to play but also how to study well

They have a good space to play, read books, and other positive activities. Well, pay attention to the furniture design above. Then, you may to take the storage space or follow the decoration at once

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