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Inspiring Tuscan Style Homes Design & House Plans

Tuscan Styles Homes: A Warm Living For All Nuances with Old Italian Touch Tuscan Style Homes are an epic design combining an Old World and modern open spaces. Seemly, it gets strong influences from the historical cities around such as Pisa, Siena, and Florentina.

The architecture is very subtle because it is indeed a feature of the art and culture of the Italian Renaissance. So, the architecture is also subtle and distinctive. The more exterior design uses cement that has looked for traits in most parts of the Mediterranean. However, the Tuscan Styles Homes architecture also combines many details of terracotta stone and roof tiles. Let’s see more!

Tuscan Color Choice

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The Tuscan color choices have a warm feel that reflects the golden fields and mural walls. In addition, Tuscany’s blue sky and lush leaves in rich green will be a perfect accent. Below are 9 Tuscan style color palette that you can use:

  • Rustic Tuscan

Rustic paint colors are always the perfect accent for the walls of your home. The natural color is ready to warm the kitchen, dining room and front door.

  • Garden Sage

Garden Sage looks Tuscany green leaves are soft and dim. This Tuscan color pairs well with reddish brown and red.

  • Honeycomb

Honeycomb is an amazing gold paint color and is perfect for Tuscan-style walls or furniture. Where will you color this? Honeycomb is very beautiful for the dining room. Moreover, you combine with faded white paint colors and dark wood furniture.

  • Blue sky

The coolness of the sky blue paint color gives the impression of a warm room with lots of light.

  • Tuscan yellow color

This color is a yellow sunflower that is perfect for eating, sunporch, or the front door.

  • Dark brown

Dark brown thick with rustic style is suitable for your accent walls. This color can create drama or as a backdrop for an ordinary fireplace.

  • Neutral palette colors

The neutral Tuscan color is warm and very versatile. This type of color is suitable for easily connecting the color of the room to room.

  • Lavender

The warm colors of the Tuscan landscape develop like lavender shrubs that thrive in the Mediterranean climate.

  • Tuscan red color
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This time, your dining room needs red. You can use paprika red because the color is strong even though it is not too bright. Of course, this is a beautiful and bold color for your dining room.

Tuscan Room Styles

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From the discussion above, the Tuscan Style Homes are the living which is full of warmth. It is suitable for people with a big family or land color lovers. After talking about the colors, let’s continue to the Tuscan interior style. By the way, you will need these instructions to realize it:

  • Artisanal accent

Tuscan style accessories involve hand craftsmen such as glass-coated pottery, wrought iron, metal, and stone. Style is also very prominent from the selection of choosing accents. You can use strong and smooth lines, in large enough quantities.

  • Natural light

Natural lighting from Tuscan Style Homes feels from the sun, flowing through the wood-covered window.

  • Exposed Beams

The use of wooden ceiling beams is one of the characters of Tuscan houses. The wooden blocks are not only for the framework but also add a sense of charm to the room.

  • Floor

The decoration of this house floor always uses natural ingredients. This is like stone, slate, tile, or dark stained wood. As for the rug, it comes with large natural plaits.

  • Tuscan decor

For Tuscan Style Home decor, look for hand-carved detail furniture. Examples are old pottery, and antiques that can be placed anywhere.

Tuscan Decor for Your Bedroom

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Let’s bring warm Tuscan nuances in your bedroom. Explore the following elements such as plaster walls, rustic hardwoods, terracotta floors, and wooden ceiling beams. Absolutely, you must not use those materials but you may take some of them.

Tuscan Kitchen and Dining Room

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Open room design with a kitchen and dining room is a common decoration. For Tuscan style homes, you can make a dining table decoration that is elegant with candelabra. On the other hand, you can bring the beauty of tropical colors from natural wood and texture. This is a modern and elegant look that gives contemporary beauty and elegance. Do not hesitate to use this specific design plan in the future.

Tuscan Decor for Tuscan Kitchens

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Tuscan style kitchen remodeling for the Old World look always involves wood, natural metals, luxurious prints, and other decorations.

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Decorate walls using stone or stone coating. Another distinctive feature of the Tuscan style kitchen is backsplash tiles. They put this in jewelry behind the stove. Next is cabinets. This main furniture occupies most of your kitchen’s wall space.

Tuscan Style Homes Window Treatments

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Windows are a natural way for sunlight to enter the house. The Tuscan style homes install open windows to utilize natural light without filters. But you need to maintain windows with Roman nuances and valances. Add a little color and decoration without blocking natural light. You can install a mosquito net along with a wooden curtain if you want.

Tuscan style homes still use terra cotta or travertine tiles for the kitchen floor. This tile is a true Tuscan product with sienna clay. Meanwhile, Travertine is a natural stone with an Old World look that is perfect for your Tuscan floor. By the way, you can use a wide board floor in this interior design. Then, the kitchen wall is thick with decorations of stone veneer and stone archway.

Tuscan Living Room

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How to design a living room with a Tuscan style? This room still combines comfort and calm elegance. Here are 4 ideas to realize this Tuscan Style Homes in the living room. Give a rustic touch with warm earth colors on the wall. You may choose cream, golden yellow and straw, terra-cotta and orange. Focus on Wrought Iron. You can place wrought iron hardware in this room. Hang wrought iron lamps, iron pendants, and wrought iron wall candles.

Decorate with Romantic accessories such as high wood or metal candle holders. Also use large earthenware vases, wrought iron grills, large clocks, rustic mirrors, Tuscan vineyard paintings or Mediterranean landscape murals. Last is to plant nature in the living room.

Bring natural elements to your living room with lots of greenery. Complete with living plants, silk into coats, tables, shelves, and bookshelves. On the other hand, window decorations with large potted plants or carved topiary.

The point is, Tuscan style homes are thick with rustic nuances. The architecture always uses soil colors and iron furniture. Other important ingredients that make up this character are wood beams, tiles, and stones. Certainly, this house is very warm and suitable for all conditions both hot and cold. Okay, bring your family to enjoy this extraordinary comfort and warmth.

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