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Window Treatment Ideas | Types, Style, Size, Shape,Curtain & Price

The Importance of Knowing Best Window Treatment Ideas For Your Home – Building a dream house doesn’t seem to be a difficult thing for people to do in this modern age. Revenues that tend to be higher allow everyone to set aside a portion of their income to build a private home.

The first thing that is always done at the initial stage of building a house is choosing a home theme, whether it’s a modern, traditional theme or a combination of both. Furthermore, most people will immediately think of the interior design they want to use, furniture to be purchased, and the addition of exterior designs to enhance the appearance of the outdoors.

Unfortunately, there are still many who forget the importance of window layout on each side of the house or room in your home. A good window placement will make your home tidier and have a good lighting system.

As we know that this lighting system is very important to keep the inside of the house fresh and avoid a musty smell. Therefore, this article will discuss some window treatment ideas that you can apply to your dream home.

Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas

The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that must be taken care of. Because a kitchen that is dirty and not routinely cleaned will certainly be a nest of germs and diseases that endanger your family.

In addition, it is often found in the dark kitchen even though other parts of the house tend to be brighter. This is certainly related to the selection of window treatment ideas that are right for the design of your kitchen space.

For those of you who have a kitchen that integrates with the dining room then you can use woven wood shades with lightweight and airy materials. That will make your kitchen more free to breathe and seem brighter because the light will still enter with a light intensity. 

Window Treatment For Sliding Glass Door

Using the sliding glass door in your home is perfect for those of you who have a minimalist home. This sliding glass door will make your home look wider.

Besides lighting in your home will also be better because the incoming light will not be blocked. You can use vertical cellular shades for your sliding door so you can adjust the intensity of the incoming light.

If you have a pet or toddler, it is highly recommended to use vinyl cellular shades made from vinyl to be easily cleaned with ordinary soap liquid.

Window Treatment Ideas for French Doors

Using sliding panels to complement your French doors is one of the most recommended window treatment ideas at this time. Sliding panels or commonly known as track blinds panels are very easy to operate and are suitable for doors that are connected to parts of the garden outside the home.

Because you can easily cover or uncover this track panel so that it can be adjusted to the weather or your own mood. The track panel design is also very diverse in terms of size and color.

There are many different colors including light shade, blackout, etc. that you can adjust to the feel of the room in your home.

Unique Window Treatment

For those of you who want a room with a natural impression that is equipped with high lighting and air circulation, then you can try using shutter panels for your window.

These panels allow you to adjust the intensity of light and incoming air without opening the entire window. The wood material as the main material for these panels is also very easy to clean with soapy water, making it suitable for homes in urban environments.

This window treatment ideas are also suitable to be applied to homes in the coastal or mountainous areas because you can enjoy the scenery and feel the cool air without having to open your window coverings.

Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas

The bedroom is one room in the interior of the house that must be considered. If you want to create a bedroom with an elegant and romantic impression then you can add a thick and elongated curtain in each room window. It is recommended to use silk-based curtains because it can give a sparkle to your room and create an elegant impression.

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The use of colors that are calm curtains like cream, glowy gray, and soft pink are also able to create a romantic impression. So that the bedroom becomes very comfortable for you and your partner.

Large Living Room Window Treatment Ideas

Having a spacious living room equipped with beautiful views is certainly a plus for the homeowner. So that applying long and large sized windows is the right choice so that your living room has a natural landscape background that will turn on the atmosphere inside the house.

The use of drapes pulled back to one side is also highly recommended as a suitable window treatment ideas. Because these curtains generally have minimal decorative and plain motif so they do not dominate the natural landscape.

Dining Room Window

Having your own window in your dining room will add a warm impression to the room. In addition, the light entering from the window will be a natural lighting that is good for your home. And it will also give a wide impression because from the dining room can look out the window and see your home yard.

The latter, of course, will add good air flow, so that the house stays cool without having to use the air conditioner.

Patio Door Window Treatment

One of the most popular returns for adding windows in your home is to use Patio Door. Patio Door is one way for those of you who want a multi-function door, besides being a means of going in and out of the house, it can also function as a window for your home.

With a large window size, it will certainly be an addition to the natural light that enters your home. Patio Door is one of the main choices for those of you who want door access to your backyard.

Bay Window Treatment

Spatial planning for Bay Window to be an ideal spot in your home is always a little ‘tricky’ because you have to pay close attention to what shape and size you will make.

Also, you must pay attention to the light that enters your Bay Window, whether it will be too glare or not. And of course, you have to take into account the privacy in your home, whether the Bay Window will damage it or not. All of that must be considered carefully before you make it.

Arched Window Treatment

If you want home architecture with a Mediterranean style, certainly arched window treatment is the first choice for you. With a semi-circular model in such a way, it will add to the impression of a

Mediterranean style in your home. Especially when combined with the dominant white color on the walls of the house, and also the number of windows so that natural light can enter into your home. You also do not need to go on vacation abroad to be able to feel the Mediterranean environment.

Valance Ideas for Window

Adding valance as a window treatment ideas in your home is a very good idea if you want to have a neat window view. The addition of valance is able to hide the hardware part of the window so that it gives the impression of a neat room.

Valance designs can also be adjusted to the theme of the room like the picture above that raises the natural valance theme.

Bathroom Window Treatments For Privacy

bathroom window treatments for privacy


You can use woven woods as one of the window treatment ideas for your bathroom. Besides being easy to set up, woven wood is also able to provide privacy when you are in the bathroom.

Woven wood will also strengthen the natural and rustic impression of the bathroom which is dominated by brown and wood furniture.

Modern Window Treatments

modern window treatments

To create an impression of a modern home today is indeed easier because the existing furniture is also futuristic. If you want to strengthen the modern character in your home then you can apply simple window treatment ideas.

Modern impressions can be raised by a large window that almost resembles a door. You can equip it with a motifless curtain that extends to the floor. Applying transparent curtains can also be tried to give the impression of a wider room.

Farmhouse Sliding Barn Shutter

farmhouse sliding barn shutter

This window treatment ideas is not only unique but can also provide more privacy for you. Farmhouse sliding bar shutter is indeed more difficult at the beginning of the installation because it requires proper calculations to fit the shape of the window and has a good cover and uncover system.

But this window treatment is really able to minimize the noise pollution that enters your home and also can close the window as a whole without any gaps.

Rustic Window Treatments

rustic window treatments

The theme of the rustic house is currently becoming a popular trend because it is able to create the impression of being comfortable, modern and natural at the same time.

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The rustic home interior design also seems unique because it is dominated by wood furniture with a futuristic design. In addition, you can add rustic curtain with glowy brown or light brown color with a plain motif to add to the character of a rustic room without disturbing the character of every furniture in the room.

Roller Blind for Sunroom

roller blind for sunroom

Using curtain as one of the window treatment ideas for your home is currently still a popular choice for many people. The curtain is considered easier to adjust to the atmosphere of a room because of its diverse colors and motifs.

But if you want a more affordable option then you can use a more affordable rolled blind. The roller blind only consists of a plain fabric with varied colors accompanied by a simple rolling mechanism.

So that the roller blinds can be used for large windows and can easily control the intensity of the light entering a room.

DIY Roman Shade

DIY Roman Shade

Roman shade is one of the most popular choices of window treatment ideas today because the price is affordable and also efficient because it can be used in almost all types of windows.

In addition, you can easily make this romance shade at home with Do It Yourself. The first step you only need to prepare a fabric that is adjusted to the size of your window.

You can choose the fabric that matches the theme of the room that will be paired with this shade. After that, you only need to arrange the roman shade in the same way as arranging the curtain.

Window Treatments for Small Windows

window treatments for small windows

Having a small home window does not mean you can forget it, instead, you can add several window treatment ideas to enhance the appearance of your home window. First, you can add Striped blinds like in the picture above.

The use of simple blinds will beautify your room and reinforce the impression of a minimalist but neat in a room.

In addition, you can also adjust the light intensity easily if you use a blind. Then you can also use Lambrequins if you don’t want too many curtains in your home.

Sidelight Window Treatments

sidelight window treatments

Sidelight window actually has a very important function for a residential house. When someone knocks on the door, you can confirm it by peering through this sidelight window. So you can ensure the safety of the surrounding environment before opening the main door of your home.

To beautify this window section, you can add a vertical curtain that is permanent as the most widely used window treatment ideas today.

Choose material that is not too thick curtain and has nets so you can still see the outside environment clearly but you still have privacy.

Cornice Window Treatments

cornice window treatments

Today’s cornice design has begun to be widely used as one of the additional accessories in the interior design of a house in a modern classical style.

These window treatment ideas turned out to have three advantages in terms of usability and aesthetics that can enhance the impression of a room in the house.

The first advantage is that cornice design can hide window hardware components such as curtain hangers at the top of the window.

The second advantage is the cornice design can be adjusted to the theme of the room and can be applied to other accessories such as wallpaper walls. In addition, the cornice design is also proven to be able to strengthen the character of a room because it is easy to adjust.

Window Treatments for Coastal Style Room

coastal window treatments

One characteristic that is easily observed from a home or a room that uses a coastal theme is the dominance of bright colors that are mild like navy blue, white, cream, soft pink, and so on.

In general, the window section in this coastal theme room will use large windows or apply French door. In order to make the coastal room look more attractive, you can add curtains from a material that is light and transparent.

Recommended curtain colors include white, light blue, light gray, and soft pink. These colors will make your home look brighter.

Burlap Window Panels

burlap window panels

Burlap window panels as one of the window treatment ideas which is very suitable to be applied to rooms that use rustic themes where the interior is dominated by wood-based furniture.

This Burlap curtain will create an additional rustic impression because it has a fabric structure that resembles a wood surface with a light brown color.

In addition, window panels will provide a dull impression that is suitable for use in some rooms such as bedrooms or bathrooms.

The use of the burlap curtain must also be adjusted to the theme of the house because the use of too much can make the house look darker.

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